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  1. Yes they do, faction and bot type (civs, guards, quest, services) are factored in for this. Dialogue topics range from hints about the game world to jokes and begging for smokes
  2. Thanks @kieran! They actually say 30+ lines. We do have an #npc-dialogue-lines channel on Dystopia's discord, where people can contribute dialogue suggestions, so the list is only growing
  3. Co-Driver can control car?

    use the control names, bind them, hope this helps
  4. Co-Driver can control car?

  5. Co-Driver can control car?

  6. Co-Driver can control car?

    function driverAccelerate (keyPresser, key, keyState) if key == "W" and getPedOccupiedVehicleSeat(keyPresser) and getPedOccupiedVehicleSeat(keyPresser) ~= 0 then local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(keyPresser) local driver = getVehicleController(veh) if driver then if keyState == "down" then setControlState (driver,"accelerate",true) else setControlState (driver,"accelerate",false) end else return end end end bindKey ( player, "W", "both", driverAccelerate) Untested
  7. No fuego a bot amigo

    Hunt mode: makes the bot travel pathways untill finding an enemy or teammate; Chase mode: makes the bot attack an enemy bot or player; Following mode: bot follows a friendly player or bot. Check this page for all the details. Cheers
  8. No fuego a bot amigo

    In chasemode the bot is following a target while in hunt mode it is looking for one.
  9. Help!! PAID

    Use createObject then
  10. Help!! PAID

    So you just need a static object spawning on some coordinates?
  11. Update 0.73 live on the alpha server What's new: bots recruiting mechanic added: target the bot (with RMB, and if you are unarmed/melee make sure that you are standing very close and facing the bot) and press [8] to make it follow you. Use [9] on a bot that is following you to make it wait in place, afterwards use [8] to have him follow you again. You will spend 50 REP to recruit a bot. Cannot recruit more than one bot at a time. Works only on bots with generic names (i.e. Guard, Scavenger, Bandit, Raider, Wastelander, Militia) and only if you are in the same faction; does not work on civilians new 'stomp' attack for zombie Brutes, that will incapacitate players and peds for 5 seconds pick up various objects (fuel barrels, loot boxes) and carry them around; load them in pickup trucks for long distance hauling; throw them at your enemies with LMB install Miniguns on pickup trucks (still WIP, they won't save and don't consume any ammo for now) buildable structures and objects added to the crafting menu: you can add barbed wire fences, wooden barricades, shelters and beds to the map. Go and build yourself a nice safe camp in the woods! (still WIP, objects you build don't persist between server restarts yet) park vehicles in safe zones to prevent them from respawning; create custom safe zones by building a wooden shelter new stomping & strangle ability for the players: press [F] while aiming a gun and you will kick any NPC in front of you and send them to the ground; do the same while sneaking and you will render them unconscious for a short time some side activities added: fight to earn REP in the Raider Fighting Cage from the bottom of Hunter's Quarry and in the Las Venturas gym or just bet on the fights; play poker with your homies in one of the five locations available most (if not all) interiors are mapped: expect to find loot and NPCs in all Ammunation, pizza and burger shops around the map reduced the density of wrecked cars and overgrown vegetation layers to allow people with potato PCs enjoy the game some more additions to the map missions framework is almost done, I'll start pouring in missions next; suggestions are welcome! Join our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/p58wRy8) to keep updated with news, plans & media and to share feedback and ideas.
  12. [JS]Converted Maps

    Transfagarasan is a real mountain road in Romania, it got notoriety after it was featured in the Top Gear show. It's great to see this here
  13. HELP! My bot is not spawning! (slothbot)

    function spawnBot(x, y, z, rot, skin, interior, dimension, team, weapon, mode, modesubject) Check this ^ against your code, I guess it will be easy to spot the error you made.
  14. HELP! My bot is not spawning! (slothbot)

    Add the team before the weapon, right now you pass 29 as your team. The slothbot resource already exports the function, so no need to worry about that.
  15. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    I kinda disagree. A good original game is about atmosphere, story and overall feel. Has little to do with the code base behind it. You can bend existing code to serve your purpose and create a whole new experience. You just use the tools at your disposal. If you do it properly, players will never know that you're using e.g. same underlying algorythm for counting xp as some older server did, and it won't matter to them. The purpose of _all_ of this is still keeping players entertained, right?