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  1. Help

    First and foremost you don't need the MySQL module anymore. Secound of all you need to define your MySQL host somewhere.
  2. [WIP] MTA Action RPG

    I'm just saying he wouldn't use such a simple community resource. (That and I looked at his source he posted, nothing resembling that).
  3. [WIP] MTA Action RPG

    @IgorRodriguesCo You obviously haven't a clue who Samake is or what he has done in the past.
  4. [WIP] MTA Action RPG

    Awesome job, cool to see something different.
  5. load data in tab

    TriggerServer side event has to be paired with triggerClientEvent to return results. function ShowTopKillers() allData = {} local data = dbQuery(db, "SELECT * FROM top_killers ORDER BY kills DESC LIMIT 50") local result = dbPoll(data, -1) for ind, val in ipairs( result ) do local killer = {} killer.nick = val.nick killer.kills = val.kills killer.deaths = val.deaths --killer.kd = val.kd allData[killer.nick] = killer end triggerClientEvent ( client, "ShowTopKillersC", client, allData ) end addEvent("ShowTopKillers", true) addEventHandler("ShowTopKillers", getRootElement(), ShowTopKillers) Client - triggerServerEvent("ShowTopKillers", localPlayer) function ShowTopKillers(allKilers) killerCounter = 1 for id, killer in pairs(allKilers) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( killersScreenGridList) guiGridListSetItemText ( killersScreenGridList, row, 1, killerCounter, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( killersScreenGridList, row, 2, killer.nick, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( killersScreenGridList, row, 3, killer.kills, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( killersScreenGridList, row, 4, killer.deaths, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText ( killersScreenGridList, row, 5, 0.69, false, true ) killerCounter = killerCounter +1 end end addEvent("ShowTopKillersC", true) addEventHandler("ShowTopKillersC", localPlayer, ShowTopKillers) - Not Tested. If you want this to happen every time a certain function is called - function ShowTopKillers() triggerServerEvent("ShowTopKillers", localPlayer) end
  6. Which is the best MTA Lua Editor?

    NP++ for me lost the XML for MTA Lua a while ago and never bothered to add it back really.
  7. [REL]Map Joux Hillclimb

    @Perf4mo Would you mind if I post a prelighted version?
  8. RenderWare is great

    Actually no, MTA just executes those functions. It is GTA: SA that made some of the functions, however, Renderware itself contained most of the functions originally.
  9. [JS]GTA3|LC

    Most issues found are either found in the original copy of GTA 3, or failure to start resource properly. I intend on fixing a lot of rotation issues with next update, but the rest isn't my problem.
  10. [Help]How To Disable CancelEvent() ?

    1 year.
  11. [WIP] MTA Action RPG

    Aye SaM@kes back.
  12. [JS]GTA3|LC

    -- New HQ radar - (Old one was a low-quality one I got off of a mod) I was trying to port the original gta 3 radar, but the scaling is so far off.
  13. [JS]GTA3|LC

    JDev Presents - GTA 3 Liberty City Map Conversion For the past 2 or so years, I have been working on a streamer that has the ability to push any MTA map to its fullest potential; just recently I've completed V7 which has achieved that goal and more. To 'Celebrate' or what ever this I present to you JDev LC. This is a conversion of the popular GTA3, with remastered textures, and certain parts of the map removed or changed to suit the newer 'As in newer than what GTA 3 had' features that SA has to offer. This map has pretty much been one of the core test dummies I have used for the testing of the streamer, while it does have a few issues in the very dense areas, it's set and ready for public usage, 0 crashing, almost perfect streaming, no lag, and amazing draw distance (Lacks a tad bit in the first island, I may be releasing an update that will fix that as soon as I figure out what is causing it though). Two core files are compiled, this is because they contain stuff that I don't wish to go open source with. If you like this, come check out my current projects If you don't wish to check there, keep an eye out on the forums when the time comes.