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  1. lol, u need a fast PC to run XP? You should work for microsoft, im sure you'd sell a lot of copies with that sales pitch
  2. XP is poop, at least wait until the next service pack, cause the one atm is awful, im using win2k pro, and would never go back to XP, it smells, its dirty, and retro games never work on it
  3. I heard they could have been paid, but they chose the option of been given porn sites with no pop-ups!...lucky MTA Team
  4. iCeh

    BOATS in VC

    What if they made a chitty chitty bang bang car! yes!
  5. iCeh

    BOATS in VC

    I'd like to see boats, but if it means delaying .2 then id prefer to wait for boats on another version
  6. me thinks KYFS had too many pies
  7. ^ just tell everyone how do it
  8. Wouldnt it be a waste of bandwidth tho? If this is ever going to be considered, there should be an option to have them on or off, even the amount maybe
  9. by chance would this video be in MGI MPEG-2 ? If so I get the same problem, my guess is fraps doent support it. Try converting the file to another format.
  10. fisrt, i mean first of all, try http://www.divx.com second, there isnt really a second, i just couldnt find any other way for the cheap joke
  11. iCeh

    i didnt see

    A trianer is nothing more than a program that, while running, allows u to press a key for a cheat, rather than having to type it all out. Atleast thats what the trainer i had for gta3 did
  12. Type in your network IP, normally its If ure using win95/98 u can type winipcfg in Run, then choose ur network card not connected to ur cable modem (or whatever u use), that will show u the IP.
  13. yep, i have win2k pro and it works fine
  14. hmm AI in a MP game, yay sounds cool! Yep thats sarcasm muhahahaaha
  15. Its a good idea, infact great if the GTA engine could do this, im sure it could tho, even the old quake2 engine can handle it. Personally tho, i use teamspeak, its much better than Roger Wilco, in terms of sound and performance. But when ya mates arent around using an in-game voice comm (with options to mute people ofcourse ) would be a great option
  16. Ive just read thru this, and didnt see anything about destruction derby, so ill post an idea, im not even sure if its possible but i cant see why it wouldnt be. I know theres already DD, but there r no rules or anything. I plat MTA on LAN and what we normally do is wait for everyone to get into a car..321 drive!, or whatever. The rules are something like; A player cannot get out of the car until its on fire, once its on fire the player has 1 min to either get into a car (even steal 1 (the victim then has 1 min to get another car)), if by 1 min they dont have a car theyre out, and have to leave the DD arena. No-one is allowed to shoot-out tyres, or shoot at all (hopefully it would be possible to disable a users fire key). Also if there are only 2 guys left, once their car sets on fire, theyre out. Obviously the winner is the last guy driving around. So, to get this to work, i suppose u'd have to wait for atleast 2 people to enter a car, once that has happend, there should be 5 secs to wait for other players (maybe each time someone enters a vehicle its another 5 secs, or the time gets less and less), once that timer has gone, a message should be displayed "3...2...1..go!!" (If its possible,the users keys should be disabled until "go"). Then if a car sets on fire perhaps a message is displayed saying "Get out quick!!" or whatever, then once a player has left the car a message is displayed "You have 1 min to get into another vehicle", and their own special countdown timer. If they fail to do so, theyre teleported outside. Well thats basically how we play it. Perhaps you could even get power-ups for ur car, like gta2
  17. i know what ure saying, theyve had lots of experience since gta3, they could have at least made an addon...lazy tbh
  18. lol yes, thats the netcode, in the news the mta team say they're improving it, so now ya got something to look forward to
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