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  1. Like I stated above, everyone is too power-hungry to do so. I think people don't know what's getting years of hard working simply copied by everyone who amuses to have a nice "arrpiing" server. If you want to have your own roleplay server, script it.
  2. Since vG-Roleplay scriptings got leaked, MTA roleplay lost one of the best gamemodes ever... Roleplay. Everyone got acess to this unique scripts and began to throw out roleplay servers, making the original server dying, after years of existence. I thing this is a huge LACK OF RESPECT from everyone who doesn't seem to understand the word "copy-righting". If we'd type "Roleplay" one year ago. We'd be able to see Valhalla Gaming Roleplay and some other RPG servers, legit servers. Right now we get twenty different communities.. I wouldn't even say communties since a community is made with supportful players and memberbase and also.. communities should last for at least some years. Not like we see today, 1 month of existence then they got bored of it and then close it. So to emerge Roleplay again, I request all the support from our community, Multi Theft Auto to speak higher and get all the servers who're using Valhalla Gaming scripts to be shutdown and the ones who would come up. Why's everyone soo f*cking power-hungry that can't think in emerging all thoose communities together? I know that wouldn't work, that's why shutting all thoose down would solve the problem and bring the old master roleplay community back. If you don't understand why am I caring soo much about this, then don't try.. but think in this phrase... "Today me, tomorrow you"
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