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  1. [JS]Converted Maps

    I cannot do any large maps at the moment my computer is not capable of it. If I had proper donations I'd be able to do stuff like Armas map, Pubg, ect. I've been doing what I've been able to do so far, but doing maps like that require powerful computers in which I cannot afford.
  2. [JS]Converted Maps

    My general goal is to try to grow the MTA community, and way I see it allowing more uniqueness for servers is a huge way of doing it. Also; thank you for the donation will certainly help.
  3. [JS]Converted Maps

    There's a bug with MTA where as certain zones go dark. This is due to me not having the ability to remove said cull zones.
  4. [JS]Converted Maps

    Current statistics as of 1/14/18 Transfagarasan - 22 Downloads Vehicle testing grid - 26 Downloads Liberty City - 108 Downloads Vice City - 143 Downloads Carmageddon - 25 Downloads Most Downloaded Map - Vice City Least Downloaded Map - Alien City (I think I may have broken it?) Fixed the alien city download, sorry about that I forgot to setup the permissions for it correctly. However alien city may not be the most stable, I'm going to be working on an update for it soon enough that hopefully will vastly improve it.
  5. [JS]Converted Maps

    You just drop it in as a resource, doesn't really matter how you start it as long as you start the map before anything else that I have grouped in the resources. You might want to re-position crap though.
  6. tank turret rotation system

    It's a very easy thing to do
  7. [JS]Converted Maps

    I have said it before and I will say it again, too big for MTAs current limitations and the limitations of my computer; sure it would be possible but it'd be laggy as hell.
  8. New logo MTA :D

    @#RooTs Want me to do the model with back lighting?
  9. [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    Well that was simply the dumbest statement ever. (In response to Brett)
  10. [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    Well actually it seems nowadays using the same scripts all over the place is the best way to get players in MTA.
  11. SAMP's "Attached object editor" analogue?

    That's easy as pie to do.
  12. [REQ] Car engine sounds

    Tad late, however you can modify the core sounds in SA, I'm not too sure where they are located though.
  13. [SHOW] GTA V Loading Screen

    Looks nice, however I'd recommend you customize it to blend in with MTA a little bit better.
  14. GTA:SA Cooperation Edition

    The main issue twords doing stuff like this is sync. Technically the entire SA mission could be ported but it'd require months to years of work to get sync and everything right.