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    Please help me

    Please give the entire debug message.
  2. CodyJ(L)

    Check code execution time?

    start = getTickCount() -- run function print(getTickCount()-start)
  3. Currently I'm working on a new map editor with more features and a more user friendly UI however a major thing I'd like to see is what you (The Community) want to see added in the editor. If you respond with a feature request please state the name of the feature or tool as well as a brief description; I'll be posting some screen shots of what the new tool will look like as soon as I have the basic functionality done.
  4. I'll be releasing an editor soon that'll allow you to easily remove these.
  5. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    Presented By With more than 3 years of work I decided to publicly release my map conversions, I had dropped my previous listings due to some "Issues" however, they're back. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Streaming Quality - 8/10 Get's the job done, awesome all around, but some places are better than others ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Streaming Quality 7/10 Beats VC in other places, very poor in others; as well as a huge FPS drop in the first island (Issues are rockstars fault) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Streaming Quality 9/10 Beats both VC and LC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vehicle testing gridmap Download Streaming Quality 10/10 Perfecto ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Streaming Quality 7/10 Decent all around Might be a tad laggy due to the high poly and Russian nature of this map Extremely detailed for a user created map ------------------------------------------------- Download streaming quality 10/10 Test bed used when making Jstreamer 2.0, incomplete but very very light weight ------------------------------------------------- OBJs (Rebranded JStreamer) Required for all maps JStreamer 3.0 is a complete rewrite of JStreamer 2.0 with this new update you get more features, better streaming and quicker loading times. Any bugs can be posted here Questions or discussions can be either posted in this topic or here --- If you want to support my work, please donate
  6. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    Update your server (Grab the latest nightly build)
  7. CodyJ(L)

    MTA IV

    Handling system is actually alot more realistic then the other GTAs.
  8. In this case I believe he is selling the script and not the models.
  9. CodyJ(L)

    Enable fonts load from rawdata

    MTAs file loading system is actually pretty bad.
  10. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    3Ds max or blender. While 3Ds max is better it costs alot and blender is free.
  11. Yes, and as soon as I have beta ready (Have been busy in life so it's been slow) I'll be releasing the translation files.
  12. CodyJ(L)


    I would recommend joining the SAES discord and asking for support there.
  13. CodyJ(L)

    Compiling scripts - questions.

    #1 just more just higher levels of obfuscation #2 Yes #3 Yes
  14. Start san andreas atleast once before starting MTA
  15. CodyJ(L)

    bandwidth for server

    Should be just fine.
  16. 5+ ones claiming to be the real one, doesn't technically violate any rule but really, you guys are so desperate for players you've restarted this thing a million times.
  17. Hasn't this server been posted like 10 times so far? Edit - 9 times, first topic being posted in 2011.
  18. CodyJ(L)

    MTA IV

  19. CodyJ(L)

    [Help] The building missing

  20. CodyJ(L)

    A problem with my CPU

    Second computer most likely has better single core performance.
  21. CodyJ(L)

    hydra and weapon damage

    @javadomidi12345 Please read the rules of this section, no effort put on your part means no help. The wiki is your ultimate source of scripting information regarding MTA, please atleast attempt to use it.
  22. Favorites added long ago. Also, it's as precise as it's gonna get.
  23. CodyJ(L)

    Replace model localplayer only

    No server has done it conventially, you'd have to use a custom weapon system to come close
  24. CodyJ(L)

    [HELP]Rotate Object Problem

    Didn't even notice that holy crap the codes missing alot of stuff.