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  1. We are back after a shutdown of a year and half. Join our Server - Forum - Discord
  2. We are back after a shutdown of a year and half. Join our Server - Forum - Discord
  3. xMKHx

    AuroraRPG Concert

    AuroraRPG Concert We invite you to our AuroraRPG Concert at 02/16/19 11PM GMT +8 Click Here ! Includes: In Game Cash + VIP Rewards + Score Effects: Lights, Peds, Screen, Sky, Explosion, Player Effects, Etc. (Like you experience in a real-life party) Requires: Close all your programs other than MTASA to avoid lag.How to get ready: Download our 700mb party resource in-game to get ready for 02/16/19. We hope to see you there. -AuroraRPG Regards.
  4. xMKHx

    Dx Visibility

    Hello, I'm making a dx counting but it's visible for everyone I just want to make it visible only for a team or selected players with data Here is an example -- Client function Dx () dxDrawText("text", 1, 1, 1, 1, tocolor(250, 120, 4, 255), 7.00, "bankgothic", "center", "center", false, false, false, false, false) end -- After using this command it will show the Dx Text for Root function showDx () addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, Dx) end addCommandHandler("showdx", showDx) I have tried many methods but nothing.
  5. xMKHx

    Free MTA-SAMP Application (Opened)

    Your Real name : Kamel [snip] Email(for panel information): [snip] Country : Tunisia What u want(Game type) : MTA:SA Sv Location (France available) : France Sv Mx player(max200) : 100 Extra note : No notes and thanks
  6. kifkif esoum https://www.ovh.com/tn/
  7. xMKHx

    Need help please need to setup mySQL.

    How did u connected the server to mysql without starting 'mysql' script, you should search for it and upload your data on my sql then start that script because most of your scripts are linked with 'mysql' script
  8. xMKHx

    Need help please need to setup mySQL.

    Your server is missing a script called 'mysql'
  9. xMKHx

    Mta Dayz Base System

    @IvanTBG, we can't make a script for you, we just can repair or fix your code that you post, if you want a script go search on community or create your own or you can request a staff or a scripter
  10. xMKHx

    account data

    You can find it on community!
  11. xMKHx

    Could someone help me?

    myVehicle = createVehicle(411,-2668, 1245, 56) setVehicleDamageProof(myVehicle,true) accountName == "Sopro" function VIPVehicle (thePlayer) outputDebugString("Started") account = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) local proverka = getAccountName ( account ) if proverka == accountName then outputChatBox("*Welcome.",thePlayer,255,255,0) playSoundFrontEnd(thePlayer,46) else outputChatBox("*You are can't sit in this car!",thePlayer,255,0,0) removePedFromVehicle ( thePlayer ) outputDebugString("Fail") end end addEventHandler("onVehicleEnter",myVehicle,VIPVehicle) function VIPVehicleSpawn (thePlayer) account = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) local proverka = getAccountName ( account ) if proverka == accountName then setElementPosition(myVehicle,x + 5,y,z) else outputChatBox("**You can't do it",thePlayer,255,0,0) end end addCommandHandler("vehh",VIPVehicleSpawn)