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  1. So we're in a little ka:Ole here, main host ended up basically dying on me the provider went bankrupt and now it's being heavily throttled. Any one willing to donate 30 dollars to get the server back on its feet?
  2. Courtesy of @UsBorne (Music is questionable though, and I think he has water mod messing with the sea). Also major update coming soon, will fix a lot of bugs, add more money making abilities, and some other cool features.
  3. I plan on porting all of halo 1s and 2s maps with remastered textures, along with physics as close as possible. Full armor customization, all of the weapons from halo 1 and 2 (But only choosing the best variants, likely would use some cmt v2 models), ect. Basically, halo 1 and halo 2 combined with higher limits and more customization abilities. Also why ' quite a bit of money '... @Psychotic_OZ
  4. You need to set the elements collisions enabled. Using setElementCollisionsEnabled(crate,true)
  5. I'm planning on recreating halo 1 / 2 under MTA allowing bigger maps, more players etc.. But the question I have is would any one play on it? My last project seemed to have basically failed due to no players (Sandboxy race server with awesome customization, really high-quality map, and a lot of unique features (More features are coming), and I want to make something people would actually play. Just checking because I don't want to do something that is a waste of my time.
  6. Server back online, I'll have major update soon - Not sure if it's even worth it due to utter lack of players.
  7. Server side water seems to be extremely glitchy for some reason.
  8. make sure the water is created client sided.
  9. Cars and stuff will reset when I add a proper money system in place which'll come in soon. Also the server is offline at the moment, host died a few days ago while I was away, not sure what's up.
  10. Due to recent down times, we haven't had anyone playing but would love to see you there.
  11. - Minor update (Major update coming soon) Added PVP based island (Slightly remastered death island from Halo 1) tell yeh the truth it ain't scripted in at all; but aye it works. I'll be adding a completely custom weapon system in soon enough, so I'll add stuff like events so you can join a death match event and you'll be able to choose load-outs n stuff. With a lot of weapons to choose from.
  12. greenScreenShader = dxCreateShader ( "greenscreen.fx",0,0,false,"all" ) local texture = dxCreateTexture( "Green.png" ) dxSetShaderValue ( greenScreenShader, "greenScreenTexture", texture ) function Refresh() if greenScreenShader then engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( greenScreenShader, "*" ) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if vehicle then engineRemoveShaderFromWorldTexture ( greenScreenShader, "*", vehicle ) end engineRemoveShaderFromWorldTexture ( greenScreenShader, "*", getLocalPlayer() ) end end Refresh() setTimer(Refresh,1000,0) -- Redo texture maps. texture greenScreenTexture; technique simple { pass P0 { Texture[0] = greenScreenTexture; } } For the texture, ensure to supply a green texture.
  13. For test videos, you can run a simple script file that'll assign LODs to all of them then, later on, create the low poly ones.
  14. Shaders.