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  1. Hi, I have made this topic because [VCA]Mrbump asked it to me. bye, Have fun !
  2. I'm guessing you mean whERE... MTA uses the same key as VC's 'change view'. So just go into VC's options menu, and change your 'change view' key to whatever you want to use to get into cars as a passenger (I like G) THX
  3. i say the true, and a friend have the same problem ... home ... and why the key in the config.cfg differs from the readme ? my DEFAULT config.cfg is Where i can bind the passenger key ?
  4. My first topic was deleted sooo cool THX modo my question is, why when i press "home" (passenger), "right mouse click" (scanner) ,tab (exchange weapons) ... that does not work my DEFAULT config.cfg is bind F11 showscores bind F10 showplayers bind t say bind F9 showchat bind F12 screenshot i have a friend who have the same problem, no passenger mode no weapons exchange no scanner no Player info there is a problem with the config.cfg ???? help me don't delete me
  5. YEAH, i find a solution 1 - If u use a foreign language copy/paste our vcdir/TXT/yourlanguage.gxt (for me french.gxt) to vcdir/MTA/ (DON'T TOUCH the american.gxt ) 2 - Launch the game normaly, OPTIONS/LANGUAGE SETUP/ENGLISH and exit the game... 3 - Launch MTA Client choise your version (Game Information) of Vice city 0.1 or 1.1 4 - Start Game WHoUHOUUUUUU
  6. I see this screen 2 seconds, heard a vehicule ... and Freeze, i cant select ....
  7. I heard a vehicule start and "FREEEZE" No expert ?
  8. Hello, when i'm start a new game ... "TADAAAAA... FREEZE" i have a friend who have the same problem ... An idea ??? vc 0.1 work fine but 0.2 Thx I use Vice city in french, win2k ...
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