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  1. Thanks IIYAMA! But I think you misunderstood me: I do want to see the effects, only that I need them to appear lower, at 85 height instead of the default 170(?). Something similar could be scripted, probably... Anyway, you confirmed what I knew, that I can only disable them I wanted to use them as cheap self-managed effects for a wasteland-type map. We could use a function for it, perhaps more people would like to use them like this? They provide good atmosphere imo. Cheers
  2. Is there a way to change the height at which clouds and fog effects start to appear? Not talking about the weather type, but about the fog that appears when you climb high enough, on the slopes of Mount Chilliad for instance. I get the effect when I position the map at z=185, but unfortunately I need it 100 units lower 😁 Thanks!
  3. There's a "carry" partial animation that only affects the hands, that's what I used to achieve something similar with the screen you posted. Cheers
  4. Never tried to alter the object properties but in case that won't work for some reason, a workaround would be disabling collision for those objects, wrap them in colshapes and break them onColShapeHit.
  5. I don't know the answer, but you can test it with a ped, you don't need another player
  6. Zorgman

    object movement

    I think this is what you need: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetSoundWaveData
  7. I didn't knew about saveMapData either, this was actually what I was looking for so I tried it first, but it produced an xml file with empty object elements, not sure what i messed up 😕 Patrick's solution worked for me, I got my map. Thank you both!
  8. How can I save script generated objects to a .map file?
  9. Zorgman

    Marker Height

    @SuperM check player z when he triggers the marker and cancel if he's above ground
  10. You do need to set the property separately for each of the three skill levels, so what he is doing is correct afaik... this being said I don't know why it wouldn't work, I never tried to increase ammo for sawed-off
  11. Create only one colshape clientside, attach it to the player and check objects inside it every 100-200 ms, filter to see if you have items among them and update the render list when necessary.
  12. You can attach a small breakable object (like cm_box)to the projectile and make it invisible. Then catch the object break event and explode the satchel. It would also explode when hit by a car or melee - you can filter these out by damage source and cancel the event/recreate the box if this is not what you're after. Also, good idea, I think I'll do it too
  13. 18644 is a SA-MP object id, you need to choose a different object id to replace (from default GTA:SA) e.g. 4602.
  14. Your topics are alright, I don't think there's such a thing as "too many questions". You ask reasonable questions and give full detail in an articulated manner - and I also seen you come back to describe solutions when you find them. This is helpful for other users that will run into the same issue one year or so from now - allowing them to solve their own problems and others to learn from the answers you get. In my opinion other medium like e.g. Discord falls short in this respect, volatility is way too high there and language is often netspeak. You'll find solutions there as well (faster than here probably) but there's less of a benefit for the community from it. Hope I make sense.
  15. Weapon properties can be modified by resources but they remain a property of the server. So in order to undo changes, you have to either set them explicitely to original values or restart the server to load the defaults - simply restarting the resources won't cut it.