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  1. Thanks Rudransh, I'm glad you finally managed to join and especially that you enjoy it From the start the aim was to make Dystopia viable as a single-player experience as much as possible - enjoying it with your friends is the great added benefit but I had no illusions about the number of players I'll get. The host I got is crap and the script is kinda' heavy, so the server keeps choking. This is felt more with more players on, but I had crashes with only one player as well I'm checking it every hour or so and restart if needed, but crashes will still happen until I upgrade the host and optimize the script. About the download, well the map itself is almost 20mb but I'm actively looking to reduce the size of the other assets. My target would be ~30mb however I'm not sure it will be attainable, especially with new custom terrain planned. Stay tuned, people! Updates are on their way, I'll post here the details soon.
  2. About createcol's rotation

    Creating cols at say 0,0,-3 relative to your vehicle's position and moving them into position with moveElement won't help with the element hit problems?
  3. Hi Rudransh, Hmm... dunno why this happened but I think it's on your end, I just checked and the server is online and joinable. Jump right in! Cheers!
  4. [Help] Making a Intro

    @deihim007 I use Icecream Screen Recorder. The free version is limited to 10 min videos, but should satisfy all MTA needs
  5. [Help] Making a Intro

    I was pondering the same, but I ended up deciding to record live action on the server, edit it properly with Premier and upload it on Youtube. Then I think I can stream it full-screen as an intro movie. I think it would be more fluid this way, if you do it with the MTA engine you'll have dead loading moments every time you're switching the cameraMatrix to a new scene. Anybody tried the Youtube way? Are there any drawbacks? Cheers!
  6. Oh my, judging by the media you shared, this has the potential to be the one that's ending it all A truly professional and neat look, I'll sure check it out later today. Cheers!
  7. ce dracu

    nu pe noi tre' sa ne convingi... scrie-le o scrisorica pentru ban appeal, da' sansele sunt mici. o luna nu e mult si oricum e vara sunt multe de facut si pe afara good luck!
  8. Changelog 0.6: Zombies fixed. Fight against three zombie types: Walkers, Runners and Brutes. Map blips added for all players; base blips properly refresh now. Player faction changes when repeatedly killing friendlies. NPC chatter fixed (won't show up for all players on server anymore) Help screen moved to [F1]. Additional emotes added: [1] to [0]. Loot drop added for all NPCs, based on faction and category. Player's equipment drops on death. Gamemode goal added (preliminary implementation) During nightime (21 PM to 9 AM) walkers are faster. Use Zombokleen to cure infection, Splint to cure fractures, Adrenaline for a boost. Zombokleen is an experimental drug, so by design it will give unexpected results sometimes. 30+ items added. Deploy four types of traps: Mines, Spikestrips, Shards and Incendiary. New weapons added: Magnum Revolver, Agent Green Canister, Timed Bomb, Flashbang, Rocket Launcher. Weapon attachments: Zip Line, M37 Stomper and Laser Pointer. Use EM Scanner to locate peds and vehicles or steal a Surveillance Van to do whole neighbourhood scans. Game manual added, press [F9]. R01 Gunship implemented. Over 400 vehicle spawns added. Extensive map additions: a dense forest in Flint County (props @Essle) a new trash and wrecked vehicles layer, also interiors in the game world for many shops. Proof of concept implementation of vehicle weapons, strongboxes and karma.
  9. [HELP] Changing weapons handling

    Thanks, I'll try it an report here the results and code if I make it work.
  10. Hi guys! I put up an alpha test server, here's the link: mtasa:// . Download size is a bit below 100Mb. Drop by and have some fun. Not much to do for now on the RPG side, so just explore, loot, fight bots or engage in some PVP in the open world. Hold F1 for a quick help screen, or use F9 to read the in-game manual. Bugs? They are legion Please report those you encounter, either by email or in-game chat. Known issues: zombies refuse to spawn (that's my first priority and the thing I'm currently try to fix), login background broken, you can dup certain items in certain conditions, you will get stuck in a spawn limbo sometimes and so on. Most of them fixable by reconnecting, if not try to make a new account or give me a shout. I'll be online most of the time, but I might not respond easy all the time. Cheers and see ya in the wasteland!
  11. Getting caught in the rain

    frostfall + real shelters
  12. [HELP] Changing weapons handling

    I need the shotgun to play the role of the... shotgun
  13. [HELP] Changing weapons handling

    Solved the idle and walking pose rather easy, with setPedWalkingStyle. However, setting ped animation while aiming blocks fire button and I failed to find a solution yet. cheers