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  1. Requesting some functions

    I don't think the task system allows you to do that, but I'm equally interested if someone knows of a way.
  2. Another server with the same name

    Post here about it:
  3. Allow only numbers in editboxes (patterns)

    ...but it is a pattern
  4. Another server with the same name

    yo playa wrong section
  5. Call functions in other directories?

    Never tried it myself, but won't dofile or loadfile do the job?
  6. Help

    I don't want to disappoint you, but what you need first is this: Also this will be your best friend after you learn some basic lua: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Main_Page
  7. Help CreatePed

    isobu_team = createTeam("isobu",255,0,0) function isobu_func(player) local px,py,pz = getElementPosition(player) setPlayerTeam ( player, isobu_team ) objeto = createObject(2780, px,py,pz) setTimer(destroyElement, 2000, 1, objeto) setPedAnimation(player, "ped", "fightb_block") exports [ "slothbot" ]:spawnBot ( px, py + 2, pz, 0, 302, 0, 0, isobu_team, 37, "hunting",nil) if not disappearFromTimeToTimeTimer then local timeint = math.random(10000,60000) disappearFromTimeToTimeTimer = setTimer(setElementAlpha,timeint,0,player,0) disappearFromTimeToTimeTimer2 = setTimer(setElementAlpha,timeint*1.25,0,player,255) end end addCommandHandler("kuchiyose-isobu3", isobu_func) Heyo, this (untested) code should do what you want.
  8. Help

    --UNTESTED! zombiesKilled = 0 function ZedMissionWin () zombiesKilled = 0 outputChatBox("Good job, mission completed!") removeEventHandler("onClientPedWasted",root,ZedMissionCheckKill) end function ZedMissionCheckKill (killer,weapon) local zed = getElementData(source,"zombie") if zed == true and killer == localPlayer then zombiesKilled = zombiesKilled+1 outputDebugString("A zed was killed, "..(300-zombiesKilled).." zeds left.") end if zombiesKilled >= 300 then ZedMissionWin() end end function startZedMission() addEventHandler("onClientPedWasted",root,ZedMissionCheckKill) end addCommandHandler("startzedmission", startZedMission) ^ It's bare bones, but this simple client-side script should get you started; read it from bottom up and try to understand how it works, then modify/add stuff one at a time, followed by testing and reverting if you break something. For instance, you can add a HUD kill counter, or a money reward for completing the mission. People will assist if you give it a try yourself, nobody will just do all the work for you. Good luck!
  9. help me please

    I know somebody that plays a Chinese MMORPG and uses the Google Translate phone app to translate text from the PC screen. Might be a bit clunky, but at least you won't have to alt-tab all the time.
  10. You can't be moved by explosion

    Damage type might serve better than the weapon id, since player can be damaged by an exploding prop or vehicle. player attacker, int attackerweapon, int bodypart, float loss attackerweapon: an int representing the attacker weapon or the damage type. Also don't forget to unfreeze the player on a timer.
  11. looking for server side event

    ...or onPlayerVehicleExit. You will still have to rule out cases when player voluntarily exits the vehicle or when he is jacked. The last one is easy, event has a parameter called "jacker" that you can check. For the first, I'm not really sure right now... maybe set a temporary variable when player presses vehicle exit control so you can tell them apart.
  12. how to disable race original join intro

    Just replace that image with your own in the resource folder and keep the same name for it.
  13. We still call it 0.74, but many new things were added! What's new: Another large batch of new map content: San Fierro is a proper war zone, disputed between the Establishment and the Bandits. You will stumble upon raging street firefights, convoy ambushes, a new naval base, overrun checkpoints from the days of the crisis and more; Los Santos hill area is now the southern front line in the conflict between the Bandits and the Civilian Defence Force - watch out for the roof snipers; 30+ aircrashes, scattered around the whole of San Andreas, and a large bonus train wreck in Whetstone; the San Fierro crack factory is back in business, operated by Raiders; a large fenced community can be found in northern Las Venturas, taken over by looters; and more that's for you to discover. Raider slaves and meat NPCs can now be rescued: engage them through dialogue for an option to release them and score some karma points! Earthquakes: Remember how a catastrophic earthquake started it all? Years after the Incident, the San Andreas Fault is still not completely stable and strong earthquakes hit the land when you least expect them; stay crouched when the earthquake reaches it's peak, otherwise you will fall to the ground on random, taking damage and risking fractures; this also affects NPCs, they will run around in panic and fall to the ground just like the players. New mission for the CDF: an NPC found at Fern Ridge will send you in a dangerous mission to kill a Bandit gang leader in Montgomery. A simple group system added, press F4 to open the panel; group members will show on map as light blue blips. Cargo elevator added to CDF's Los Santos roof camp: use the key panels on the wall to control the elevator. You can now hold NPCs at gunpoint and rob them blind; it works even without ammo; depending on the NPC type, it will result in different behaviour; you can also intimidate melee enemies with your gun, buying a precious moment in a dodgy situation. Added working SAM sites to all relevant Establishment locations; Establishment pilots are of course allowed passage; SAM launchers can be destroyed with explosives, opening up the airspace until they respawn; use explosives for this. A whole set of 11 new missions added. Live the life of a bounty hunter! Missions are accessible from two locations (Ghost Town and Blueberry convenience store). Speak with the Bounty Hunter NPCs found there and they will send you to kill one of the many Raider warchiefs. Targets are randomly selected and missions difficulty varies from medium to very hard. Below is a map with all faction camps as per February 2018 (slightly behind the current version). Click it to see the large version. Note that there are much more neutral locations and encounter zones in the game, this map shows only the player faction spawn points. And finally, some screens with the new content: Join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/Zs5bWSX to stay up to date with news, plans & media. Come share your feedback and ideas!
  14. Ground Position (server)

    You don't really need a database, a lua table would suffice. But I strongly suggest you use an .edf for this kind of task - not sure why people don't seem to use them at all <def name="airdroplocations"> <element name="Airdrop_location" friendlyname="Airdrop" icon="airdrop.png"> <data name="position" type="coord3d" default="0,0,0" /> <marker type="checkpoint" size="1" color="#99ff66"/> <data name="Airdrop_type" type="selection:Supplies,Weapons" description="What type of items should the airdrop yeld?" required="false" default="Supplies" /> <data name="Airdrop_altitude" type="integer" description="What altitude should the airdrop spawn and descend from?" required="false" default="200" /> </element> </def> Just add the above in a txt file file, name it airdroplocations.edf, put it in a map resource folder and add the following to the info element in meta.xml: edf:definition="airdroplocations.edf" Also add an airdrop.png in the folder, so it has an icon (not really required, it just looks neater) Then fire up the map editor and load the new definition. Upon scrolling on the bottom bar (the one with vehicles, peds etc.), the new definition should appear. Now you should be able to place these airdrop points like you would place any other map elements and save them to a .map file. Add the map file to your airdrop resource, and use getElementsByType("Airdrop_location") to retrieve them all. Whenever you want to change their locations, remove some etc., all you need to do is open the map and edit away. You can see there are two additional 'data' elements at the bottom of the .edf i pasted above. I added those only as examples, you can really do anything along those lines. Key point is that any attribute you add like this can be later read in by using getElementData. Hope this helps.
  15. Ground Position (server)

    I think the ped would only be virtualized and won't fall at all until a player gets in streaming distance. Even if it would fall, the ground itself/collisions are not loaded unless a player is in the area, so the ped would just fall forever and again. I'm not completely sure of this, though - maybe somebody more knowledgeable can step in and give us a definitive answer?