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  1. The reason neither camera / cursor is toggled by default is because I'm trying to move the editor away from being a central application that can have nothing else running and more twords something that you can boot up at any time and edit your map(s), however; the control list should be toggled by default (If it's not I'll fix that in next update) As for UI scaling I did testing on small screens, medium screens and large screens and it was all just fine there; can you post your screen width / height and a screen shot of what it looks like? As for camera speed, do you mean cursor movement or actual movement? (So I know which setting to increase by default) As for placing objects, you need to run JStreamer (Linked on my github) for now because I was using it as an object management system (And for custom objects) however I'll be moving away from that and making it optional / only necessary for custom element mapping. Lastly regarding the 'Confusing' menus / controls it honestly sort of confuses me how people have problems with them, I tried my best to make them user friendly and even tried to base the general layout and such off editors from other popular games. Controls should be straight forward because there's a control list to the left; and all of the menu items are represented by icons and text (Some do not have text atm however next update will add a 'information' box for highlighted UI elements) I know it's a lot different then the old editor but it'll allow much more organization as more features are added in the future. I'll be doing a full video tutorial that'll hopefully clear certain things up soon.
  2. It's been on the todo list since I started working on the editor. Yes but it'll be a bit.
  3. The editor was designed to be as user friendly as I could possibly make it. What makes it 'hard' is how different it is from the old editor; I can almost guarantee as soon as you get used to the new layout / controls your mapping will be better and more efficient then ever before. I'll be doing a full tutorial on my forums (And a video based one) as soon as Beta is out which'll make it a lot more clear how to use the editor which should help a lot on the user-friendliness side. (Beta will be out on the 20th most likely; I'll be pushing a major update next Sunday that'll add some important stuff such as functional EDF placements, peds, weapons, pickups, world object removal (And as a plus you'll be able to select world objects and 'Move' them. (Pretty much it'll remove the old world object and create one through the item creation system in the same exact spot and rotation with the right LOD settings), and if I get to it; undo and redo.
  4. So for what ever reason I'm not able to delete nor make a report to have it deleted... So can someone with the ability please remove the topic?
  5. JStreamer.
  6. You atleast got to the texture system before me.
  7. If you're going to add vehicles to the logo atleast use San Andreas vehicles..
  8. bumping 8 (Almost 9) year old topic nice.
  9. Captain Cody


    I would highly recommend you remove that and instead op for Advast or something; 360 Total Security is known for ending up with alot of false positives (And heck it's pretty much a virus itself). MTA uses HOTKEYLOCALMACHINE for storage of some information thus 360 thinks that MTA has suspicious intent.
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    It's a false positive. If you are using Mcafee there will be issues.
  11. Open Alpha release Github Link Requires JStreamer (OBJs) Instructions for usage are as follows - Download JStreamer, place the folder 'Objs' into your resources dictionary Download Editor2, place the folder 'Editor2' into your resources dictonary Start Objs Start Editor2 All problems can be reported here Currently it lacks some pretty important features so stuff like 'Race' and stuff cannot be 100% configured until I finish the EDF system which'll take a while. December 1st is deadline for beta which I will for sure meet; release candidate testing will begin December 10th and release (Stable, and 100% functional) will go live on new years. That is not to say this cannot be used as a replacement for the current editor at the moment. As soon as the EDF system is finished it'll be virtually a full replacement for it. Features that'll be completed within the next couple of days - Make it so you can add / remove world elements Object preview system (Top left icon) Fix it so objects can be set frozen / non - collidable (Broken at the moment) Prefabs (Will pretty much be .maps honestly) Fast warp panel (Dunno where I'll add this but it'll be there) Recently Used Commonly Used Favorites Undo Redo EDF customization EDF saving (Not setup atm) Weapon placement Ped placement Saving / loading revamp Make it so the editor completely ignores the 3 rotation rings when selecting elements Elements on map list (With 'Warp to', 'Delete',' Select all of', 'Mark on map', and visibility changer) Enabling / Disabling of radar Make bottom right display a list of selected elements (And what element type they are, their IDs and names) Optimize icons Control list editor
  12. I'll be working on finishing up the complete versions W/Interiors included then. VC map is modified to add open world interiors so I'm not 100% certain how that would effect it; but if it does I can likely do another version.
  13. Are you planning on doing the VC / LC portions under the LC / VC engine(s) or in SA? If the secound one I can contribute the maps for both of them; I've got 100% ports of the main worlds (With perfect performance) and I can easily port over the interiors (As well as vehicles and stuff); heck I even have alot of their vehicles updated to SA quality to suit the environment better.
  14. Yes, everything will be bindable / rebindable through the settings menu.
  15. Work is going kind of slow at the moment due to lack of time; however the editor is still being actively worked on and I hope to have open alpha out on the 21st. (Open alpha marks it being a complete replacement for the old editor (Meaning it'll have all of the functionality) then future updates will massively expand on the concept, currently I'm working on ensuring everything that can be done in the old editor can be done here aswell as adding in a lot of extra tools that'll help map makers massively.)
  16. EDF settings (And map settings altogether) EDF elements (Spawn, Way Point , Pickup, Team-spawn, Flag, Weapon, Brief Case, Target, Mercenary spawn, Spy spawn. (Old EDF picture system is no longer compatible and instead I opted to just redo the icons in HD and custom ones can be done through the EDF 2 / plugin system) Object labels Vehicle customiation Element customization (Alpha and crap) (Customization is still heavily WIP so expect a lot more settings for vehicles and crap at launch.) It's been a while, but here are some pictures from recent progress.
  17. I'll relink JConvertor as soon as I restructure it and put it on github.
  18. Delete C:\Users\(YOURUSERNAME)\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files C:\Users\(YOURUSERNAME)\AppData\Local\Temp and fully reinstall MTA (Delete anything that's left) Then, run and fully reinstall your graphical drivers Also as before, try to avoid the incredibly high download servers. Alot of servers like that just continue to add very poorly optimized bloat.
  19. @Lukasievicz There are many servers without incredibly demanding mods; it just seems like the 'Popular' ones have stupidly high poly modifications. Also player count has not actually dropped much considering the record high was about a year or so ago.
  20. You need to use radiosity