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  1. Well to make it fit you simply down size the textures. A massive chunk of SA textures were originally up to 2k before optimizations.
  2. A large chunk of servers are PvE (Atleast outside of events)
  3. I would recommend using recreating the rendertarget when you switch to MTAs window
  4. Relates to the fighting style.
  5. A: B.L.A.S.T appears to have died out Q: Why has B.L.A.S.T died out
  6. You cannot, however I'll be releasing a new editor soon that'll solve this
  7. #1 Loading time for VC is 2.7 minutes (I'm working on dropping it) #2 I'd highly recommend waiting until MTA Edit is done to even touch editing on the map.
  8. MTA Edit (Editor 2) Alpha, there are many things I need to finish up however it's Chirstmas eve and I'm done with it for the year so there it is. Does not have saving or loading, however that'll come next month. I've worked countless nights trying to get it done by Christmas but there's just so much and I still have a few weeks / months worth of work to put into it.
  9. I'd recommend you just use that map in Default MTA.
  10. Yes it will be public, also; there's already a MTA:VC however it's got no players.
  11. Black Anomaly is an MTA bug, no way I can fix it. Bridge copy is a LOD issue I don't know how to remove it. Link bridge sign is due to the quaternion to Euler porting, I'll fix it when my new editor is done. (Infact I'll be fixing a bunch of bugs as soon as my new editor is done, including those that were in VC to begin with)
  12. Only issue that is not present in VC is the non transparent window bug. Other then that it's almost exactly how VC was (Minus the open world interiors)
  13. You cannot load the map in the editor, I have a new editor coming Chirstmas that'll load it though. Also' what glitches?
  14. First of all, download OBJs from JStreamer and put that in your resources folder. Start it Next, put [VC] in your resources folder and start VC2 (And VCMini)
  15. First of all, Secondly; please take up the 'Stolen' accusations in private.
  16. JStreamer, and there are multiple maps such as VC, LC, ect
  17. Captain Cody

    New GUI

    I actually fully agree with Vaz, current GUI system is very outdated. While yes you can change skin or whatever many people don't know how to do that; plus CEGUI is slow and lacking a lot of features.
  18. Element data is not that bad when used properly; for a beginner when used with caution element data is just fine. That being said; in the future it's better to make your own element data system to improve performance when systems needing element data start growing.
  19. timers = {} function Salir() if isElement(tableVehicles[source]) then destroyElement(tableVehicles[source]) if timers[source] then killTimer(timers[source]) end timers[source] = setTimer ( removeVehicle, 1000, 1, source ) end end function removeVehicle(player) destroyElement(tableVehicles[player]) tableVehicles[player] = nil end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleExit",getRootElement(),Salir) Also, next time please use or the corresponding scripting section for your language (Which from what I can tell is obviously not English.)
  20. He is correct when he says wait one day. If you are using cheat engine or anything MTA will automatically ban you. Remove any programs related to 'Cheating' and wait until your ban expires.
  21. I'm going to be including stuff to modify world objects. So pretty much, you can select them; the default element will be deleted and an actual object will be created in it's place. So you can copy the position and stuff.