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  1. help me please

  2. a text converter with variables

    Hey @orel56000, as I told you back in March, Regex is the answer; check out this example that achieves precisely what you're looking for: https://regex101.com/r/TDGUr7/1 Use notepad++ to do the replacements, just make sure you have the regex option ticked.
  3. createProjectile with ped

    Wait, I am confused now - wiki says that "In case you want the projectile to be synced for everybody creator must be the local player or his vehicle", also that the *model* of the projectile is not synced. So is it or is it not synced?
  4. Damage of weapon

    Damage value for shotguns is per pellet, as @gSub correctly noted. There no built-in locational damage though.
  5. Requesting some functions

    I don't think the task system allows you to do that, but I'm equally interested if someone knows of a way.
  6. Another server with the same name

    Post here about it:
  7. Allow only numbers in editboxes (patterns)

    ...but it is a pattern
  8. Another server with the same name

    yo playa wrong section
  9. Call functions in other directories?

    Never tried it myself, but won't dofile or loadfile do the job?
  10. Help

    I don't want to disappoint you, but what you need first is this: Also this will be your best friend after you learn some basic lua: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Main_Page
  11. Help CreatePed

    isobu_team = createTeam("isobu",255,0,0) function isobu_func(player) local px,py,pz = getElementPosition(player) setPlayerTeam ( player, isobu_team ) objeto = createObject(2780, px,py,pz) setTimer(destroyElement, 2000, 1, objeto) setPedAnimation(player, "ped", "fightb_block") exports [ "slothbot" ]:spawnBot ( px, py + 2, pz, 0, 302, 0, 0, isobu_team, 37, "hunting",nil) if not disappearFromTimeToTimeTimer then local timeint = math.random(10000,60000) disappearFromTimeToTimeTimer = setTimer(setElementAlpha,timeint,0,player,0) disappearFromTimeToTimeTimer2 = setTimer(setElementAlpha,timeint*1.25,0,player,255) end end addCommandHandler("kuchiyose-isobu3", isobu_func) Heyo, this (untested) code should do what you want.
  12. Help

    --UNTESTED! zombiesKilled = 0 function ZedMissionWin () zombiesKilled = 0 outputChatBox("Good job, mission completed!") removeEventHandler("onClientPedWasted",root,ZedMissionCheckKill) end function ZedMissionCheckKill (killer,weapon) local zed = getElementData(source,"zombie") if zed == true and killer == localPlayer then zombiesKilled = zombiesKilled+1 outputDebugString("A zed was killed, "..(300-zombiesKilled).." zeds left.") end if zombiesKilled >= 300 then ZedMissionWin() end end function startZedMission() addEventHandler("onClientPedWasted",root,ZedMissionCheckKill) end addCommandHandler("startzedmission", startZedMission) ^ It's bare bones, but this simple client-side script should get you started; read it from bottom up and try to understand how it works, then modify/add stuff one at a time, followed by testing and reverting if you break something. For instance, you can add a HUD kill counter, or a money reward for completing the mission. People will assist if you give it a try yourself, nobody will just do all the work for you. Good luck!
  13. help me please

    I know somebody that plays a Chinese MMORPG and uses the Google Translate phone app to translate text from the PC screen. Might be a bit clunky, but at least you won't have to alt-tab all the time.
  14. You can't be moved by explosion

    Damage type might serve better than the weapon id, since player can be damaged by an exploding prop or vehicle. player attacker, int attackerweapon, int bodypart, float loss attackerweapon: an int representing the attacker weapon or the damage type. Also don't forget to unfreeze the player on a timer.
  15. looking for server side event

    ...or onPlayerVehicleExit. You will still have to rule out cases when player voluntarily exits the vehicle or when he is jacked. The last one is easy, event has a parameter called "jacker" that you can check. For the first, I'm not really sure right now... maybe set a temporary variable when player presses vehicle exit control so you can tell them apart.