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  1. I don't join other servers as it's against my Staff rules, but I just tried and it works fine, it seems the problem from my server, I will try to contact the owner once again.
  2. Two days ago I decided to install new windows as my old one was too slow, after installing it and making everything fine, I've decided to install MTA once again, but the version I have was too old, so I went and downloaded last version from http://www.mtasa.com After installing it and joining the server, I found that I can't seee any blips in F11, no idea what happened, it was working fine and no problems with it. I realised that I'm not the only one who suffer from that problem as I found 3 or 4 topics about them in X server forum, but no one was able to help them nor me, so I hope anyone here can do it. http://u1312.hizliresim.com/1j/h/vkrxx.png