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  1. Then don't play it. I don't WANT do even play on a crappy russian server because of the high pings(2000+), go give your opnion to a tree or something and do not bore us with it. you f**king whiner. Go play VC on your crappy RU server, l8er
  2. it was the most damn good fun i had in a loooonnnggg while with mta, its so much fun! i liked the test, and i'm on both pictures:), only thing was 2 hours of testing used up 5.7 gigs of traffic:P
  3. it was the most damn good fun i had in a loooonnnggg while with mta, so its good! i liked the test only thing was 2 hours of testing used up 5 gigs of traffic:P
  4. Go to http://www.neoxhost.nl/auto and register and help to make it the best car info site ever:) greetz
  5. u installed it in ONE folder? now, why did u do that? install mta in a saparate directory. when it askes u where u installed vc tell him that. i donnot think that matters. reinstall gta + mta and check if its set to english- a reinstall is never bad.
  6. TheBoas


    they shouldt put in a kamikazi plane, instead of a boobietrap. wich detonates on impact.
  7. nope but the crazy thing is if i'm everybody is in chat its ok but when someone goes ingame its over server hangs
  8. i run a server i can connect to it, you can see it in ase. But the problem is that 2 or more people connect the cmd screen with the mta-server closes and windows gives me an: (MTAServer.exe encountered a problem and needed to close) error. i've tried several things but it seems not to work. Now i tried to disable ase but now no one can find my server so if one of ya guys can connect to it plz( Solutions are also welcome:P Thx
  9. thereis a firewall yeah but it has port 2003-4003 opened up.
  10. i have mta 2.2 installed on my server(1000mbit) put open ports 2003 and 4003 for the admin. but when i connect to my server i get a timeout. the server sees i'm connecting but then stop's communicating or something?? everetime timeout, also from other places.. Plz help me out Greetz
  11. and indeed MORE CARS!!! when i destroy my car on the airport i have to walk 50 miles or so to find a new one!
  12. a quad would be nice i think you can build it from a cart.
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