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  1. It may become official, however I'm not sure. And the other stuff is for sure planned. Code structure is kinda a mess right now but I'm going to clean it up quite a lot and get some people to review it before first release.
  2. Entire frame work can be unloaded / loaded for a single or multiple people. You'll be able to do 'Background' map editing; people will still see the stuff updating but they will be able to drive around / do anything else normally.
  3. There's a terrain editor released that I'll rework and include as a plugin in the future.
  4. Cheat Engine Working

    Not on an older version of MTA.
  5. a question

    Well first of all local account = getAccountName(getAccount(editboxtext)) counteracts itself secound, look at this and you can easily figure out what the problem is local account = getAccountName(getAccount(editboxtext)) setAccountData(getAccount(acc),"Time",r)
  6. occolusion zones are not possible in MTA, however I'll add custom zones with certain properties (So they will be very similar to occolusion zones) Custom models is mainly what this map editor will be focused around, for saving I'll make it so you can just add a plugin (Which'll output to the format you want) by default it'll save as .map, .lua and .JSP (JSP is my own extremely small method) For permissions I'll add ability to lock world editing to certain levels, lock certain objects, etc. Remove world object I'll for sure add (Will be a little sphere you can move around and it'll delete anything in it with specific ID) Merge multiple maps already added. As for the exporting part of the map I'll be added Prefabs so for example, you can save buildings you make then paste those buildings as an object.
  7. Currently I'm working on a new map editor with more features and a more user friendly UI however a major thing I'd like to see is what you (The Community) want to see added in the editor. If you respond with a feature request please state the name of the feature or tool as well as a brief description; I'll be posting some screen shots of what the new tool will look like as soon as I have the basic functionality done.
  8. Game object edited in 3ds max are too bright
  9. [HELP] Server taking for 30 fps

    Are you using a modified map, or modified vehicles?
  10. [SELL] MTA Clan Forum

    Wrong section.
  11. MTA Airkill bug !

    That's not a hack, that's you using superman W/ Assassinations enabled.
  12. offedit break command
  13. JMapping tools

    JStreamer added to tools list; and max tools linked to JStreamer github. (JStreamer is now open source)