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  1. I am currently working on a system to allow this by cross checking IDs within certain zones.
  2. Could you try starting the map on the 64 bit version and monitor the memory usage as it starts? Due to the methods used it may overload the memory for a brief amount of time.
  3. Please post the section of the script that you have edited.
  4. It may be over loading the 32 bit server on initial load. However I'm unsure at the moment.
  5. Linux has an issue, I'm still investigating, however I have no test server. As for using the maps you need to ensure you put the right folders in. Either [AC2] or AC2
  7. Considering there's a full thread for it (And the poor content of the resource) you were ripped off.
  8. Please give the entire debug message.
  9. start = getTickCount() -- run function print(getTickCount()-start)
  10. I'll be releasing an editor soon that'll allow you to easily remove these.
  11. Update your server (Grab the latest nightly build)
  12. Handling system is actually alot more realistic then the other GTAs.
  13. In this case I believe he is selling the script and not the models.
  14. MTAs file loading system is actually pretty bad.
  15. 3Ds max or blender. While 3Ds max is better it costs alot and blender is free.
  16. Yes, and as soon as I have beta ready (Have been busy in life so it's been slow) I'll be releasing the translation files.
  17. I would recommend joining the SAES discord and asking for support there.
  18. #1 just more just higher levels of obfuscation #2 Yes #3 Yes
  19. Start san andreas atleast once before starting MTA
  20. 5+ ones claiming to be the real one, doesn't technically violate any rule but really, you guys are so desperate for players you've restarted this thing a million times.
  21. Hasn't this server been posted like 10 times so far? Edit - 9 times, first topic being posted in 2011.