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  1. You can freeze the vehicle to prevent it being pushed, but I don't think you can make the distinction between players and vehicles pushing it.
  2. You cannot extinguish fire objects, only fire created with https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CreateFire If for some reason you have to use fire objects instead, you can probably employ a trick (using an invisible ped maybe) to detect when the fire object is hit by the water cannon and destroy the object.
  3. Zorgman

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    Pune cod sa incercam
  4. pls share alike if you ever complete the getting-down-from-roof part
  5. https://github.com/Zorangeorge/MTA-Dystopia-The-Incident/tree/master/[Dystopia]/dystopia_core Look in here, there are two scripts, climbing_client and climbing_server. You can take them out and put them in a standalone resource. It works with two or three types of ladder (object ids); face the ladder and double-jump to get on it; climbing down not implemented (you can move up and down on the ladder, but if you are on a roof you cannot really mount the ladder to descend) Credits go to Slothman for his superhero resource (I just took the Spiderman wallclimb superpower and restric
  6. Attaching the ped to an element will effectively keep it in the designated place, the 'updatePosition' parameter will not work. I haven't seen yet a solution to this (peds jacking cars or even peds entering a vehicle using the normal mechanics); I think it can be done, though likely would not look as good as in SP, since cutting some corners would be necessary. You need to calculate the positions required, make sure the vehicle is stationary (maybe even freeze it for a short while), make the ped walk to the car door and play the animation, you open the car door by script (on a loop if you
  7. You can get the weapon element using getAttachedElements(player) and filtering the result, then set alpha to 0. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetAttachedElements
  8. Hi @Vetje, This is a concept I am interested in and I would like to help, hit me up on Discord (Zorgman#9883) or by forum PMs if you want and we can speak more about it. Cheers
  9. You can try this resource by Dutchman101
  10. Update vehicle position in the database onPlayerVehicleExit as well.
  11. local vehicleplate = result[1]["plate"] local x = result[1]["posX"] local y = result[1]["posY"] local z = result[1]["posZ"] local nearby = 20 if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, getElementPosition(player)) <= nearby then outputDebugString("Vehicle is nearby") end Something like this maybe? I assumed that you store the vehicle position in the dB, I also assumed the keys for that
  12. You have to setElementAlpha onClientKey.
  13. function onVehicleDamage(attacker, wep, loss, x, y, z, tire) if getElementType(attacker) == "player" then if (exports.team:isPlayerInTeam(getVehicleOccupant(source), "TSK") and exports.team:isPlayerInTeam(attacker, "TSK")) then cancelEvent(true) elseif (exports.team:isPlayerInTeam(getVehicleOccupant(source), "WSP") and exports.team:isPlayerInTeam(attacker, "WSP")) then cancelEvent(true) end end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, onVehicleDamage) This should do it.
  14. The source of onClientVehicleDamage event is the vehicle that got damaged. So your code is checking if the vehicle is in a team - you probably want to run your checks on the vehicle driver instead. You can use player getVehicleOccupant ( vehicle theVehicle, [ int seat=0 ] )
  15. Thanks IIYAMA! But I think you misunderstood me: I do want to see the effects, only that I need them to appear lower, at 85 height instead of the default 170(?). Something similar could be scripted, probably... Anyway, you confirmed what I knew, that I can only disable them I wanted to use them as cheap self-managed effects for a wasteland-type map. We could use a function for it, perhaps more people would like to use them like this? They provide good atmosphere imo. Cheers
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