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  1. Instead of a timer use onElementDataChange, better for performance.
  2. Is the offer still valid? @Mega9 is interested
  3. The biggest update so far. Click here for more information.
  4. That means the code you showed us above was never executed. That's because the function is not attached to any event handler. Try this code: addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, -- resourceRoot == the resource that just started (this resource) function () setWeaponProperty("minigun", "pro", "damage", 2) end)
  5. Do this, Login > open F8 > start runcode > srun getWeaponProperty("minigun", "pro", "damage") And tell me what it outputs.
  6. Is this the entire script? it the script server side in meta?
  7. I request the two posts above to be deleted due to off-topic. Solve your problems somewhere else. Thanks @HAZJ glad you liked the topic amigo.
  8. This time i'm prepared when the clown strikes again Beside this, did you like the server?
  9. Imperial Network is a gaming community founded by me (xeon17) and (Banex) in June 2016. Our gamemode was mostly scripted from scratch, and has a huge amount of unique features to offer. Since the foundation we were working hard in order to finish the gamemode as fast as possible, and we are proud with the result. In January 2017 Shinigami joined the project. Unlike most MTA servers, our main goal is to bring fun and entertainment to our players, and not to make money. This gamemode offers a variety of gang confrontations. Dominating each others territories and gang zones is just a tiny possibility, and there is a sea of them. There are villages which, if controlled by your gang, give you and your teammates diffrent abilities or benefits. You can buy your own base and improve your game. Special vehicles, better weapons and new abilities will come with a base ownership. If you are unable to aquire a base due to a lack of money, you can always get a gang zone. It will give you some weapons and vehicles that your gang can use. Be smart and be fast, get your gang to the top. Use your special abilities and vehicles wisely. Be quick to shot someone and divide the tasks on your teammates. GameMode features Login and skin-selector Multi-language Don't speak English? No problem! Our server is currently translated in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Croatian. And that's not all, we will keep translating the server in more languages! No matter where are you from or what language you speak you will enjoy playing in our server! Also, to make sure that you don't miss anything until we translate the server in your language there is a translator application in our phone system! User Panel Screenshots: Smartphone Screenshots: Police system The police system is mostly for beginners who are not able to find a gang. By joining to the police, you get access to free vehicles, weapons and a protected base. Police is not able to dominate territories. Screenshots: Help panel All usefull information about the gamemode in one place. Screenshots: Bases Bases are coloured areas on the map. They are marked with a green blip. A base can only be bought by the gang leader or sub-leader. To buy a base the gang must have at least five dominated territories. Each base has a name, its price, vehicles, weapons, and a special vehicle different for each base. Exceptions are KACC, which has Landmines instead of a Special Vehicle and San Fierro Bay and Stage 25 bases that do not have a Special Vehicle yet. Screenshots: Terrotories Territories are coloured areas that can be dominated for free by any gang. To dominate a territory enter it, and once the progress bar fills up the attackwill start. The Teritorry will be dominated only if the attacking gang meets the requirements. Once the attack starts, a hud will appear with information about the attack. If a member of the attacking or deffending gang dies inside the territory while the attack is in progress the opposite gang will earn 300 points. Once the attack finishes the gang with more points will be able to deffend or dominate the territory. Screenshots: Gangs Creating or joining a gang is a sole purpose of this gamemode. As your gang grows in members, the more likely it is to be better. Being in a gang gives you many benefits, and a clears a path to sucess. Apart from engaging in confrontations, you can have fun with your teammates in many ways. Screenshots: Properties Each property has it own name, price and salary. A property can be bought by every player for a certain amount of money. Once you buy a property,you will receive the earnings in a certain amount of time. You can sell your properties at any time and get your money back. Properties can also be bought by other players and you will receive your money back directly in the hands if you are online, otherwise in the bank. Screenshots: Masks shop Customize your skin with a nice looking mask for a certain amount of money! This shop is marked with a 'TT' icon and can be found in San Fierro. The purchased mask is permanent and will be saved on your account. Personal vehicles shop The Personal vehicle shop allows you to purchase certain vehicles. Different categories can be purchased on different places. Different vehicles have different prices, so the better the vehicle, the more it will cost. Personal vehicles can be locked and unlocked at any time. Screenshots: Some other shops Screenshots: Social media Server IP: mtasa:// Forum Facebook
  10. nvm, fixed, thanks Bonsai
  11. Error: [string "if (#test[me] == 0) then print("empty") end"]:1: attempt to get length of field '?' (a boolean value)
  12. How do i know if a table row is empty? if(self.playerWeapons[player]) then for weapon,ammo in pairs(self.playerWeapons[player]) do player:giveWeapon(weapon, ammo, true) end else -- if empty (this does not work) self:setDefaultWeapons(player) end self.playerWeapons[player] = nil
  13. Making the perfect server without learning how to code? next joke pls
  14. Hello, I have a friend who is not able to play in my server. He cannot download the cache files for some reasons. MTADiag The error: Please someone help.