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  1. last Updates: -note table fixed -Radarareas inserted -Blip 0 Color
  2. Vandam

    Survival Map

    I Release the Map: ... ls&id=8929
  3. Hello, I create a radar with GTA V design and include a GPS. The GPS works with Dijkstra Algorithmus. F2 to show a cursor and you can change the Position. In the settings.lua you can change the commands and colors. Open the map with /navi click on the Map and show the best path Stivik works with me on updates. next Updates: -save Position -radarAreas -change path color with script -aircraft rotation -distance to goal Download: ... s&id=10322
  4. Vandam

    Survival Map

    If you create the Water dont overlapping it. The overlap is darker.
  5. Vandam

    Survival Map

    i set the lowest objects on the z-pos 40. If you create the map in a rock of San Andreas then is it very buggy. sry for my bad english
  6. Vandam

    Survival Map

    i create a map for a Survival gamemode, but I dont finished the script. Downloadlink: ... ls&id=8929 Pictures: