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  1. Post the code where it's created. Not just the line
  2. Renamed (I'll be releasing much more then just mapping tools) and discord link added. New major project in the works.
  3. Links updated, all maps moved to github as well as updated to use latest streamer.
  4. Sync is already good, you just need to use it properly.. And I'd kinda like to see a color scheme similar to the website I was working on.
  5. All maps will be moved over to github so I can do really easy updates.
  6. Next update coming soon, will include fixes for VC, much quicker loading times (As well as hopefully less FPS strain), a completely new structure and an autoupdater.
  7. I don't know, default forum theme is kinda fugly.
  8. By combining elements and animating them yes. But not the in the conventional way (for now)
  9. messages = {} messages[1] = 'Test' function printMessage() local random = math.random(1,#messages) outputChatBox(messages[random]) end setTimer ( printMessage, 30000, 0)
  10. I donno I kinda wanna see a dark theme.
  11. Depends on the poly count of the objects on the screen. SAs object count is not limited by objects, but rather poly count.
  12. New version coming kinda soon kinda not that'll hopefully make map loading alot smoother.
  13. Didn't see this, but by default I'll include a SAMP prefab / model pack. Magnets.
  14. Captain Cody

    Map Convert

    New map editor that may be included with 1.5.6 will include one out of the box.
  15. For the love of God please just use this TXD workshop is a very old tool.
  16. That'll automatically setup IDs and stuff. 1.5.6 will hopefully include a new map editor (And possibly if it makes it some spare usable IDs) that'll make this stuff incredibly easy to do
  17. Use magic TXD and it doesn't matter the size I don't understand why people use that terrible tool.
  18. Make sure TXD is loaded in properly, and use
  19. Not going to be based at all on original editor, and all of the other stuff is already planned; also it's actually going to be an incredibly easy editor to learn / use. GUI isn't to complex.
  20. Can mean a variety of things. Locked by request, a stolen resource, copy of another resource; etc.