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  1. Whats exactly do you want to do ? It is doing what you have coded.
  2. getCursorPosition() playSound() Remember using onClientRender to catch the current position each frame. Regards.
  3. How base64 could help me ? It has not sense.
  4. Hello dear community. Is there a way to load an image that is not in the meta.xml INTO the HTML. Im currently downloading the avatar photos of x accounts, however, due to it isn't in meta.xml I can't load it. I hope you can bring me a hand. Best regards.
  5. Inside pumps table there isn't another sub-table or at least not as first array element. What does it mean ? Might you have an structure which looks like this one local pumps = { anyData = false, -- You can not get the lenght of this one subTable = {} -- However You CAN get the lenght of this one } Regards.
  6. Are u getting an array from the user ? Might there is your problem. You are using an ID instead of Name. I have not experienced with this, but as far as I could read at discord documentation, you should be getting an Array.
  7. Hello dear community, Im working with renderTargets since is a way that losing a bit of quality you can get an incredible performance. However, today I have faced an issue while drawing some text. Well, I have like 4k maps and obyously, each one has his own name. Well, while using renderTargets, I can't draw more than 1000 text I tried it while using a custom font and few stuffs more. If you think that my code is wrowng, here I left you the way Im working local sX,sY = guiGetScreenSize() local sizeX,sizeY = sX/2,sY/2 local fontHeight = dxGetFontHeight(1,"default-bo
  8. Might you can apreciate the difference due to you are using default fonts or not thing fonts, but look As you can see, the second image is clearer. Due to the image cut, might you cant difference the quality, but, if you would see the full tab, the quality lost is appreciable. Anyways, I have done several test and ways to make it work, but nothing, texture shader doesn't work too ...etc So, maybe I will be forced to use module_add arg instead of add only. Regards.
  9. Probably you are getting the seconds. If you want to get the minutes you have to convert the seconds in minutes ...etc Regards.
  10. I already test it, but it doesn't reach the quality like using only add
  11. Hello dear community, Im having an issue with renderTargets. Well, my problem is simple. Im trying to apply a fade effect to a renderTarget. Well, I want to have a decent quality while drawing stuffs on it, so, Im forced to se the function dxSetBlendMode. However, If I use it, I can't make fade animation. Here is the wiki example with the fade animation local myRenderTarget = dxCreateRenderTarget(500, 500, true) local alpha = 0 function updateRenderTarget() dxSetRenderTarget(myRenderTarget, true) dxSetBlendMode("modulate_add") dxDrawRectangle(0,0,500,500,to
  12. NOT TESTED I just build my own method due to I don't feel confortable with your way. Here you have local showImage = 1 local switchTick = getTickCount() local interval = 3000 --Image duration (Including fade) local images = { {path = "image1", alpha = 0}, {path = "image2", alpha = 0}, {path = "image3", alpha = 0}, {path = "image4", alpha = 0}, } function drawImages() if getTickCount() - switchTick > interval then showImage = showImage + 1 if showImage > #images then showImage = 1 end switchTick = getTickCount() end for i,k in ipairs(images) do if i ==
  13. Alright, thats the other way I supposed to use. However, whats the efficence of using that way ? Is there another efficent way? (Not adding all the content in the same file) Thanks in advance and best regards.
  14. Hello dear community, First of all, I know that i can solve my problem with a simple trigger, but Im a bit curious and I would like to know why this is not working or which one is the best way to call it. Well, I have done a template to use it multiple times in the same resource but just changing a variable, so, some of them uses the same fucntion name but i just used local (This should prevent interaction issues) So I realized the is only executed the last one added in meta.xml I know that Im explaining very very bad, but I have done an example that it understable (I thi
  15. @IIYAMA Thanks for your suggestion, but, Im not going to reach the effect that Im looking for cuz I think the effect will be notable and not fancy while reaching the corners and the effect im looking for is that a circle over draw the "Rounded rectangle" I think i have explained pretty bad so I just made a quicky image to take it as reference. As you can see, some parts of the circle already left the rectangle (It won't be visible). Otherwise, is there a way to load .svg on MTA ? Thanks in advance, best regards.
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