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  1. Update was pushed back a bit due to some life-related issues. Anyways, working my butt off to get it done by this weekend: Here's a lookie at the car shop. Finishing up a lot of final touches before the server goes live again.
  2. I did test it
  3. I'll be damned it does; maybe the lift is represented as the physical body of the fork lift (How they pulled off collisions from it).
  4. You need to use getVehicleComponentPosition.
  5. In the core lua really isn't useful for making stuff from scratch; instead it's usually used as a plugin system for games (Such as MTA) to modify the game or for stuff like unreal make a game using an existing engine.
  6. First of all quit using a grey font color, impossible to read in dark theme unless highlighted, secondly check the community,
  7. Not fixable because MTA treats maps as objects and SA doesn't cast headlights on objects. However you can recreate the headlights using a shader.
  8. Issue in that is the legality, I can only do games that have become "Abandonware / unsupported". Harvest moon is still available for sale, but general legality in it is that I wouldn't get stuck due to it. Arma however is still semi-supported and is still sold on it's original console.
  9. Oh yeah sorry, forgot about that; was up late last night. Also use setAccountData(getAccount("CodyJ"),"myZom",5000)
  10. setAccountData(getPlayerFromName("CodyJ"),"myZom",5000)
  11. An IP host name resolver is easy, all you have to do is connect with the correct API also hours making something and not giving it to someone, really? Spend months making something, then you can tell someone (I spent to long on it thus I'm keeping it) but even so you're a hired scripter, you need to finish the deal.
  12. Hoped to have the server set and ready by tomorrow, but due to multiple fire evacuations, it has been delayed a bit. I'll try my best to have it set and ready as soon as possible. This update / relaunch likely will not have too much content, however I'll have a huge update out soon that'll set a lot of things into play.
  13. Map is apart of my race server which will be back online soon.
  14. Nice idea, but in general Doss attacks generally target servers that are popular, or getting popular. Even with 100% from scratch scripts I've been hit 4 times on my race server. Past that, one thing not to be forgotten are proper RP jobs.