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  1. Overkillz

    MTA freezes/stutters when moving mouse

    I had the same issue. Does someone know why is this currently happening ? Im not feeling pretty well having this temporal fix. Regards.
  2. Overkillz

    meta.xml manage (server-side)

    as far as I know, you can set a property in meta.xml <file src="fileName.TXD/DFF" download="false" /> Well, if you update/create another system to compile the file without requesting to change it a password each time u can keep the file on the client cache and it cant be used in other servers and I think thats your goal.
  3. Overkillz

    meta.xml manage (server-side)

    You need to create your own fileRead system to compile the TXD / DFF files with teaEncode and base64encode I guess. It is the best choice imo. Regards.
  4. Overkillz

    Killing timers in a table

    Well, I think I have found the problem. I guess I haven't got any issue the whole time. Why ? I thought that killing the timer and setting the variable as nil it would dissapear from the table, but, no, it still there with the name: userdata*x*****. Im still not understading why it doesn't dissapear from the table setting the variable as nil. Anyways, thanks for the help, if someone could argument why it doesn't dissapear would be great. Regards.
  5. Overkillz

    Killing timers in a table

    It is defined, I just didn't post it .. for i,player in ipairs(arenaSrv.players) do arenaSrv.timers.cd2 = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 1000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"2") arenaSrv.timers.cd1 = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 2000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"1") arenaSrv.timers.cd0 = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 3000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"GO!") end There is not a debugscript3 error. It is an issue with the table ... I would already realized about it ...
  6. Overkillz

    Killing timers in a table

    It didn't work. I'm still not understanding why even a simpler code doesn't work. Check it out. It still printing those 3 timers in from the table. arenaSrv.timers.cd2 = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 1000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"2") arenaSrv.timers.cd1 = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 2000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"1") arenaSrv.timers.cd0 = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 3000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"GO!") function destroyTimers() for i, theTimer in ipairs(arenaSrv.timers) do if isTimer(theTimer) then killTimer(theTimer) theTimer = nil end end iprint(arenaSrv.timers) end addCommandHandler("g",destroyTimers)
  7. Overkillz

    Killing timers in a table

    Hello dear community. Today I'm having an issue storing some timers in a table and later kill them. I have tried several ways to reach my goal, but it doesn't work at all. My goal is to delete all the timers in a row without using a vairable and later add it on a table. Just using a similar way to the following one Note: I already note that a table with a name like this: tableName["Whatever"] is a personal table. But as I told before, I want to use a similar way to delete all the timers or get them from the table arenaSrv.timers. And no, I won't use getTimers() to delete the whole timers. function resetArenaTimer(timerName) if isTimer(arenaSrv.timers[timerName]) then killTimer(arenaSrv.timers[timerName]) arenaSrv.timers[timerName] = nil end end if not arenaSrv.timers["readyWarn"] then arenaSrv.timers["readyWarn"] = setTimer(resetArenaTimer,15000,1,arenaSrv.timers["readyWarn"]) end -- If all the players are ready before the 15 seconds then kill the timer resetArenaTimer(arenaSrv.timers["readyWarn"]) -- Lets add 3 timers arenaSrv.timers["Countdown2"] = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 1000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"2") arenaSrv.timers["Countdown1"] = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 2000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"1") arenaSrv.timers["Countdown0"] = setTimer ( triggerClientEvent, 3000, 1, player,"onTestingCD",player,"GO!") function clearTimersTable() --THIS FUNCTION IS EXECUTED BY A COMMAND BUT I DIDNT PUT IT for i, timer in ipairs(arenaSrv.timers) do resetArenaTimer(timer) end end Thanks for reading. Regards.
  8. Overkillz

    help staffchat

    And the key ? bindKey ( player thePlayer, string key, string keyState, function handlerFunction, [ var arguments, ... ] )
  9. Overkillz

    I have a question. dxDrawMaterialLine3D

    In fact, u can rotate it. Just play with the axes.
  10. Overkillz

    if getplayerteam

    local team = getPlayerTeam(player) if team then if getTeamName(team) ~= "Polisss" then --Your code to make it visible end end
  11. Overkillz

    Issue creating multiple shaders with the same file

    I didn't use tocolor to set it. I
  12. Overkillz

    Issue creating multiple shaders with the same file

    Sorry, currentHealth variable is defined rightly. I just did the code again and I forgot to add math.max Respecting the shaders. Why should I put the shaders 255,255,255 ? It depends of the shader file and how it is coded or im wrong ? Regards.
  13. Hello dear community. Im currently trying to create multiple shaders using the same file. In fact they are created but with the same values. For example. To the second shader I set it a different colour but when I draw it, practically has the same value as the first one. Other issue is that sometimes one of the both shaders isn't draw. I can't really remember why because I have tested it few days ago. Anyways, the goal of this topic is that you could help me to fix it or give me some tips to reach the goal. currentHealth = 0 currentNos = 0 function startDrawing() dxDrawImage( 100, 350, 300, 300, myShader,0,0,0,tocolor(40,220,40,255) ) dxDrawImage( 450, 350, 300, 300, myShader2,0,0,0,tocolor(255,0,0,255) ) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if theVehicle then local theHealth = getElementHealth(theVehicle) or 0 local theNos = getVehicleNitroLevel(theVehicle) or 0 currentHealth = (theHealth-250)/750 currentNos = theNos else currentHealth = 0 currentNos = 0 end dxSetShaderValue( myShader, "degrees", currentHealth*180 ) dxSetShaderValue( myShader2, "degrees", (currentNos*180) ) end function startShadeing() myShader = dxCreateShader( "ring/Circle.fx" ) --Health myShader2 = dxCreateShader( "ring/Circle.fx" ) --Nos myTexture = dxCreateTexture( "ring/emptyCircle.png" ) dxSetShaderValue( myShader, "tex", myTexture ) dxSetShaderValue( myShader2, "tex", myTexture ) dxSetShaderTransform(myShader2,180,180,0) dxSetShaderValue(myShader, "rgba", 0/255, 255/255, 40/255,1) dxSetShaderValue(myShader2, "rgba", 0/255, 40/255, 220/255,1) addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,startDrawing) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot,startShadeing) Thanks for reading, best regards.
  14. Overkillz

    Lag while spectating players

    EDIT: Issue fixed. It was the unfreeze function on clientside instead serverside. Thanks for ur help. Im using setCameraTarget Yes, here it is. Btw, the issue shouldn't be on the camera target. It must be on the spawning player, vehicle or soemthing like that due to I see the rest of players too lag. function spectateSomeoneC() for i,player in ipairs(cArenaPlayers) do if getElementData(player,"state") == "alive" then setCameraTarget(player) local cam = getCamera() local myDim = getElementData(localPlayer,"aDimension") setElementDimension(cam,myDim) return end end end addEvent( "onClientSpectateSomeone", true ) addEventHandler( "onClientSpectateSomeone", getRootElement(), spectateSomeoneC) And here it is my spawning player and vehicle function function spawnPlayerInVehicle(thePlayer) if thePlayer then local rSpawn = math.random(1,#arenaSpawns) local v,x,y,z,rz = unpack(arenaSpawns[rSpawn]) local pDimension = getElementData(thePlayer,"aDimension") spawnPlayer ( thePlayer, 0, 0, 5, 90, 0,0,pDimension ) myVehicle = createVehicle(v,x,y,z,0,0,rz) setElementDimension(thePlayer,pDimension) setElementDimension(myVehicle,pDimension) setElementInterior(thePlayer,0) setElementInterior(myVehicle,0) setElementFrozen(myVehicle,true) warpPedIntoVehicle ( thePlayer, myVehicle ) setCameraTarget(thePlayer) end end Btw, vehicle is unfrozen clientside. I don't know if this can affect to it. Regards.
  15. Overkillz

    Table Empty issue

    Genious !