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  1. Totally recommended, this guy is nice
  2. [REL] New car reflection shader, close to ENB

    Not bad for a begginer
  3. Dobre za motivaciju te njemacke pare
  4. [SELL] Vice City Roleplay

    Wish you good luck selling this, amazing gamemode indeed!
  5. Erro debug @DestroyElement

    Cala boca seu viado
  6. I only see men on the photo... Are you people GAI or what
  7. Balkan DayZ

    Vidite dobro seevera. Kad cemo igrati @Mega9 @Blast3r @John Smith
  8. problem in code

    @IIYAMA I wanted to ask you this question for a couple of weeks already. You seem like a very intelligent guy. But why are you wasting your time dealing with people like @Professional? The forum and the game itself are full of braindead people, what's the point? (No offence , I truly respect your work)
  9. [SHOW] Vehicles Get Dirty

    Truly amazing work! Makes the game look completely different! Keep it up
  10. It's not about the custom maps, MTA's playerbase is the problem. MTA is nowadays played mostly by children which don't care for quality or orginality. I believe the server was great, from all the screenshots I have seen, too bad that I didn't visit it. If you want players, make the server children friendly.
  11. Pitanje

    Alo picke jedne mene ste nasli
  12. Update Lua to 5.3.4

    He's just a drunk confused boy, ignore.
  13. Wastage of Servers and players

    Move this to trash
  14. cant connect to CIT server HELP!!

    And I think you can't write a sentence properly.