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  1. Wastage of Servers and players

    Move this to trash
  2. cant connect to CIT server HELP!!

    And I think you can't write a sentence properly.
  3. [GangWar] Imperial Network [English]

    There are currently 8166 registered accounts and 167 gangs. Check our forum for the latest news and a preview about what was done in the previous month and what we plan to do in future! Screenshots of the month:
  4. [REL] CnR Script Stats Original One 2017

    "Orginal real one"
  5. I have proplem with my server

    I wonder how you missed this, I recommend visiting an eyesight doctor. Do not forget to read the guide before making a new topic. And note that you will need scripting experience to correct the above mentioned issue.
  6. Serversided UI/GUI Theme

    Use CEF, much easier, faster and more possibilities. A tutorial can be found here.
  7. [Scripting] Changing the programming language.

    That's why it is the most searched programming language on the market I guess. Can I see your degree please? You pro.
  8. [GangWar] Imperial Network [English]

    Can't edit my previous post for some reason. Sry for double post (not my fault) New login panel video:
  9. This forum needs braindead protection
  10. [English]JSeries[Race|RPG|Sandbox]

    It's 2017 mate, MTA is mostly played by uneducated children who don't give a **** about originality or how much you worked on something. https://community.multitheftauto.com/
  11. [SHOW] Login Panel [Material Design]

    If you look at the source code then you can see it's using interpolateBetween..
  12. Please note that if you are really experienced you will have some resources to show
  13. If you want to prove them wrong then show us some screenshots or videos of your previous work. Good luck!
  14. [GangWar] Imperial Network [English]

    Unfortunately, because of the lack of donations, we were forced to add a vip system. Since the launch of the server, in January, there was only one donation. It's disappointing to see that nobody wants to donate without getting anything in return. Please click here to see how to donate.