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  1. CodyJ(L)

    Downloading screen

    Set the download priority of the downloads script to higher then the rest so it'll download before anything and start first
  2. Will go live the 16th, I was busy this week so wasn't able to work on it as much as I would have liked. Instead I'll work throughout this upcoming week (And weekend) then launch it Sunday. There are features which I plan to add to the future builds but are not priority thus some are not added yet. Current state of things.
  3. CodyJ(L)

    vice city map

    You should have never brought VCRP
  4. CodyJ(L)

    [JS]Converted Maps

    Update pushed for Streamer Improved loading times a lot and slightly improves performance. (On average before VC had 5 minute load time, now it's 2.7-2.8 (Nearly 40%)) Update for Alien City (To fix the train system using the old streamer system) will be pushed tomorrow.
  5. CodyJ(L)

    MTA MarsX

    Interesting concept.
  6. I hope to have revision two (And Beta) out on the 10th.
  7. CodyJ(L)

    [SOLVED] Generate random license plate text on vehicle creation

    Could make it so it's 100% unique by using tables. If there's a conflict simply rerun the function.
  8. CodyJ(L)

    F11 map texture

    If you wanna do it by scripting make a new one. In every custom map I've done there's a new F11 radar included, you can take one of those and modify it.
  9. CodyJ(L)

    [SHOW] Builiding System

    That's honestly pretty :Oing amazing.
  10. Looks interesting but please for the love of God fix those transition textures and add lighting.
  11. CodyJ(L)

    Looking for an RPG server

    Many new jobs (Unseen / never attempted on other servers), a brand new map to experience, improved jobs (Adding far more playability / enjoyably to jobs you may have seen on other servers (For example, trucker job a lumber haul in which you have to cut down trees and use a crane to load the lumber into the trailer), brand new events and a lot more.
  12. CodyJ(L)

    Looking for an RPG server

    JSeries, coming soon TM with an entirely new experience in MTA See discord in my signature.
  13. CodyJ(L)

    FOV +

    Both break above 90 degrees, sky box cuts off.
  14. CodyJ(L)

    [SELL] Battlegrounds [PUBG] Gamemode !

    ^ Translated (In short) - > I do not mind paying so much money for the game mode however while visually it looks amazing there are many bugs that take a lot of time to fix.