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    Wait until I'm done with my latest version and I'll add new downloads for my maps.
  2. No Vehicle Taillights

    If the modded vehicles txd has any light files delete them, having vehiclelightson128/vehiclelights128.png in a vehicles txd file will cause it go black.
  3. [Help] with my mapping

    Their collisionless objects; yeh need to find the ID and remove them.
  4. Oh sorry forgot I use my own system that attaches the element less delay when in vehicles
  5. function BoneDimensions() local dimension = getElementDimension(localPlayer) local interior = getElementInterior(localPlayer) for i,v in pairs(getAttachedElements(localPlayer)) do setElementDimension(v,dimension) setElementInterior(v,interior) end end setTimer ( BoneDimensions, 1000, 0) -- Client sided.
  6. MTA shader for singleplayer and Samp

    MTA uses .fx files along with lua. There's no way to make them functional on SP. SAMP I'd stay away from all together though it's a load of crap.
  7. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    From a players perspective yeh I'll give yeh that, (All that really matters I suppose) but from a developers perspective, it's easy to tell if a base is being used.
  8. how to compress dff and txd file

    With the right settings, the images retain their quality, while the file size drops a crap load. (I got 1.5GB worth of TXDs down to 513mb)
  9. how to compress dff and txd file

    You can compress TXDs, using magic TXDs; ass for DFFs they can be optimized, but not compressed
  10. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    It's not the fact that it's re-coded, it's just the fact in general that you're using a public base where the originality goes out the door.
  11. [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    I support the server in general, but I hate seeing all these servers with OG or Valhalla as a base, sure it speeds up development time but where's the originality and creativity in that?
  12. comparing player serial with a string serial. SQL

    Been a while so not too certain, but executeSQLQuery("UPDATE Xofflinemuts SET xDuration=? WHERE `playerSerial`=?", duration,Serial ) Not tested.
  13. Is it possible to compare a string with number?

    or... tonumber(number) or nil right below function jogoDosDados (source, commandName, amount)

    `San Andreas' Response Services (SARS) => San Andreas Emergency Services (SAES)