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  1. http://forum.imperial-network.top/index.php?topic=47.msg71#msg71
  2. Damjan je se ponovo vratio braćo!
  3. I think you misunderstood the purpose of element data @NeXuS™ Element data should be only used to sync data between the server and players. Such as scoreboard columns data (a example) Except the bad security, element data has a bad impact on the server performance, as it is synced to all players. Using tables is a much better and faster way to store data.
  4. We are using the same desktop wallpaper haha
  5. This message can atually be canceled using the onChatMessage event.
  6. addCommandHandler ("bebado", function(player, command) if(getPedWalkingStyle(player == 0)) then setPedWalkingStyle (player, 126) toggleControl (player, "sprint", false) else setPedWalkingStyle (player, 0) toggleControl (player, "sprint", true) end end ) Eu recomendo usar este codigo, é melhor para o desempenho do que o código acima. Quero mencionar que não testei.
  7. Fight fight fight
  8. No way, since when mods cause lag lol, did @Bilal135 tell you this?
  9. I have been using maps in lua format for years and never experienced problems. 4089 objects, 600 streamed in. (all loaded client side) When i took the screenshot above, only three resources were running (admin, runcode and a small spawn script) Absolutly no lag, very low cpu and memory usage. My CPU.
  10. Serenity > Syntrax
  11. Create your own account system, best solution.