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  1. Got general race mechanics in place, needs a lot more work, though; need to make it so it can calculate what position you are in, pull your current lap time, support multiple laps, save ghosts, etc. Note : Please excuse my driving, when I record my FPS drops really low, hard to drive with such FPS.
  2. Working on race type thing. I'll post updates later on. Anyone care to guess what HUD is based off of? (Besides speedometer)
  3. There's a lighting shader ren just released on the community, works quite well for maps such as these. Also please don't write in a grey color, makes it impossible to read unless highlighted on the darker theme.
  4. #1, try using xtools importer #2 Convert it to editable poly, select poly, select everything, then use splice plane, after so select each split bit and detach.
  5. This is because SA has quite bright nighttime prelighting.
  6. Working on a new one that's stupidly advanced, basically maps out the environment around it Though this one's just a concept design, I'm not sure how it'll hold up around canyon walls and what not, because it triggers a control to steer the other way if it cannot find anything, meaning a huge mess.
  7. New radar - (Satelite view is still accessible from f10) Going to add nodes to the tracks, then update some more race related stuff.
  8. Freeze the object on stream out, on stream in unfreeze it.
  9. Ima actually release this code tomorrow, I'm making a much more advanced one later today.
  10. I'd recommend you use magic TXD. TXD workshop is older then dust itself.
  11. This is a script that allows NPCs to find their own roads and paths without any predefined locations, all that is required is proper material mapped road Cols, and you're set. Currently, it's in really early stages, thus it's prone to wrecks, but even since this video I've vastly improved it. Video of it in action (Excuse the low quality, I have a crappy computer) By using multiple rays it's able to guide itself around tracks at a reasonable speed unlike previous attempts by other people this one is based off material type meaning as long as grass, rock, or something else other than a road surrounds the track it can find its way without walls. In the future, it could allow dynamic NPC races with little to no setup.
  12. invisible col walls

    Export the model from 3ds max as .obj then open a clean scene and reimport it.
  13. Convert it to Sas TXD format...
  14. invisible col walls

    Center the object at 0,0,0 then export the COL.