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  1. Hi there, Feer here

  2. That's a LOD model from SA, you need to make sure to remove all world models server side, then reconnect.
  3. Easy, PM me on forums or skype if you need anything.
  4. What do you need?
  5. Finished VCs retexture 25 thousand textures I had to go through.
  6. Make a basic rectangle in 3ds max that is the same size as the gate and export that as a col in 3ds max.
  7. invGetPlr(plr, invKey) Like invGet but accepts player instead of account, don't use this as it bans the player if they're not logged in. Found in a CIT leak. (I just googled invGetPlr)
  8. Currently working on VC retexture, fractured hand is slowing me down, but I've got 350 TXDs done, and 370 to go.
  9. The double IP really caught my attention.
  10. Not going to sell the island / VC combo, however I'll be putting the island without VC up on open source where it belongs.
  11. Got golf course done, and started on other buildings. I'm going to do an all out 100% retexture.
  12. I'd put my bet on none.
  13. I said shaders in general, because I wouldn't much recommend using dynamic lights, it's extremely laggy on a lot of computers.
  14. Dynamic lighting == Shaders.
  15. Shaders.