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  1. Zorgman

    I want to open a server

    Access the 'community' link on top of this page.
  2. Zorgman

    Armor System

    Nice! I think fire damage should bypass the armor though
  3. Hi guys! Is it possible to alter only a specific ped bodypart via shaders? I work on a first person resource using the 'object behind player' trick and I'm looking to set the player's head alpha to 0 or to morph it to a very small size. I am already using the 'Ped morph' shader listed on the wiki, but I lack any knowledge of HLSL to edit the resource myself. Also, according to this old topic it is possible to change alpha in a radius around a bone - this would also be a solution for what I try to achieve. Anybody has some insight or (ideally) has a resource that does this and is willing to share? Thanks!
  4. Zorgman

    MAP bug

    I had the same issue in the exact same place This solved it for me: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetOcclusionsEnabled Cheers!
  5. Zorgman

    Disable rocket damage

    addEventHandler "onClientPlayerDamage", root , function ( attacker, weapon, bodypart ) if weapon then outputDebugString("Damage type is "..weapon) end end ) Do this ^ and you will find out what damage type you need to check & cancel. Cheers!
  6. Zorgman

    Disable rocket damage

    Try to check for the damage type instead of checking for the weapon: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Damage_Types
  7. Updates: new set of random missions from the LS Observatory camp: use a Sparrow to rescue various scavengers that got in trouble all over Los Santos (5 new missions in total) another new mission set in A69: Agent Shepherd dispatches 9 different 'helicopter extraction' missions; hot LZ's ahead! new mission for the bandits: go to the Ocean Docks Warehouse and speak with McCready - he'll send you to collect the booty from all other bandit camps in Los Santos work for Sheriff Gruber in Dillimore to bring justice upon various bandit bosses around Flint and Whetstone (6 new CDF missions) other small improvements and various bug fixes Server IP: mtasa:// Join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/Zs5bWSX to stay up to date with news, plans & media. Come share your feedback and ideas!
  8. Zorgman

    [AYUDA] peds muertos

    If I remember correctly, slothbot deletes it's own dead peds. Dunno what was the default interval, I am using 2 minutes. If they get deleted that fast, there's probably another resource that does it. Open all your server scripts in notepad++ and run a search for "onPedWasted", see what results you get.
  9. Zorgman

    [AYUDA] peds muertos

    Hola, 14000 means 14 seconds, use 60000 for one full minute (unit is miliseconds, so 1000 = 1 second ).
  10. Zorgman

    Still Alive - Survival Roleplay

    The two sneak peek trailers blew my mind off! Amazing job!
  11. Zorgman

    Guys there is a problem in map editor!!!!

    I had the exact same issue a couple of days ago. I fixed it by simply deleting internal.db to have MTA create a fresh one, but the editor still timed out after this. Reinstalling was the solution in my case.
  12. "LSD seed"... You might want to think this over again. 😄
  13. Zorgman

    [Zombie Sandbox RPG] Dystopia: The Incident

    Dystopia 0.75 update Test server IP: mtasa:// Noutati: inventarul imbunatatit: mult mai intuitiv si usor de utilizat trafic NPC: fiecare factiune spawneaza vehicule specifice; vehiculele te vor ataca cand le intalnesti daca esti in alta factiune vanzatori NPC: poti cumpara si vinde itemele pe care le aduni mecanic: upgradeaza-ti vehiculul cu arme, blindaj si altele peste 40 de misiuni: castiga bani si respect ajutandu-ti factiunea noi tipuri de inamici cu noi abilitati multe bug-uri au fost inlaturate Mai multe detalii aici (in engleza)
  14. Hi @Tunner! Zombies can be found more in cities and less so in the countryside. There are lots of safe camps all around. Zeds are not that numerous, there are other foes to be worried about PvP is mandatory (at least on the current server). Many missions and features that I wish to add depend on the PvP aspect and I try to integrate it well with the RPG gameplay by punishing players in immersive ways for killing friendlies.
  15. Dystopia 0.75 is here! New server IP: mtasa:// What's good this time? UI & UX improvements: remastered inventory: new item pickup mechanic, ammo section, storage window etc. added new overhead labels for most interactive objects like loot nodes, barrels, vehicles etc. added 'Abandon mission' button in the character panel (O). added context help messages. added new 'status display' for npcs, showing when they are hit, killed, alerted, panicked etc. New features: added a 'gadget' system, allowing you to equip projectiles, traps and other items and use them on the fly by pressing [X]. added NPC traders; you can buy and sell items; items sold by the trader are tied to your level. added mechanic shops offering repairs and functional upgrading: offroad wheels, hydraulics, body reinforcement, nitro and machine guns. Vehicle combat is a thing now! being wasted by Establishment bots with nightsticks means you are 'apprehended' and you will spawn in the Refugee Camp as a refugee (faction switch). (some) NPCs use laser pointer aiming. New content: new starting location missions for the Scavs in LS: "Make your way to the Refugee Camp and join the Establishment". Available from three different locations new mission in the Refugee Camp: "Bring fuel canisters to Sgt. Crisp to help burn the bodies". another 10+ new missions for Scavengers and CDF factions, all over Los Santos: deliveries, base raiding, item fetching, tow missions etc. added a new zombie type: the Rammer; when pinned down by a Rammer, escape by mashing space key. added new NPC types to raiders, bandits and CDF. added random ped accessories to some NPC types (vests, masks etc); toggle this feature off with /pedprops if it causes fps drops on your computer. NPC traffic, with a dystopian flavor! Watch out, because the roads just got more dangerous. Bandit pickup trucks, raider siege vehicles, army trucks and more will roam the world and rain fire upon their enemies. Tweaks and fixes: increased stamina pool. reduced sleep time necessary to gain a life. money saves. fixed a couple of long lasting bugs (utility panel ammo bug included). reduced download size with ~30 mb by zipping some resources (notably, the map went down from 11 mb to <1 mb). updated manual, help and title screens; removed one title screen to further reduce download size (1 mb). Join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/Zs5bWSX to stay up to date with news, plans & media. Come share your feedback and ideas!