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  1. Zorgman


    @edge Slothbot nu conduce, e doar pieton @Idwk45 Poti incerca cu NPC high-level control (HLC), o gasesti pe pagina asta impreuna cu alte resurse
  2. Zorgman

    Ped voice

    @majqq is right, but I don't think a loop would be needed anyway. Just set the voice you want for each player when they spawn or when they change skin.
  3. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Slothman/Slothbot all you need is here
  4. Hi guys! Just a quick note, there are at least two servers currently online where you can play Dystopia: Arabic Dystopia: The Incident v0.75 - [لعب ار بي جي زومبي مطور] @ [CZ/SK] Dystopia: The Incident [Action-RPG Zombie Sandbox] @ Disclaimer: they're both unofficial, so the actual experience might differ from the original gamemode, depending on the owners preference. However, as i played on them there were no differences that I could note, except for some parts that were translated to the respective languages.
  5. Zorgman

    [help] example

    https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SpawnPlayer Two examples here ^
  6. The sniper in GTA SA is a hitscan weapon. All shots hit their target instantaneously; moreover, there's no bullet to be accelerated: there's just your gun at one end and the hit effect at the other end of the line.
  7. Heyo, Your building light object is one of these. I think it's this one, but i'm not 100% sure. You can use RemoveWorldModel to get rid of it after you identify it. This client side script will remove most night lights/neon signs etc. (but unfortunately not all of them - if somebody has a complete list of ids, I'd appreciate if you share it) : local objtoremove = {9934,9933,9932,9886,6196,6195,6194,6193,6192,5059,5058,5057,4222,4221,4220,4219,4218,4217, 4216,4215,4214,4213,4212,13493,13485,13484,13461,10147,10146,10058,10057,4715,4716,4717,4720,4721,4722,4723,4725,4739, 4740,4741,4742,4743,4744,4745,4746,4747,4748,4749,4750,4751,4752,5661,5662,5665,5990,5991,5992, 7206,7207,7208,7221,7222,7280,7333,9088,9089,9125,9154,9277,9278,9279,9280,9281,9282,9283,9885, 8502,9159,7233,8981,14628,3437,8371,8370,17957,17956,17955,17954,9129,9128,9127,9126, 9124,9123,9122,9121,8372,7944,7943,7942,7892,7332,7331,7226,7097,14561,14811,7268,9094,9095,11412,11411,11410,11324,14605, 14473,14470,14460,14406,7290,7314,7289,7266,7264,7220,7072,8395,9104,9175,8982,7666,7230,9100,9101,8840,7232} for _,obj in ipairs (objtoremove) do removeWorldModel (obj, 10000, 0, 0, 0) end
  8. Zorgman

    Help Me

    1. Open acl.xml, find this part: <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <acl name="SuperModerator"></acl> <acl name="Admin"></acl> <acl name="RPC"></acl> 2. Add this line under it: <object name="resource.GTWcore"></object> 3. Save file and restart server.
  9. Is this what you mean? https://regex101.com/r/wHUrZs/2 (?<!color:)(#\S{6})(?=\s)
  10. Zorgman

    Synch question

    The weapon doesn't exist for the other clients, so it won't fire for them.
  11. Are they part of the default map? Maybe they are added by a map resource? Also, some props like trees or shrubs are generated on the fly on certain ground materials afaik, but I don't think those trees are among them. Do you have the same issue in Bone County with the desert specific vegetation?
  12. Open console with F8, type start realdriveby and press enter.
  13. Hi guys! A couple of updates: login screen updated; html version done by @Anderson fps improvements in combat situations melee updated: a couple of bugs fixed; much harder to fight multiple opponents now a lot of zombie spawn points added; thx @Aleksander19 fixed minimap zoom level (now it's 50 m as it was supposed to) tweaked weapon damage, accuracy, explosion range & damage -fixed bug that made kit descriptions not appear fixed wrong water bottle model added HQ icons (drawn by @cockroaches) fixed bug where bicycles required fuel to work fixed and changed fracture mechanic: if you are wasted with a major (red) fracture, you'll respawn with a minor one; if you are wasted with a minor fracture, you respawn cured; if you die for good (so the character select screen is shown), then you are of course cured added HUD warning when you attempt to escape SA (warning message and retaliatory missile strikes are triggered when you get >4000 units from the center of the map) many new vehicles added to various locations: a mobile Scavenger trader, CDF trader boat, Establishment missile truck, Raider siege truck etc. While the public test server went offline, remember that you can download the current working version of Dystopia here. If you just want to play or test the gamemode, search for 'dystopia' in MTA's server browser and you may find a Dystopia server to play on - there are currently two online. Keep in mind that they are not 'official', so the actual experience may vary. And finally, below is a sneak peek of my current MTA project, Dystopia: Hell or High Water. Revisit San Andreas 30 years after the events from Dystopia: The Incident, discover what's left and establish colonies on the unfriendly shores! Yes, you read that right - the unexpected sequel to an unfinished gamemode
  14. Zorgman

    Dynamic colshapes

    Assuming that you can interact with only one player and one vehicle at a time - just create two client-side variables to handle it (e.g. currentVehicleInteractCol and currentPlayerInteractCol) and update them on hit and on leave events.