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  1. DuTcHtUrK

    DT's SC Series

    Just a copy paste from EPG forum. anyway i like to show you guys that it is possible to drive a map on a other way then it was meant. in other words, just short cutting the map. So I will update it some now and then, Have fun watching it, and trying it =] Pawlo - Prophet II (Author Fixed the map) Hamp Vol.2 South & Dutch V1 Sealine - Pure Adrenaline (Author Fixed the map) Loooop V8 - As Oldschool Driver76 feat Thommez * = New
  2. DuTcHtUrK


    its a cheater captured on video, got bored and made a little video. you see the fun of it?
  3. DuTcHtUrK


    just a little parody about a cheater in EPG Server =]
  4. Well Thanks Hankey, Few Hundred mseconds is alot. DD'ing is not the same anymore since mta 1.0 =[ i was talking about fights with 20~30 pingers and a Max Fps of 35 (EPG Server)
  5. As an old MTA Race DD player i missed 1 big important thing: Synchrosation of the CARS!! The Hits/crashes/bumps VS a Car is Not Realtimed. At mta race if someone laggeed . you saw that he lagged in Realtime(shaking car), but now, example:he is drving straight till his connection connected to teh server again. it SUX! another example: if 2 drivers drive frontall to eachother, the most lagger(slower connection etc) almost always wins, because his car is still driving Forward while the player who laggs still goes forward. even its an quarter second. it makes the difference of winning and losin
  6. Promo Video About EPG DM/DD/OJ Server flash is off at forum =[ so a link! MTA 1.0 ~[EPG]~ European Pro Gamers
  7. You know the lag was worse in MTASA Race... right? It's not called 'lag' but vehicle interpolation but it doesn't mean there wont be a player with a high ping screwing up everyone's racing line. just the desync of mta 1.0 is alot worser tehn in race. Example: someone with lag At race: if you hit a person at full speed the person get the impact some sec's later. but he will still get theh impact + damage At mta 1.0.X: The perosn will not even feel the person and doesnt get any damage. while yourself get a huge impact at hp for nothing..
  8. Sorry to say to the dev's but at XIII server tthe car pickup spawns are changed, since mta 1.0. but it doesnt feel RIGHT!. You will still bugged if youre going into the carspawnlift. you will fall down because the range/speed of the spawns are not fast as race. so you dont go up or fall down after 2 spawns. and at some maps you need that little jump of the spawn to get to the another platform. Well Because of this XIII removed almost all maps with a lift, and edited some parts of the map to get to the next part. but still. if its possible to get the 'old' spawn feeling. almost all race-DM p
  9. DuTcHtUrK

    Serial ban

    Hi i would like to know. how mta atm sees the serial. because today i banned a person with 1 serial from the person. but while i banned the person there was actualy 2 banned after banning that serial. see pic: http://i34.tinypic.com/347k0mv.png Any idea? or just multiclienting?
  10. Another bugz with race mod: Mr. hankey said about Lock movement to axis, now the 1st problem comes The exploded cars on the road is now unmovable. so its still blocking second: at race dd server tgher's no felling of real time battle. so you push/hit a car but it looks like a wall(no cheats) wiht no lag in the server, tested with several hosted servers(windows,linux). i miss the feeling like the mta race. 3th: if your burning and you get a heal spawn, the healthbar bugs sometimes. 4.some maps starts under the map. if you ar eon the road you can drive normal, but if you are out of the ro
  11. Just a lil promo video about the XIII server on MTA Race Click ME dont forget check it trough HD MTA Race is not DEAD yet!
  12. I search a irc echo script and found the script from lil_toady but this link : http://mta-stats.com/downloads/echo.mrc is dead =,=" Who can provide a new download link, ty
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