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  1. [JS]Converted Maps

    It's largely incomplete, and would require alot of time to port. So technically yes, but I'm not going to touch it; sorry.
  2. [SHOW] Vehicle Reverse Light System

    Oh sorry, no doesn't use DxDrawImage3D
  3. FPS drops from 100 fps

    Please post your specs
  4. [JS]Converted Maps

    JStreamer 3.0 released A total rewrite that vastly improves performance as well as fixes a crap load of bugs brought with JStreamer 2.0.
  5. MTA has no sound

    Check these things #1 Does your system sound work #2 Is SA / Muted #3 do you have sound sliders turned down in your MTA settings
  6. MTA has no sound

    Be patient..
  7. Screen flickering

    Try turning VSync on in your AMD graphics options for proxy_sa.
  8. onElementDestroy + vehicle

    StartSync - when a player becomes a streamer (Vehicle is physical) StopSync - When all players are streamed out (Vehicle is stored in memory)
  9. onElementDestroy + vehicle

    Use this onElementStartSync(Check if vehicle) onElementStopSync (Check if vehicle) OnElementDestroy (Check if vehicle) In all of these you use if getElementType(source) == 'vehicle' then -- Stuff -- Source = vehicle end
  10. [JS]Converted Maps

    JStreamer 3.0 coming in a couple of days, Fixed FPS as well as alot of minor bugs.
  11. the texture does not load along with model

    Missing TXD
  12. [JS]Converted Maps

    I'm working on a major rewrite of the entire code, I have noticed many bugs as well as performance issues. So please stay tuned for JStreamer 3.0. Hopefully I can totally fix any lag.
  13. [JS]Converted Maps

    This is enabled by default.
  14. Lags of MTA

    Try changing global.
  15. Lags of MTA

    Shouldn't? But try just reverting the 'Best performance' and test.