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  1. lrakoon

    MTA Freezes Lad was horrible, I had max 20 fps
  2. lrakoon

    MTA Freezes

    Sometimes when I tried to join MTA 1.4 for first time, the "Stop playing yourself" screen appeared, then disappeared and my screen got black and it freezed. I had to restart my PC. And then when I tried to join a server it lagged horribly, I kept seeing the screen of Disconnect and that thing and in the background I could see some chat messages from people but then, after lots of lag I then saw my desktop image and then there was no MTA image in the task bar, so I couldn't re-join MTA
  3. lrakoon

    My MTA has low FPS

    With or without any booster or a modified / full GTA my FPS are the same Any idea ?
  4. lrakoon

    My MTA has low FPS

    I bought my PC in december 2012 - Not old - And I have Intel® HD Graphics, and I have the latest version of these , at least for Drivers Booster, of ASC 7 . I have a Samsung NP300-E4C-A0QMX Not the best but I used to have 40-50 fps without Razer game booster and then with it 50 , but then idk what happened and now with Razer , ASC 7 , Ccleaner , Game Booster I have low FPS ,I resetted my PC but FPS were the same . My internet hasn't changed. just to clear out
  5. lrakoon

    My MTA has low FPS

    Idk what you meant @Woovie , but when I play SAES:RPG I usually have 25-40 fps and it's not so good but my game doesnt freezes with those FPS, only under 28, but I have like every 15 seconds FPS drops and then keep some minutes with 15 fps , I'm tired of it ! Please help me
  6. lrakoon

    My MTA has low FPS

    Sorry , now you can see it.
  7. lrakoon

    My MTA has low FPS

    Well , as I used Razer Game Booster video option , my FPS went reeally down . From the average 20-30/50 to 5-7/50 , but as you can see, my normal FPS was 2 -5 and then after I killed myself fps increased to 10 .
  8. I use to play a server, SAES:RPG and it has login / spawn class scripts, and like 1 ton of others scripts. When I enter the server before logging with my account , I have 50 / 50 fps , or 45 / 45 etc.. I spawn , then if I haven't spawned yet , I spawn , but I still have max fps before spawning, I spawn and this decrease to 35-15 and Im always having FPS drops which I didnt have in the past, I downloaded an Antilag-mod , not a mod these are just modified files of models in my GTA to disable clouds and all that, but nothing changed. And before these I didnt had any lag , I used razer game booster in the past and then I had from 40-45/50 to 50/50 all the time. I dont know what to do , my PC is the same,I even resetted it and it's the same , my internet speed hasn't changed .
  9. Hi I just saved a map I made in map editor and I'd like to set a spawn point for all players, when they enter the server ( Only me ,because I dont know why but no one can see the server even though I use LAN and Internet ) to spawn in a position with some weapons , and I know it has to do with EDF file but I dont understand it
  10. Problem fixed, after playing GTA:SA single player without any graphics problem , I played MTA and it had the minimum graphics like 800x640 something like that, I changed them to max and the problem got fixed. Ty
  11. Yes, it works perfectly , GTA:SA Single player , MTA:SA , this graphics problem ;c
  12. I did EDIT : Forgot to say , disabling razer game booster didnt work
  13. Please help me ,this is so annoying , I can't use any other application without having to restart my PC after I play MTA
  14. Not fixed . I can only turn on mi PC, start MTA, and close it ONCE, if I do it twice my screen colors get fked up.