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  1. I've created my first server just little over a while ago and I was wondering is there any way for me to implement better vehicle collisions between 2 players? Example: I'm in a car chasing another player in a car. I want to stop him so I try to perform a pit maneuver (ram my car into his car so that I would unsettle his car and spin him out) What's happening now: I ram my car into his car, he drives off as if nothing happened and I spin out, it's as if his car wasn't even in that position. Bad collisions between 2 player cars, as if the server doesn't sync vehicles properly.
  2. Everything was fine with MTA, until this week. All of the servers are grayed out, like they are not working while they are, didn't show how much people are playing, and if i tried joining it would give me an error saying Connection timed out. I did my research, didn't manage to find something useful. I know this has been probably asked a thousand times, but could someone please help me out with this and explain it to me like if i was 5. Thank you for your time.
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