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  1. Set the download priority of the downloads script to higher then the rest so it'll download before anything and start first
  2. Will go live the 16th, I was busy this week so wasn't able to work on it as much as I would have liked. Instead I'll work throughout this upcoming week (And weekend) then launch it Sunday. There are features which I plan to add to the future builds but are not priority thus some are not added yet. Current state of things.
  3. Captain Cody

    vice city map

    You should have never brought VCRP
  4. Update pushed for Streamer Improved loading times a lot and slightly improves performance. (On average before VC had 5 minute load time, now it's 2.7-2.8 (Nearly 40%)) Update for Alien City (To fix the train system using the old streamer system) will be pushed tomorrow.
  5. Could make it so it's 100% unique by using tables. If there's a conflict simply rerun the function.
  6. If you wanna do it by scripting make a new one. In every custom map I've done there's a new F11 radar included, you can take one of those and modify it.
  7. That's honestly pretty :Oing amazing.
  8. Looks interesting but please for the love of God fix those transition textures and add lighting.
  9. Many new jobs (Unseen / never attempted on other servers), a brand new map to experience, improved jobs (Adding far more playability / enjoyably to jobs you may have seen on other servers (For example, trucker job a lumber haul in which you have to cut down trees and use a crane to load the lumber into the trailer), brand new events and a lot more.
  10. JSeries, coming soon TM with an entirely new experience in MTA See discord in my signature.
  11. Captain Cody

    FOV +

    Both break above 90 degrees, sky box cuts off.
  12. ^ Translated (In short) - > I do not mind paying so much money for the game mode however while visually it looks amazing there are many bugs that take a lot of time to fix.
  13. Project renamed to MTA edit Github can be found there; first commit for revision 2 will come soon.
  14. set the elements collision to disabled, freeze then enable them.
  15. Will freeze the door entirely.
  16. While I am personally against stuff like this (Games modes being sold for hundreds of dollars) the general point is, usually a server owner makes profit off of running a successful game mode. No one is forced to buy it so please quit arguing over it @Fist
  17. The rescript actually will not that that long because I have all of the research for the functions down already.
  18. Currently rewriting the core of the editor (Pretty much 90% of the editor including the UI system) because of a lot of redundant systems slowing development down. When I started working on the editor I was not really thinking of how far I would expand the editor however it's being expanded into something bigger then what I could have even imagined originally so now with a proper plan in place I'm rewriting the core and UI functions which will making updating quicker, improve the UI and make performance better. That means a new scaling system so it'll fix the problem @Tails is having with the UI, and I'll also be adding a settings menu so you can manually rescale the UI, adjust the speed multiplier for the camera, and cursor acceleration.
  19. Movement speed can be adjusted (Left menu contains a speed setting), rotation speed I'll adjust / add a setting to adjust. As for scale, what is the width and height of your screen?
  20. The reason neither camera / cursor is toggled by default is because I'm trying to move the editor away from being a central application that can have nothing else running and more twords something that you can boot up at any time and edit your map(s), however; the control list should be toggled by default (If it's not I'll fix that in next update) As for UI scaling I did testing on small screens, medium screens and large screens and it was all just fine there; can you post your screen width / height and a screen shot of what it looks like? As for camera speed, do you mean cursor movement or actual movement? (So I know which setting to increase by default) As for placing objects, you need to run JStreamer (Linked on my github) for now because I was using it as an object management system (And for custom objects) however I'll be moving away from that and making it optional / only necessary for custom element mapping. Lastly regarding the 'Confusing' menus / controls it honestly sort of confuses me how people have problems with them, I tried my best to make them user friendly and even tried to base the general layout and such off editors from other popular games. Controls should be straight forward because there's a control list to the left; and all of the menu items are represented by icons and text (Some do not have text atm however next update will add a 'information' box for highlighted UI elements) I know it's a lot different then the old editor but it'll allow much more organization as more features are added in the future. I'll be doing a full video tutorial that'll hopefully clear certain things up soon.
  21. It's been on the todo list since I started working on the editor. Yes but it'll be a bit.