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  1. Durock1

    FPS Drops

    I've already tried doing that and it doesn't work
  2. Durock1

    FPS Drops

    No, I dont see myself alt+tabbing very frequently. The FPS drops are just a naturally occurring thing whenever I start up MTA and enter a server
  3. Durock1

    FPS Drops

    I'm having an issue on my MTA where I get FPS drops during gameplay. I've got a pretty good gaming PC and I can't seem to fix this issue. My MTA Diag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/173675973 any help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. Durock1

    MTA Fullscreen issue

    I realized that this was a normal occurrence on any game that I've played, I'm just having fps drops on certain servers that I play, which should not be the case since my PC is very good. Here's my MTADiag Logs if anyone can help me with these fps drops: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/965173837
  5. Durock1

    MTA Fullscreen issue

    I'm having an issue with MTA thats been bothering me. Basically, whenever I go on MTA it doesn't seem to go fullscreen despite it being on in the MTA options. And how I know this simply because i've been getting random small fps drops when ingame, which never occurs when im in fullscreen. It is sort of like in a fake fullscreen mode and ive got no clue how to fix it, can anyone help me out? I've tried re installing, using a different copy of GTA:SA to install MTA and nothing seems to work.
  6. Durock1

    MTA not at Fullscreen Standard

    Recently Ive been having an issue with MTA, whenever I join a server I suffer from fps drop which effects my gameplay. And I realized its because my MTA is not at fullscreen, and I know this because when I occasionally played MTA before, I wouldnt be able to see any windows watermark at fullscreen standard mode. I believe its at some odd fullscreen mode, is there any fix to this? I double checked my settings and it says im at fullscreen standard mode but I know this isnt right.
  7. Durock1

    Help/Map Editor object mod

    Hello all, I was wondering on how to add object mods to Map Editor, for example I have this tent mod that I want to be able to add into Map Editor so I can map stuff with it. Keep in mind that i have no scripting knowledge whatsoever .