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  1. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this release! Well done!
  2. If you can convince SA-MP to do so...
  3. That script is compiled, unless you have the original source code you are out of luck.
  4. Mirage is no longer associated with Vultaic. Please contact him directly. I do however advise against buying the scripts as they will not help you whatsoever on getting players (due to the association with Vultaic) and are rather expensive.
  5. Take your time, in the end this isn't your job but rather something you voluntarily work on in your free time. You don't owe anything to anyone.
  6. Unfortunately MTA still seems to use Lua 5.1 (at least that's what I see in the source) so goto isn't available yet. When transpiling we also lose the ability (especially due to a lack of goto) of being able to modify the script pointer which is an ability we'll need for the Co-Op part of Sphene in the future. But, I have talked to qaisjp about this very recently and he suggested to go the route of JIT to give ourselves the benefit of both. Transpiling when most appliceable (loops for example) while being able to remain the ability of easily moving the script pointer to somewhere else in the s
  7. We have actually considered this very recently and will test how big the performance gain would be as it would still be a significant amount of extra work to accomplish this. Although your point that this would make developing the Co-Op portion easier is quite valid as we indeed have to introduce some extra instructions ourselves for it to make any sense at all. Originally we were going to make it possible for Sphene to automatically call Lua code when it reaches certain portions in the code. Perhaps this is what we needed to finally consider all of this extra work actually worthwhile.
  8. Unfortunately it doesn't, that is still part of the actual game logic in gta_sa.exe which we have to simulate. However some AI logic is actually stored inside main.scm, the cars in the bloodring minigame at the stadium in San Fierro are entirely controlled by it.
  9. Well, what gives it away the most is the fact that the title says "April Fools" and that Dutchman101 has posted that it in fact is...
  10. GTA SA nor MTA ever allowed you to tow occupied vehicles in the first place.
  11. I did a pull request a while ago that adds this specific feature to MTA. It only works on client-side peds with client-side vehicles for now though. You can check it out here.
  12. Sounds good, thanks! And that should be fine (hopefully).
  13. We're indeed planning to do it within SA, the requirement for players to provide the data files themselves (excludes the assets) is a way to make said players also own these games legitimately. It would be amazing if you could indeed help us out with the maps/vehicles, we'd appreciate that a lot!
  14. The SCM Interpreter Filled with excitement I am here to announce a project that I have been working on together with @GTX named Sphene. In this post I will be talking about SCM, what Sphene has to do with it, our current development and what we plan for the future. A revelation video will accompany this post a few weeks from now. Before I tell you what Sphene is I first need to give you some background on what SCM is as this plays an important factor in this project. I will not keep you waiting so let's get starting! What is SCM? Many of you may have heard, seen or e
  15. Unsafe Unnecessary, only eats up extra resources for no reason. What you should care most about is how to transfer the password safely to the server without running the risk of it being sniffed out by a man-in-the-middle attack. Luckily for you triggerServerEvent already encrypts the data being send, so you don't need to apply your own encryption. On the server you can then hash the password (using sha256, sha512 is overkill) together with a salt (that you store together with the password). I don't generally recommend hashing client-side as that may compromise the salt. You can a
  16. Finally! Great job to all involved with making this amazing release. But one person specifically stands out for his huge effort into bringing a feature that has been wanted for so many years (including by myself). Huge props to you @Saml1er and of-course the MTA community as a whole. Keep up the good work!
  17. What is the problem? With just this link we don't know what to look for.
  18. Well technically you could do: _G["mystring"] = theValueYouWantToAssignIt After that the variable mystring becomes available just as any regular variable.
  19. Use attachElements for this.
  20. What is the problem? With just a MTADiag report there's nothing we can do.
  21. Did you uninstall NamihicMSI before running the MTADiag? It's sometimes not easily noticeable that it is installed. I do see its entries in there anyhow.
  22. Please download, extract and run MTADiag as I asked in my previous post. This will likely help identifying the problem.
  23. Can you download, extract and run MTADiag please? Press 'n' when asked so. This will give useful info to everyone trying to help you. Please post the Pastebin URL it gives to you. Sidenote: Did you try reinstalling GTA: San Andreas? This might have to be done in a different folder to ensure no troublesome files are overlapping.
  24. 1) Limitations of mobile devices 2) Outsourced to another company, Rockstar Games didn't develop the mobile games themselves. 3) Issues with expiring licenses (in terms of in-game music)
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