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  1. and if u do a tank , it would be a cheat indeed!!! because then you can just run people over!!! and cars would explode and all... Xanni
  2. Im sorry , but with other tools like Inno setup , I just posted in their forums (newsgroups) , and that was public too... anyways , no offense , but I think this will put some presure on the MTA team to make sure that they stop cheaters!
  3. I am a stupid feck song: by xhispage All together now! I am a stupid fecker, a stupid feck am I Im such a stupid fecker all my social skills did die OH I am a stupid feck im stupid all day long thats why I have to feckin cheat cos of my tiny dong. YES I am a stupid feck a stupid feck am I OH I am a stupid feck a stupid feck am I (repeat and fade)
  4. I dont know , ask Bloodymess13 from http://www.thegamersalliance.com if he wants to make a world record... Xanni
  5. anyways , it didnt help , I changed it to front wheel , and it still drived the same! Xanni
  6. well , I looked at the handling.cfg , and the first I see is: ; Author: Bill Henderson ; Created 10/12/1999 But vice city is from 2003 , in 1999 there was GTA2 and GTA1. So what does this mean??? Xanni
  7. okay , I will tell you the result. Xanni
  8. what happens when we change it to Font wheel drive??? Xanni
  9. what about that pic then? maybe JoinX used Photoshop , or maybe it was someone that wanted to give the 'cheater' a bad name... Xanni
  10. bann his nickname , anyone! and do you have his IP adress??? Xanni
  11. you can mail it to me if you are to lazy to upload , then I will host it for you... Xanni
  12. That link doent work russian scoobie , and what about money , is there a rule for that , like a minimm , because I made 665 dollar on a very long stoppie (no screenshot tho). Xanni
  13. Your russian scoobie? , arnt you the one that has a world record at The Gamers Alliance ,well , your link there doent work... Xanni
  14. Is this a good stoppie??? did anybody made abetter one? If so , can you please tell me how???"screenshots are welcome! Xanni
  15. I liked the editing (WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER???) but the stunts wernt that good , all the stunt movies I made where made WITHOUT any trainer / mod exept for MTA , and im proud of it , BTW. 99% of all stunt movies use no mods! Some stunts where cool , but the ending was crap (sorry) , but you interupted the middle of the stunt! Xanni
  16. THIS ONE IS FANTASTIC! I like the drive into a lightpole stunts as its a cool glitch , I made one myself too once , but it was crazy , like 20000 rotation or something , it kept on spinning! WHAT SOFTWARE DID YOU USE??? I downloaded High Quality... Xanni
  17. Uhhm , im downloading it now , and well , where can I download LithJoes trainer??? His website is gone or something , or can someone PM me or mail it to me??? xhispage *AT* hotpop *DOT* com Xanni
  18. well , he blocked me after I told him my mother wasnt home. Sorry! And uhhm , about my typing , I was kind of in a hurry , so I talked fast ,hope you could understand it. BTW. I mailed him with a few questions , I will post that mail and his reply soon! I think that he must send all the money he made to MTA. Then he would be usefull. Please , everyone who meets him on MTA (or the programm he made himself) , please ask the admin to give you his IP , or if you are admin , get his ip, and post it here! Xanni
  19. I have seen this before... But that he says he made it himself , thats illegal (i think) ! I think he is zod (from the screenies I see , but I dont know for sure. He has MTA VC... Please , kick this punk out of the whole GTA Comunity!!! Xanni
  20. Well , I added this nice dude on MSN , (look totaly down on his e-bay page to see his hotmail), and we had a nice conversation! Zegt means Says in english , my MSN tool is dutch! Im Lance Vance dance , he is Blaze, the text between * is comment by me: Lance Vance Dance zegt: hey Blaze zegt: ????????? Lance Vance Dance zegt: are you the one that tries to sell MTA on ebay??? *yes he does* Lance Vance Dance zegt: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... egory=4596 Lance Vance Dance zegt: well , I reported you to MTA Forums http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=5483 Lance Vance Dance zegt: dont u know MTA is copyrighted??? Blaze zegt: do i care? Lance Vance Dance zegt: maybe??? Blaze zegt: what makes you think that? Blaze zegt: well i dont Lance Vance Dance zegt: hey , why do you sell MTA??? Blaze zegt: whos selling mta? Lance Vance Dance zegt: you Lance Vance Dance zegt: on ebay Lance Vance Dance zegt: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=5483 Blaze zegt: no im not Lance Vance Dance zegt: yes you are Blaze zegt: so if u dont know wot u talking about shut the fuck up Blaze zegt: fuck off Lance Vance Dance zegt: nope Lance Vance Dance zegt: YOU sell mta via ebay Lance Vance Dance zegt: im not dumb Blaze zegt: no i dont Lance Vance Dance zegt: yes Lance Vance Dance zegt: you know what MTA is? Blaze zegt: who sed u was u fucking gay bastard Blaze zegt: yes i do u fucking ape *I AM A HUMAN , I HAVE NO FUR!* Lance Vance Dance zegt: mzzzz , Posty Blaze zegt: what? Blaze zegt: ive kicked the crap outta u on mta u shit bastard , and now you hate me! *I NEVER MET HIM ON MTA!!!!* Blaze zegt: well I am not so shut up Lance Vance Dance zegt: nope u didnt Blaze zegt: do u hav any proof that i am selling mta? no. so fuck off *he is SO nice to me! , the nicest person ive ever met* Lance Vance Dance zegt: yes I have Lance Vance Dance zegt: I have proof Blaze zegt: no u dont Lance Vance Dance zegt: yes I have Lance Vance Dance zegt: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... egory=4596 Blaze zegt: thats no proof u fucking looser *im no looser* Lance Vance Dance zegt: I only accept payments by Paypal, Nochex and postal orders. Please send all Paypal and Nochex payments to the43biz@hotmail.com Thank You Lance Vance Dance zegt: that is Blaze zegt: thats not mta. thats a program that i fucking made u stupid wanker. i just used a screenshot of mta. but im not selling mta *wll , why dont he shows his own screenshots???* Blaze zegt: so its no proof so shut up fucking ape *YES , it is proof* Lance Vance Dance zegt: SO , in what language did you make it??? Lance Vance Dance zegt: ASP/PHP/Javascript/VB/C++??? *I obviously am trying to trick him here to make him say that he made it in Javascript* Blaze zegt: none of your business *why not?* Blaze zegt: fuck off *with who???* Lance Vance Dance zegt: soo , uhhm , you offer technical support on your own multiplayer programm??? Blaze zegt: buy it ans see *uhhm , I am not gonnah spend 3.99 on MTA!* Blaze zegt: *and Blaze zegt: fucking asshole *yes I have one , but how can my asshole fuck???* Lance Vance Dance zegt: ok Lance Vance Dance zegt: you are so nice Lance Vance Dance zegt: to me Blaze zegt: who the fuck are u commin here and demanding answers u little shithead *who demands here??? who demands I give you an awnser to that wuestion? YOU!* Blaze zegt: fucking shit Lance Vance Dance zegt: Do you have any screenshots of your multiplayer mod??? *HE DOESNT , cuz his multiplayer mod is actualy MTA!* Blaze zegt: do i know u? *afcource he doesnt* Lance Vance Dance zegt: maybe, i dont know Lance Vance Dance zegt: BTW. When did you kick my ass on MTA??? *HE NEVER DID!!! I only playd MTA on lan and on the official servers , and I never met him!* Blaze zegt: well i dont so off and go and suck ur mum. *Why is he so nice to me???* Lance Vance Dance zegt: nope , she is not home , and I dont suck anyone Xanni
  21. Well , it seems MTA is for sale , thanx to [VCP] Posty for the link!!!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3059341221&category=4596 Like , for 3.99 can I buy MTA , while it is free!!! Someone is taking credit for your work! Xanni
  22. image doesnt work! Please fix it , I want to see it!
  23. at my pc it doesnt lag , but maby that cuz I have 3GhZ ... And well , all that has to be transmitted is the player data I think , just like with grenades.
  24. I thank you for giving me countless hours of playing fun! You made the best game even better , you did something Rockstar did not. You made multiplayer for GTA3 and Vice City. I just wanted to say , thanx again . Without you i would have uninstalled GTA VC cuz I played all the missions! Hope this mod will be free for ever and that it will be bug free after a while. Youve managed what GtaT did not , you brought quality MP to GTA . THANX THANX THANX!!!! Xanni
  25. nut , hey , it runs better on XP , try searching the driver guide(username : drivers , password: all). Or post in the DG forums. Or contact support. Xanni
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