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  1. We are back full and affect infinity Roleplay is lookin for staff members, if you think you have what it takes and the skills. Message OG.Max on discord!
  2. @CHEF491 Script has already been made for you , contact me in private PM to recieve script.
  3. ✧New Script Highlights✧ ✦(Account-System) Character Selection Structure Layout Revamped ✦(Advertisement-System) New Notification System and Sound ✦(Afk-System) Ability to disable admin powers and places on current character hours when *AFK*. ✦(Apps-System) Allowed to use phone apps such as (Apple Music or Samsung Music, Gps) More are to come. ✦(Bank-System) Allowed to Deposit Checks into Checking or Business Checking Accounts. New Debt & Credit Card system. ✦(Economy-System) Involved our New InfinityPay Currency , making donating and in game money more dynamic and more Real to world Economy. ✦(Cannabis-System) Giving the ability for players to self grow drugs and sell them. ✦(Carshop-System) Gives you the ability to select variety of vehicles around the United States and To be imported. Allowing you to pay with different options such as (Fleeca Debit Card or Fleeca Credit Card ). ✦(Casino-System) Welcoming the gamble life , allowing you to play, host and rent out casinos across the map. ✦(Chat-System) Dynamic Chat icons and text, giving you a better outlook on things. ✦(Cinema-System) Introducing a theater allowing more romantic date like and entertainment for those . ✦(Clothing-System) E-Zip's Clothing Industry gives characters, faction and business owners ability to work Life like clothing. ✦(Fuel-System) Self service fueling and different types of variety of Fuel types can be selected. ✦(Furniture-System) Giving Construction and City Business to be able to build or design interiors or exteriors for characters. ✦(Hud-System) Color Coded notification system for Chat, Icons, Items and Operating a Motorvehicle ✦(Job-System) New interface with alot more job offerings such as our new jobs, StreetCleaner, Long Hauler, Photographer , and Fishing. ✦(PDK9-System) K9 system introduce for law enforcement to increase role-play and obtain as pets. ✦(Building-System) Makes admins and construction owned factions to place Exterior Textures in game easier. ✦(Payday-System) Deposited out into a check item and must be taken to the Bank teller to cash. ✦(Phone-System) Different Brands of Phones has been introduced. ✦(Repo-System) Character Owned Dealership , now have the ability to repo their vehicles when handling Finance. ✦(Tint-System) Introducing Different Types of Tint and Color. ✦(Item-System) Business have been giving the item (KeyCard) to use Interior and Exterior gates. Including allowing Business leaders to /issuekeycard for guest. ✦(Bank-System) Capable of owning a secondary bank account. ✦(Item-System) Added over 400 Items to server for all function use ✦(Automotive-System) Are now capable of removing vin and plates from the actual vehicle and giving you a item. ✧New Improvements & Adjustments✧ ✧Server Bug Fixes & Removals✧ Infinity-Roleplay Script Version: V 0.0.1 Kind regards, - Infinity Roleplay Community - Infinity Roleplay Developing Team
  4. Server Midnight Development Release: New GUI Interface being implemented into the community:
  5. Server Development Release Update -Account-System Character Selection V0.1 -Advanced Vehicle Realism System V0.01 Allows Government Officials , Automotive Dealership, and Car Rental Business are able to use Immobilser shutdown. Vehicles are allowed to lack features such as alarm's, keyfob, speedo, locks, inventory, extra seats, windows, vin, plate's, horn, seatbelt, or radio Vehicles are set to run on a dynamic realistic gas structure meaning Gasoline, Diesel, 2 stroke Gasoline, Race Fuel, Nitromethane Fuel, aviation Gas, Jet Fuel, Hybrid's, Electric are all choices, allowing Infinity Roleplay to Bring our Automotive Industry Stronger , giving Business and insurance companys roleplay industrys a chance to expand. Giving option on how many particular vehicles may be seen on the server, allowing a variety cars to be seen.
  6. Yes, it will be updated with all the follow information. Sorry for that mis understanding i was invited there while i was creating the thread. You've only seen these features on my community's.
  7. Community's Website:( http://www.Infinity-Roleplay.com) || Discord: (https://discord.gg/jrSypBY) || Forums:(http://infinity-roleplay.com/forums/index.php) Our community welcomes every roleplayer out there - roleplay veterans, casual roleplayers, even those who have never roleplayed before. Our community is astonishingly active - staff and players will help you if you have any questions, any time of the day. The server has come a long way from it's development launch in June, 2017. During this incredible journey we have had as a community, we have finally found our place, and you will as well. If you don't know where to even begin roleplaying, guess what - that is OK. We will help you through the process of learning, we will guide you into the direction of awesome and memorable roleplay. We're all about being a community, a family. Here, new roleplayers aren't treated in a negative manner. Instead, new roleplayers are treated like students who have a passion to learn and improve. From the very moment you join, you have a way of contacting our staff momentarily in-game and they will answer any questions you need answers to. It's not necessarily staff who can answer your questions either - the vast majority of players will help you with whatever you need help with, you just need to ask. And remember - there are no "stupid questions" in Infinity Roleplay. The server receives constant updates, who are made by talented and passionate developers. Updates are always polished, and if something does break, the developers make sure it is fixed before the majority of the players even become aware that something was broken. Our script is leaning to make a advanced turn with us heading into a great year so far, when compared to other Multi Theft Auto Roleplay servers, which means there is a LOT of stuff to try and do. Our staff is comprised of an active administrator team, vehicle management team, and our support team, which will happily answer any questions or help with technical issues. Anything ranging from Poker to Drug Dealing, from Garbage Delivery to being a Mechanic, from Evading the Police to Chasing a Crook with your Police Interceptor - you will find it here. Alongside the standard government factions such as the San Andreas Sheriff Department and EMS, you will also find opportunities to become a Taxi Driver, a Mechanic or even a News Reporter. There are a ton of different ways you can partake in roleplay, and even more ways to develop your character. If you can think of it - you can do it here. We pride ourselves that we give the best experience possible in Grand Theft Roleplay. We know what features everyone likes to have and what they want to see, throwing in some unexpected ones too. New Updated Help Center For Roleplayers New Updated Right Click Interface & Smooth Dynamic Map Texture For GPS New Updated Scoreboard
  8. Username:swagger Why do you want a free mta server? Reason for requesting a server is I lack of funds to try as support a server to friends that are looking for a server to play on at the moment. Skype: live:elijah16
  9. Is their anyway to attach objects to a vehicle, and is their anyway to change the way people can download resources when they are entering ingame.
  10. Anyone know a way to make windows go down when you a command such as /togwindow or a shader that makes the vehicle look like it doesnt have windows.
  11. no idk where to add it im my vehice system or if its missing
  12. (exports["vehicle-system"]:isVehicleImpounded(theVehicle)) im trying fix my overlaydescription system for my cars i keep getting this error everytime idk how to fix it in my vehicle system i tried everything i can think of.
  13. Yea cause i was planning shutdown my server cause im not going be on mta like that but im not giving up now im going to become sucessful. Aka Danny
  14. No it not u can't tell me what my account system look like.
  15. For you information that account system you posted isnt even Everest so what are you talking about!!!!
  16. Yea I'm sorry say yea we didn't make them all but did make our own to replace or addon still a good server to play on theirs no bugs like other server using VG scripts that they don't even know how to script or notify.
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