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    Map Problems

    Firstly, MTA does not have it's own streamer; there is physically no difference between how SA handles elements and how MTA handles elements. However, separate LOD models are broken in MTA, luckly they are not really required as a typical SA object is lower poly then a far - lod element from modern games thus performance in't really hit much on decent computers (Even sub decent) unless you're going for custom maps. For important objects (AND ONLY IMPORTANT OBJECTS) create the object again with a lod boolen set to true. After that use to assign it. And set the LOD distance to between 170 and 300 depending on how big the object is. Typically I'd recommend people use my streamer, but apparently it's the worlds most difficult thing to figure out (Other then my girl friend) and the above does the job just as well for smaller maps. For bigger maps though The github readme explains it.
  2. CodyJ(L)

    Problems with objects with alpha textures

    This is because MTA does not support the second Alpha flag (Which it needs to)
  3. CodyJ(L)

    [HELP] Yankee images disappear

    Conflicting vehicle variants.
  4. CodyJ(L)

    -1 dimension for everything

    Looking back at this my grammar there sucks, and no. What I was thinking at the time (Which is completely different from what I wrote) was setting players to the dimension of the current player client side, this however would cause de-syncs. So either way it's wrong.
  5. CodyJ(L)

    live suggestion

    What you could do (While not really feasible) is having a 'Bot' that captures the character images in games and sends the images to the website.
  6. CodyJ(L)

    [SHOW] Character Customization & 3D GUI (2019)

    Same concept could be applied to vehicles for realistic vehicle deformation. (See AfterAlls vehicle deformation)
  7. CodyJ(L)

    DFF-Model is invisible (glitch?)

    Typically it's either that the model does not have a proper LOD, or collisions are wrong. Try assigning a lod (Create a duplicate of the model with LOD set to true and assign it)
  8. Store it as lua, make it check the servers IP or name to verify the server and encrypt it using MTAs encrypter.
  9. CodyJ(L)

    Underwater Tunnel

    I'd recommend you just create a collision shape and when you enter it lower water level, when you raise reset water level.
  10. I have received numerous reports of JStreamer failing to load on Linux based servers and I'd like to do some testing so I can fix the issue, however I need some people with linux servers to help conduct tests. All you'd need to do is upload new versions of JStreamer as I read the debug errors and update it and test to see if the map(s) load.
  11. Currently I'm working on a new map editor with more features and a more user friendly UI however a major thing I'd like to see is what you (The Community) want to see added in the editor. If you respond with a feature request please state the name of the feature or tool as well as a brief description; I'll be posting some screen shots of what the new tool will look like as soon as I have the basic functionality done.
  12. @Ghost156 You need to set the map saving mode in settings @ShayF Doesn't hurt FPS at all, even in it's Alpha state. Further builds will be even more optimized. In-fact even now, it runs far better then the default MTA editor. @delta1337 I have plans for an 'object brush' that'll do just this. By the way, currently my computer is dead (Long story and not my fault) so will be a while.
  13. CodyJ(L)

    Can JStreamer be used to stream tall building mods?

    I am currently working on a system to allow this by cross checking IDs within certain zones.
  14. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    Presented By With more than 3 years of work I decided to publicly release my map conversions, I had dropped my previous listings due to some "Issues" however, they're back. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Streaming Quality - 8/10 Get's the job done, awesome all around, but some places are better than others ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Streaming Quality 7/10 Beats VC in other places, very poor in others; as well as a huge FPS drop in the first island (Issues are rockstars fault) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Streaming Quality 9/10 Beats both VC and LC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vehicle testing gridmap Download Streaming Quality 10/10 Perfecto ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Streaming Quality 7/10 Decent all around Might be a tad laggy due to the high poly and Russian nature of this map Extremely detailed for a user created map ------------------------------------------------- Download streaming quality 10/10 Test bed used when making Jstreamer 2.0, incomplete but very very light weight ------------------------------------------------- OBJs (Rebranded JStreamer) Required for all maps JStreamer 3.0 is a complete rewrite of JStreamer 2.0 with this new update you get more features, better streaming and quicker loading times. Any bugs can be posted here Questions or discussions can be either posted in this topic or here --- If you want to support my work, please donate
  15. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    Could you try starting the map on the 64 bit version and monitor the memory usage as it starts? Due to the methods used it may overload the memory for a brief amount of time.
  16. CodyJ(L)


    Please post the section of the script that you have edited.
  17. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    It may be over loading the 32 bit server on initial load. However I'm unsure at the moment.
  18. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    Linux has an issue, I'm still investigating, however I have no test server. As for using the maps you need to ensure you put the right folders in. Either [AC2] or AC2
  19. CodyJ(L)

    Liberty City MAP HELP!
  20. CodyJ(L)

    [SELL] Vice City Roleplay

    Considering there's a full thread for it (And the poor content of the resource) you were ripped off.
  21. CodyJ(L)

    vice city map

    Yes they do.
  22. CodyJ(L)

    Please help me

    Please give the entire debug message.
  23. CodyJ(L)

    Check code execution time?

    start = getTickCount() -- run function print(getTickCount()-start)
  24. I'll be releasing an editor soon that'll allow you to easily remove these.