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  1. I'll be releasing a custom map editor along with quite a few map conversions some time soon.
  2. Please first of all use debugscript 3 and find which error message is popping up to narrow it down; then secondly post in the scripting section of the forums for support.
  3. [3DSMax] Radiosity Advanced Lighting. - Tutorials - GTAForums Here's a quite good tutorial.
  4. I'd recommend you prelight them; gives them a more natural look and makes them blend a bit better.
  5. scripts

    AllowedTeams = {} AllowedTeams["TeamName"] = true function gluePlayer(slot, vehicle, x, y, z, rotX, rotY, rotZ) if getPlayerTeam(source) then if AllowedTeams[getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(source))] then attachElementToElement(source, vehicle, x, y, z, rotX, rotY, rotZ) setPlayerWeaponSlot(source, slot) end end end addEvent("gluePlayer",true) addEventHandler("gluePlayer",getRootElement(),gluePlayer) function ungluePlayer() detachElementFromElement(source) end addEvent("ungluePlayer",true) addEventHandler("ungluePlayer",getRootElement(),ungluePlayer)
  6. Just walkin on through here.
  7. addCommandHandler ( "remove", function ( ) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) if ( theVehicle ) then setVehicleComponentVisible(theVehicle, "bump_front_dummy" , false) end end ) .....
  8. Not enough people in the MTA team currently. Is the usual response.
  9. Actually @Simple01 this is very optimized people get better FPS on my server's map then they get in standard SA.
  10. Weapon customization is easy; you just have to make your own weapon system.
  11. Bad weapon sync is due to bad pings.
  12. Anything is possible in regular SA; just requires lots of work. Here's a good example of what's possible these days in MTA.
  13. Replace line 17 with guiGridListSetItemColor(listatodoslosgrupos, row, i, 0, 0, 255)
  14. Here's an ancient test of my first attempt back in 2015
  15. Looks like it requires a change in ambient lighting, which MTA does not support atm.