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  1. HCount For MTASA Show Server Player Count On Website With PHP and GameQ API INTRODUCTION This is a software who show server player count on website with PHP and GameQ API,affiliated to HCOS(HuiCheng Gaming Open Source Project) INSTALL Download the file, unzip it to a VPS/Server or other support UDP packets sending. LICENSE DOWNLOAD USE SET THE AUTHORITY ON QUERY If you want to make some strings in IP can queryif (strchr($ip,'string')) Or assign IP can query if ($ip == 'IP') Edit it and copy it above of //$sign = imagecreatefrompng('images/image.png'); GET THE IMAGE Link to on Internet Exporer then you can see the server player count image. CHANGE COLOR Searchimagecolorallocate($sign, 255, 255, 255); in mtasa.php, 255 In turn mean RGB color code, you can edit it by your perfect For Example the black is 0, 0, 0 NOTICE Server string length for this program enabled by default is <=9, for example 999/999. when the string length >9 will cannot run, then you need make a suit image and copy it to images folder and rename it to imagex(x mean that image sult lengh).png DONATE If you like this, please donate we and let we have enough power to open source more and more software. DONATE SUPPORT PayPal (Account:
  2. HCount For MTASA 基于PHP的MTASA服务器人数显示程序 简介 此项目为基于PHP和GameQ API上编写的对于MTASA服务器的人数显示程序,隶属于HCOS(汇诚游戏开源项目) 安装 下载安装包, 解压到支持UDP发包的空间/VPS/服务器里 协议 下载 使用 设置调用权限 如果你想使IP中有某些字符串的服务器可以调用if (strchr($ip,'字符串')) 或者是指定IP才能够调用 if ($ip == 'IP') 编辑后加入 //$sign = imagecreatefrompng('images/image.png'); 前一行即可 调用图片 在浏览器中访问 即可获取到服务器人数信息 更改颜色 在mtasa.php里搜索imagecolorallocate($sign, 255, 255, 255); 里面的255依次表示为RGB颜色代码, 可根据喜好修改 例如黑色是0, 0, 0 注意事项 此程序默认支持的服务器字符串长度为<=9, 例如999/999. 当字符串长度>9将无法获取到服务器人数, 这时需要手动制作适应的图片放到images目录下并给其命名为imagex(x代表该图片适应的长度).png 赞助 如果你觉得此程序不错, 请赞助我们以便我们有动力开源更多项目. 支持 支付宝 PayPal 具体请私信给我或者联系QQ947585287