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  1. CodyJ(L)

    Fortnite map ?

  2. CodyJ(L)

    [WIP] The Walking Dead Hilltop

    You planning on doing prelighting for it?
  3. CodyJ(L)


    I'll relink JConvertor as soon as I restructure it and put it on github.
  4. CodyJ(L)

    MTA CRASHES (screenshot and mtadiag attached)

    Delete C:\Users\(YOURUSERNAME)\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files C:\Users\(YOURUSERNAME)\AppData\Local\Temp and fully reinstall MTA (Delete anything that's left) Then, run and fully reinstall your graphical drivers Also as before, try to avoid the incredibly high download servers. Alot of servers like that just continue to add very poorly optimized bloat.
  5. CodyJ(L)

    MTA CRASHES (screenshot and mtadiag attached)

    @Lukasievicz There are many servers without incredibly demanding mods; it just seems like the 'Popular' ones have stupidly high poly modifications. Also player count has not actually dropped much considering the record high was about a year or so ago.
  6. CodyJ(L)

    Custom Object Lighting

    You need to use radiosity
  7. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

  8. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    JEditor (Editor 2) will replace the current editor; first release will be on the 10th of October. And yes it will be 100% compatible with custom maps.
  9. CodyJ(L)

    Artificial intelligence

    I'm working on a newer more advanced version that will be open source.
  10. CodyJ(L)

    Artificial intelligence

    Older concept I was screwing around with.
  11. CodyJ(L)

    [REL] getVehicleEngineState function

    @Debo15 #1 you bumped a 10 year old topic, #2 the function has been natively added to MTA.
  12. CodyJ(L)

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!

    Just set the memos text to '' .....
  13. CodyJ(L)

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!

    getElementsWithinRange using a box kinda neglects the idea behind getting elements within range.
  14. CodyJ(L)

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!

    I'm working on 'Editor2' at the moment. Will include a brand new map editor with alot more included.
  15. CodyJ(L)

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!

    Weren't extra ped IDs intended to be included in this release?