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  1. We are back full and affect infinity Roleplay is lookin for staff members, if you think you have what it takes and the skills. Message OG.Max on discord!
  2. @CHEF491 Script has already been made for you , contact me in private PM to recieve script.
  3. ✧New Script Highlights✧ ✦(Account-System) Character Selection Structure Layout Revamped ✦(Advertisement-System) New Notification System and Sound ✦(Afk-System) Ability to disable admin powers and places on current character hours when *AFK*. ✦(Apps-System) Allowed to use phone apps such as (Apple Music or Samsung Music, Gps) More are to come. ✦(Bank-System) Allowed to Deposit Checks into Checking or Business Checking Accounts. New Debt & Credit Card system. ✦(Economy-System) Involved our New InfinityPay Currency , making donating and in game money more dynami
  4. Server Midnight Development Release: New GUI Interface being implemented into the community:
  5. Server Development Release Update -Account-System Character Selection V0.1 -Advanced Vehicle Realism System V0.01 Allows Government Officials , Automotive Dealership, and Car Rental Business are able to use Immobilser shutdown. Vehicles are allowed to lack features such as alarm's, keyfob, speedo, locks, inventory, extra seats, windows, vin, plate's, horn, seatbelt, or radio Vehicles are set to run on a dynamic realistic gas structure meaning Gasoline, Diesel, 2 stroke Gasoline, Race Fuel, Nitromethane Fuel, aviation Gas, Jet Fuel, Hybrid's, Electric are all
  6. Yes, it will be updated with all the follow information. Sorry for that mis understanding i was invited there while i was creating the thread. You've only seen these features on my community's.
  7. Community's Website:( http://www.Infinity-Roleplay.com) || Discord: (https://discord.gg/jrSypBY) || Forums:(http://infinity-roleplay.com/forums/index.php) Our community welcomes every roleplayer out there - roleplay veterans, casual roleplayers, even those who have never roleplayed before. Our community is astonishingly active - staff and players will help you if you have any questions, any time of the day. The server has come a long way from it's development launch in June, 2017. During this incredible journey we have had as a communit
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