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  1. Will definitely use this if you decide to release it. Keep it up!
  2. There are currently 4900+ registered accounts on the server. The current online player count peak is 95, which was reached on 21.May. Unfortunately I was not online to take a screenshot. Full changelog Most notable updates:
  3. Step 1 - buy glasses
  4. Sex animations were removed from MTA long time ago. I don't know the reason. I remember this resource worked fine before
  5. There are so so many radar scripts on the community (over 25+ for sure) If none of them is good enough for you then you will have to create your own.
  6. A new vehicles shop has been created and released Click here for screenshots. Beside this, we equated the online player record (55). There are currently 3700 registered accounts.
  7. Join our discord server now at: https://discord.gg/8HHxDMQ
  8. Over 2700 accounts.
  9. Unfortunately no Playing MTA:V would be a dream.
  10. Wasn't it 75,000$
  11. The forum is online again but under a new domain. http://forum.imp-network.com
  12. CEF actually still works on XP and Vista, but it's outdated. Check this
  13. http://forum.imperial-network.top/index.php?topic=47.msg71#msg71
  14. Damjan je se ponovo vratio braćo!