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  1. The skype chat for the server went to utter hell
  2. *Yells* "Disable the anti virus" I didn't say it. Joking aside, what anti virus do you use?
  3. Ruined the Joke lad.
  4. Psh child's play, in Montana we drive boulders.
  5. Really the staff are abusive at times, but they are in general much better staff then the majority of servers on MTA has.
  6. May you explain better what you are trying to accomplish?
  7. if # tostring ( minutes ) == 1 then Bloody hell.. Switch everything that even resembles that to something such as this 📋 if math.floor(tonumber ( minutes )) == 1 then
  8. It'd be possible to convert unless they are compiled (Rock star sure loves compiling stuff)
  9. I have already done it, but GTA united has more object ids then SA has available so you need a streamer that streams in and out ids when needed / not needed.
  10. Alright was able to recreate it once again; this time I'll make a back up to ensure I don't loose the model for the second time. Any ways; Heretrics will either be joining up with another community or disappearing (Either temp or permanently) because we've lost our host, and I haven't any money to pay for a new one. I was hoping to at least get some sort of donations or something to pay for our current one but no one seams willing to donate a dime, other then one of our own staff members.
  11. Could possibly just use a table, and add / remove your weapon depending on where in the table you have selected. (Using scroll, and E / Q to select your weapon in that table)
  12. Oh it can get much worse lad.
  13. It could be possible to just by default recreate the out side water using create water functions. And have the water map size at ~1200. (Also seabed can possibly be recreated by drawing a 3d image.
  14. I agree with Einheit, make the limits maxed out by default instead of allowing servers to set their own limits; there's really no reason to have lower limits by default, if any thing it improves game play quite a bit.
  15. Yes it is a car I made, and yes 3ds max is much much better.