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  1. Looks like it is being updated many times in few seconds. Anyways. It shouldnt give you fps drops or something like that since it isnt in a render Event. Otherwise. I would update the system to be updated when a player needs it or reducing the timer that it probably has. Regards
  2. Try to use a simpler one texture ScreenTexture; technique tech { pass p0 { Texture[0] = ScreenTexture; } } Regards.
  3. As far as I read in the wiki, you have to execute again the command, without any extra argument. setPedAnimation(thePlayer) Regards.
  4. Ohh, I see. Well, currently the way im following is that when I start the resource, do a loop to store all the names from the database into a table. So, If I want to check if the table exists, instead doing a query I just do the search on the table (Im not even sure if this is more efficent) Doing this, i can avoid of using limits ...etc Thanks for your help @MrTasty & @IIYAMA
  5. Thanks for your help, it helped me a lot the first part of your comment, but, Im curious with the 2nd part. I didnt get at all the the LIMIT. Currently the way Im following the check if a table exists is to loop the sqlite_master table. Thanks and regards.
  6. Didn't youi ask the same thing some days ago ? Read it carefully and give it a try. Regards.
  7. Hello dear community, I have a simple question about SQLITE Well, I have been using the default system from race_toptime resource for several years. Nowadays, I cannot still using it due to I need to deal with an efficent way to store somethings. However, I won't lost the data recorded inside there and here comes my first question. Is there a way to check if a table exists without creating it ? Obyously you can do the query, but I won't get the debugscript error, thats why Im asking about it. I have currently tested the function executeSQLQuery (I will test later with dbQuery, might this clear out this question) And my 2nd question is: Is there a way to get all the table names from the database ? Might something like this 'SELECT * FROM *' Thanks for reading. best regards.
  8. Overkillz

    Error Mask

    Looks like you haven't defined the vairables: mario, luigi, loro ...etc
  9. Might this helps you. dxDrawImageOnElement() addCommandHandler() onClientRender()
  10. Well, I've got 2 new doubts about this. The first one is that if I haven't the event created in the same resource, I must use root instead resourceRoot right ? However this creates me another doubt that If can create a "Fake Empty" event in the same resource with the propagation enabled. Also, all the "extra" resources must have enabled the propagation in the "Method 2 from Right way to to use the trigger" that comes below Well, my second question is, leaving out the extra question I've got previously, In case I want to use triggerClientEvent() just for the player when he joins the room should I do it like this triggerClientEvent(source, "onPlayerJoinRoom", source, arg) or triggerClientEvent(source, "onPlayerJoinRoom", root, arg) I need to clear out that the function onPlayerJoinRoom is managed by other resources aswell Thats all for now, thanks for helping me newly @IIYAMA, best regards.
  11. Try this local respawnTime = 1000*60 addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), function() local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) if theVehicle then removePedFromVehicle(source) setTimer(respawnPlayer,respawnTime,1,source,true) -- Here the player will respawn with a vehicle if he was in one return --Here we abort the function | The function that comes below won't be executed. end setTimer(respawnPlayer,respawnTime,1,source,false) -- Here the player will resapwn WITHOUT a vehicle end) function respawnPlayer(thePlayer,inVehicle) local x,y,z = 0,0,5 -- SET THE CORDINATES YOU WANT if inVehicle then spawnPlayer(thePlayer, x,y,z+5) -- We move the player a bit up to prevent collision with the vehicle local theVehicle = createVehicle(411,x,y,z) warpPedIntoVehicle(thePlayer,theVehicle) return --Here we abort the function | The function that comes below won't be executed. end spawnPlayer(thePlayer, x,y,z+3) --Here we don't move the player 5 points up (Just try) end Im not sure if this is what you want. As far as I understand, you want that: When a player dies, if he was in a vehicle then respawn it in a vehicle, otherwise not. Im using a similar system with it, however, to prevent the creation of a new vehicle im storing them into a table and when the player respawn (In the case that he was a vehicle, restore the vheicle by fixing it ...etc) Regards.
  12. Alright, thanks mate. The same way is applicable to triggerEvent ? triggerEvent("onDestroyCurrentMap",arenaSrv.players,arg)
  13. Sorry for bumping this topic again, but ... I have just been trying to use the table to trigger instead looping the table that containts the player. So, I have just face off with some issues like Previously I used to do the trigger like everyone (It works perfectly) for i,player in ipairs(arenaSrv.players) do triggerClientEvent(player,"onDestroyCurrentMap",player) end So I decided to test to use the table (It drops me the warning previously mentioned), triggerClientEvent(arenaSrv.players,"onDestroyCurrentMap",arenaSrv.players) but looks like there is a problem with the 3rd argument. I tried to read carefully the definition at the wiki but I can't get it at all. Might the right way to do it is the following one? triggerClientEvent("onDestroyCurrentMap",root,arenaSrv.players) However, Im worried that the event is triggered wrongly.. Thanks for reading.
  14. I got it, thanks so much. I wasn't aware that trigger allows to use tables as argument instead players. I will take care about using root. Looks like is not a good choice if im dealing with different rooms which practical need to send few datas. Thanks newly
  15. Probably you need to deal with -- Some variables / arrays in order to stream it for the rest of players setTimer() -- or getTickCount() To check while the player is driving getControlState() -- Try to search a better function for client-side In case you want to block, stop the vehicle or whatever setVehicleLocked() setElementFrozen() setControlState() -- To block the acceleration of any vehicle.