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  1. [JS]Converted Maps

    Transfagarasan is a real mountain road in Romania, it got notoriety after it was featured in the Top Gear show. It's great to see this here
  2. HELP! My bot is not spawning! (slothbot)

    function spawnBot(x, y, z, rot, skin, interior, dimension, team, weapon, mode, modesubject) Check this ^ against your code, I guess it will be easy to spot the error you made.
  3. HELP! My bot is not spawning! (slothbot)

    Add the team before the weapon, right now you pass 29 as your team. The slothbot resource already exports the function, so no need to worry about that.
  4. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    I kinda disagree. A good original game is about atmosphere, story and overall feel. Has little to do with the code base behind it. You can bend existing code to serve your purpose and create a whole new experience. You just use the tools at your disposal. If you do it properly, players will never know that you're using e.g. same underlying algorythm for counting xp as some older server did, and it won't matter to them. The purpose of _all_ of this is still keeping players entertained, right?
  5. Hello community! Update 0.72 landed on the live server: an NPC overhaul that I had in the works for quite a while. Below I'll highlight some of the features that you can expect to find: Bots will react to what happens around them: gunshots will aggro armed bots and make them go search for you. Civilians will panic if other peds are hurt around them or if shots are fired. All NPCs have dialogue lines, according to their faction and role. Press [1] when you are near a ped to trigger dialogue. With quest NPCs you can reply to what they say using a simple yes/no system (keys [2] and [3]). Quests are not yet implemented, but you can get a taste of what it will be like to pick up missions. Sneaking became a viable option. FOV (field of view) was implemented for the NPCs, so stay behind them to go unnoticed. Crouch to keep a low noise profile, and also take weather into account - during a sand or thunderstorm you will be able to get fairly close to your targets even from the front side. Night will also be factored in in the near future. Bots will realistically react to being hit: they will fall down, roll to evade your shots, cringe in pain etc. This makes fights with NPCs much more interesting and varied; you can time your shots, switch targets and generally have a fighting chance. No more bots with inhuman reflexes that shoot you in a split second - now they will taunt and call to their allies when they aquire a target, giving you a small interval of time to decide if you fight or flee. A damage indicator was added, showing the damage values above the head of peds and players you hit. Damage values are different, according to the body area you hit. Vehicles will also display hp lost above them. ...and some more changes that don't fall into the NPC category: - radiation added around the LV nuke crater - LODs fixed for the most part - many bugs fixed, many things tweaked - new graphics for the survivor and military maps etc. Join our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/p58wRy8) to keep updated with news, plans & media and to share feedback and ideas.
  6. remove weapon when 0 bullets

    I disable fire when ammo is 1 and re-enable it when above. You also need a custom hud to hide that one bullet and display it as 0.
  7. Hello guys! Some more updates today: some scoreboard changes - added a 'kills' tab and icons instead of text for faction display tweaked the Establishment joining sequence (go to the military base south entrance and enter the ambulance there to subject yourself to the medical exam in order to join) tweaked the hunger and thirst depletion values (they were a bit too punishing) added Body Armor on more loot spawn lists added the Sparrow to the storage lists, I somehow missed it until now; please report any vehicles that seem to not have functioning storage, same for vehicles that don't output a name when you get close (they just say 'Vehicle' instead of the actual name) tweaked item pickup: item col is smaller with 30%, so clusters of items are easier to work with; tooltip now displays for as long as you are inside the item colshape; 'Inventory full' warning moved in the status messages area, to the right of the character 'Press M3 to fire Stomper' message spam fixed. Now it will only appear when you switch to the assault rifle IF you have the stomper equipped and ammo for it zombies fixed and tweaked: now they properly drop loot on death (30% chance); Runners have 60% chance to infect you when they hit, all other zombies 20% chance; all types of zombies will grab and infect you if allowed to get behind you - so careful when you're surrounded
  8. Hello community! Update 0.7 is live on the server right now. Lots of things were added, some were changed and I'll list the most important below. But first, I want to detail something that turned out to be less intuitive than I hoped: in order to find loot you need to break the destructible boxes scattered on the map. You will find these boxes in all places where loot would be in other survival gamemodes. Just look around you when you spawn. Breaking other types of destructible objects may yeld metal, wire or wood depending on the object type. Use the RMB + F combo to break any loot box in one hit. Hold F1 in game for a reminder of this and to see all other default keys. Another common issue: the map is very dense (60k objects) and unless you have a good spec computer I highly suggest to lower your video settings, otherwise you'll get FPS drops and stuttering in heavily mapped areas. Your character has three lives. Each time you're wasted you lose one life and your inventory and current xp reset, but you get to keep the level you achieved. When you are wasted and have no more lives left you are dead for good: your "alive time" counter and character progress reset and you are presented again with the class selection screen. It's game over, man! However, you can avoid the "character death" by sleeping in safe camp beds for 2 minutes to regain one life, with a 10 minutes cooldown between sleep cycles. So, while you can lose your character, this should only happen if you are reckless - or misfortunate. To get to the big news: there is a persistent storage system in place, finally! Containers are split into three types: strongbox, stockpiles and vehicles. The strongbox is your personal 100 slots container, accessible only to you from multiple safe camps in the game world, just like a bank account. Stockpiles are 10 slots containers that you can craft and place anywhere in the game world; they can be picked up and carried around, loaded in pickup trucks and moved to a different location etc. Stockpiles can be used (and stolen) by anybody that can find them. And last, all vehicles now have a variable amount of item slots available (2 to 30, depending on their model). Zombie infection now works in two phases: a 'silent' first stage with no symptoms and a second one that deals hp damage every couple of seconds until you are dead. There's an experimental cure for it, a drug named ZomboKleen™. It may give unexpected side-effects or even not work at all - this is not a bug, it's intended. Loot and dose it freely, no prescription required User interaction improved: most of the interface converted to DX, a new Survivor Map with useful survival information, a progress bar for all time-consuming actions, various interaction sounds. Improved compatibility with lower resolutions; the lowest supported screen resolution is 800X600. Most of Dystopia's keys are now bindable through the MTA settings menu. You can also use Ctrl + LMB as an alternative for MMB. 'Play as guest' option discontinued; you'll need to make an account to play, but it's a one-time process that takes less than 10 seconds. Four of the five factions are joinable by various means. You can jump from Scavs to Bandits and back by killing your own faction members, become a Raider by eating your fellow men or voluntarily join the Establishment by taking the medical exam at the military base South Gate. CDF will become joinable later, with a further update. These arrangements are temporary, until I deploy the karma-based faction join system. (planned) The map is almost completed. Some important missing parts were added: South Las Venturas is a proper wasteland now, with a huge nuke crater, collapsed buildings, mounts of ash and sand dunes. The Bayview Enclave is the new home of the rich elite, trying to maintain their high life standards under military protection. Area 69 is an impenetrable fortress with heavy NPC defences and the lively Refugee Camp near it is patrolled by nightstick wielding Peacekeepers. There are literally hundreds of detailed roleplay friendly locations on the map. Every place in the world was changed by and for the apocalypse. From overgrown corners of nature to the urban jungle of Los Santos, you have the whole San Andreas to explore. Be ready to put up a fight, there are over 2000 NPCs waiting to kill you, not counting zombies, bears and traps. You can roam the map, explore, survive, loot and fight your way through just like you would in a single player game, only that with MTA is better since you can... umm... stop playing with yourself I want to give props to @Karim02 (who contributed to Dystopia since I made the project public and also moderates the alpha server) and @Noah_Antilles (who built awesome custom models and provided ideas for the project) and also all other people that gave feedback, suggestions or just played the gamemode. Thanks for reading and see ya all out there! Join our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/p58wRy8) to keep updated with news, plans & media and to share feedback and ideas.
  9. mta dayz problem on VZombies

    hey man, paste here the first line of Zombies-C.lua
  10. How to remove objects that can't be removed?

    I found out that the required line is actually: <removeWorldObject id="removedWorldObject1" radius="1000" interior="0" model=" " lodModel="0" posX=" " posY=" " posZ=" " rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"></removeWorldObject> You'll need to add in it your own model id, x, y and z values, I left blanks there. thanks @Moha|M|
  11. My map killed itself

    Had this happen to me more than once, I lost many hours of work this way. The solution for me was to always back up my files and use the map editor just for mapping, not as a script test environment
  12. How to pick up object?

    This is how I do it: on key press, I create a 'sniffer' colshape in front of the player and loop through the objects in it. If they have the proper model, I trigger the pick up part and attach the object to the player. SA has a partial carrying animation that is only affecting the hands, placing them in 'carry' position while you can still walk around, you might want to use that. Good luck!
  13. Low FPS only on MTA

  14. Server successfully moved to Evolution Host. New IP is mtasa:// Join in and have fun!
  15. You'll find in the spoiler at the end of my post a fresh example of vortex servers customer service and what you can expect when dealing with them. It took them almost a week to answer my ticket. Not even sure there's some "them" to talk about, I'm getting the feeling that there's just this Ken guy, it's the only staff name that I've seen anywhere. Now, Ken, I totally do understand this is an old game and everything, but this is what you are saying at the beginning of your topic: Now let me just call you a fraud for this, since what you actually should edit it to be saying is "Hey bud, come to us if you need a crappy cheap hosting service, with absent and/or arrogant staff that will ignore you day and night. For us you are not just a customer, you are the dumb and poor customer with some bad taste in gaming that we are trying to get rid off. We don't care." What you are forgetting though Ken, is that all of us here are not just MTA players and potential server owners, but players and potential server owners in general. Please, do share with us the name of your 'other' hosting brands, so I can avoid them...