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    Fortnite GameMode ?

    Actually i'm working on a fortnite server, i've made the login/register and i made the hud and added weapons and some skins and notifications system and now i'm working on battle bus script and actually i need that object to replace it and if there is someone is working on the same thing that i'm working on he can contact me to work together if he want !
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    I've used this method but nothing no results function CameraMatrix () setCameraMatrix(localPlayer, x, y, z + 20, x, y, z) end function move () moveObject ( object, 40000, -2837.884765625, -3147.1728515625, 666.09998 ) addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, CameraMatrix ) end addCommandHandler("move", move)
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    Well actually i have an object flying in the air and there is players on it, so i just want to make a camera matrix on that object while it moving here is an example for my work object = createObject ( id, x, y, z, rX, rY, rZ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(object) function test () moveObject(object, 10000, xB, yB, zB) setCameraMatrix(localPlayer, 111, 222, 333, x, y, z) end addCommandHandler("setCamera", test) I have tried setCameraTarget but nothing, i want to make the camera too far from the object, the object its like a plane or something like that, and the players are inside it, And Thank You
  4. Hello Community, first of all, i have searched for any fortnite battle royal gamemode or server on MTA:SA but i didn't find, and i can be wrong, well, today i'm making a Fortnite Battle Royale game mode and i will release it when i complete it, and if you have any suggestions you can post it down, you know its a hard work and it will take a little time because actually i'm working alone on my local server. - Regards xMKHx Here is some screenshots
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    try this, i just changed getLocalPlayer() to getRootElement() tabelanimacao = { ifp = {}, animacoes = { "GunMove_BWD", "GunMove_FWD", "GunMove_L", "GunMove_R", "GunCrouchBwd", "GunCrouchFwd", "IDLE_armed", "JOG_maleA", "run_armed", "Run_stop", "run_player", "run_right", "run_left", "run_old", "run_civi", "ARRESTgun", "Crouch_Roll_L", "Crouch_Roll_R", "getup", "SEAT_down", "SEAT_up", "SEAT_idle", "getup_front", "GUN_BUTT", "GUN_BUTT_crouch", "GUN_2_IDLE", "Gun_stand", "HitA_1", "HitA_2", "HitA_3", "HIT_back", "HIT_behind", "HIT_front", "HIT_GUN_BUTT", "HIT_L", "HIT_R", "HIT_walk", "HIT_wall", "IDLE_chat", "IDLE_csaw", "Idle_Gang1", "IDLE_HBHB", "IDLE_ROCKET", "IDLE_stance", "IDLE_taxi", "IDLE_tired", "CLIMB_idle", "CLIMB_jump", "CLIMB_jump2fall", "CLIMB_jump_B", "CLIMB_Pull", "CLIMB_Stand", "Climb_Stand_Finish", "JUMP_glide", "JUMP_land", "JUMP_launch", "JUMP_launch_R", "KD_left", "KD_right", "KO_shot_face", "KO_shot_front", "KO_shot_stom", "KO_skid_back", "KO_skid_front", "KO_spin_L", "KO_spin_R", "phone_in", "phone_out", "phone_talk", "Player_Sneak", "Player_Sneak_walkstart", "WALK_armed", "WALK_civi", "WALK_csaw", "Walk_DoowPartial", "WALK_drunk", "WALK_fat", "WALK_fatold", "WALK_gang1", "WALK_gang2", "WALK_old", "WALK_player", "WALK_rocket", "WALK_shuffle", "WALK_start", "WALK_start_armed", "WALK_start_csaw", "WALK_start_rocket", "Walk_Wuzi", "WEAPON_crouch", "FALL_collapse", "FALL_back", "FALL_fall", "FALL_front", "FALL_glide", "FALL_land", "FALL_skyDive", "gum_eat", "DAM_armL_frmBK", "DAM_armL_frmFT", "DAM_armL_frmLT", "DAM_armR_frmBK", "DAM_armR_frmFT", "DAM_armR_frmRT", "DAM_LegL_frmBK", "DAM_LegL_frmFT", "DAM_LegL_frmLT", "DAM_LegR_frmBK", "DAM_LegR_frmFT", "DAM_LegR_frmLT", "EV_dive", "EV_step", "endchat_01", "endchat_02", "endchat_03" } } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() tabelanimacao.ifp["block"] = "ped" tabelanimacao.ifp["ifp"] = engineLoadIFP("ped.ifp", tabelanimacao.ifp["block"]) for _, v in ipairs(tabelanimacao.animacoes) do engineReplaceAnimation(getRootElement(), "ped", v, tabelanimacao.ifp["block"], v) end end )
  6. Jobs Skills Hello Community.I made this script because it's wanted in most RPG servers, actually i made it for my server but i released it for you. you can copy and make another one for another job and change Rectangle color Actually i worked on DX because the most usable in MTA servers This script works for all resolutions Good Luck Regards xMKHx Download Client Server
  7. may this help you https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/RGBToHex
  8. xMKHx

    set Player Wanted

    Here is function as you said and you can export it -- server side function isPlayerInGroup ( player ) local acc = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( player ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..acc, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then return true else return false end end
  9. Well i was an Owner there and i constructed these resources with an old friend and the half of resources are made by me, you can't use my resources without my permission, and the trailer that you posted it of the server was made by me, this a good proof, and you can check that the most of scripts i mean the server and client sides are called MKH_s and MKH_c and you can check the meta and that's a good proof too, so i'm warning you to delete your server otherwise i'm gonna report you and your fake server to MTA Community.
  10. xMKHx

    Just a question

    Hello Community. I've a simple question, i know that its a bull:~ but i want to know, i've made an mta server i and my friend and we constructed it together then we separated from each other and i left the server and after a while he closed the server. then he gave the resources to his friend and he's going to make a server with my resources, i mean his friend. That was my story, my question is does he can use my resource without my permissions, without any copyrights or not ?
  11. sorry can you explain more i didn't understand
  12. You can use dxDrawRectangle dxDrawText guiCreateButton guiSetVisible guiSetAlpha
  13. xMKHx

    set Player Wanted

    as @Dimos7 said but i'll help you this time, next time you have to paste your code here or you can search on community try this function setWanted (player, cmd, target, amount) local target_ = getPlayerFromName(target) if target_ then if amount then local acc = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( player ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..acc, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then if (amount == nil) or (amount < 0) or (amount > 6) or (amount == false) or (amount == "") then return outputChatBox("Please enter a valid wanted level", player, 255, 0, 0) end local targetN = getPlayerName(target_) setPlayerWantedLevel(target_, amount) outputChatBox(targetN.."'s wanted level is now "..amount, player, 0, 255 , 0) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(player).." has set your wanted level to "..amount, target_, 0, 255 , 0) else outputChatBox("Sorry, we don't know a person called" .. targetN, player, 255, 0, 0) end end end end addCommandHandler("wanted", setWanted)
  14. xMKHx


    function restricAnimation () local theVehicle = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( source ) if ( theVehicle ) then cancelEvent() outputChatBox ("You can't use animations in vehicles ",source) end end addCommandHandler("anim", restricAnimation)
  15. try this function find (player, cmd, target) local target_ = getPlayerFromName(target) if target_ then local targetN = getPlayerName(target_) createBlipAttachedTo(target_, 56) else outputChatBox("Sorry, we don't know a person called" .. targetN, target_, 255, 0, 0) end end addCommandHandler("find", find)
  16. function getPlayerFromPartialName(name) local name = name and name:gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""):lower() or nil if name then for _, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local name_ = getPlayerName(player):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""):lower() if name_:find(name, 1, true) then return player end end end end function findPlayer (player, cmd, target) local target_ = getPlayerFromPartialName ( target ) local targetN = getPlayerName(target_) if cmd == "find" then if target_ then createBlipAttachedTo ( getPlayerFromName(targetN), 56 ) else outputChatBox("Player not found !", player, 255, 0, 0) end end end addCommandHandler("find", findPlayer)
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    function dx () dxDrawRectangle(screenW * 0.7021, screenH * 0.3151, screenW * 0.2832, screenH * 0.0534, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 150), false) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, dx)
  18. Wrong section !, you can post in scripting section and paste your codes and Thank You !
  19. Wrong section !, you can post in scripting section and paste your codes not a downloading link ! nad Thank You !
  20. try this -- Client function SureKaydet () triggerServerEvent("Freeroam:SureKaydet", localPlayer, sureVerileri, true) if sureVerileri[localPlayer] and isTimer(sureVerileri[localPlayer].timer) then killTimer(sureVerileri[localPlayer].timer) end end addEventHandler( "onClientPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), SureKaydet ) -- server function SureKaydet (sureVerileri,bosmu) outputServerLog("triggered server") local hesap = getPlayerAccount(source) if isGuestAccount(hesap) then return false end outputServerLog("not guest") local sure = 60*10 if sureVerileri[source] and sureVerileri[source].sure then sure = sureVerileri[source].sure end exports.Hesaplar:SAD(hesap, "KiralikSure", sure) outputServerLog("saved.") outputServerLog(sure) if bosmu then exports.Hesaplar:SAD(hesap, "KiralikSureBos", true) end end addEvent("Freeroam:SureKaydet", true) addEventHandler("Freeroam:SureKaydet", getRootElement(), SureKaydet)
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    problems with fps

    Did you tried to set all mta video settings to low quality, if you didn't try it may it help you
  22. xMKHx

    New Laptop Low Fps

    Did you tried to play in local server, maybe the problem from server mods, it can damage the fps
  23. Check here may this helps you