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  1. WOW ... Good to see that Pakistani Urdu board chal gya ..
  2. 1)Your In game name: Arsam 2)MTA name: Arsam 3)MTA forums profile link. Not needed ( Btw I am Str4 ) My forums name!
  3. I wanted to know that which hosting company support 2 checkout method ?? Please If you know any one so tell me . ( Anyone ) .
  4. I recommend intronet servers .. l never use their hosting but as far as l can remember , They were ediservers.net . Unfortunately edi servers got closed but Subhankar started intronet servers . They seems very good . I hope your server will not lag or will intrupt you . I think that intronet servers accept 2checkout method . As l m also from pakistan so l will tell you in your language via skype . Select your payment method offline 2checkout and add your details then simply add your credit card number with cvv and exp. date . I hope lt will work because lf your have a credit card so lt should work on it . NOTE : Make sure you have a credit card from bank It shouldn't be a debit card . Credit ,cards are also called debit cards but l m talking about the debit cards of pakistan . They can't be used on internet . If you have a credit card do l hope lt will work and you should buy from intronet server's .... Good Luck .
  5. Str4

    [Help] Need an Help

    Sure , I'm currently out of city . I'll come back after 15-17 days and will send you. Thankx
  6. Str4

    [Help] Need an Help

    Hello MTA:SA community , I want to ask that Is there any section where we can report MTA:SA cheaters ?? Some peoples always cheat and I am tired of those people now . Will MTA:SA ban those guys ?? If we report them with proofs ??
  7. So why your skype status was , " Hey Guys , I am selling scripts If you want So Contact Me ??? " Even that you are not a scripter and you never made any script yourself . You can only steal the scripts from other's PC via team viewer , This topic was discussed a long time ago on 'FFS' forum when you steal the scripts and start selling , Now you want this gamemode to sell , Also you have got a compiled version which you are selling and you get TC gamemode from FFS Forum. Here is the Proof : http://vvcap.net/db/infny7w93sxFzJuf61bX.htp Bonsai , Stop selling your multi gamemode . That's a good advice . If you sell to anyone So He will start selling to other's . Like This Shit Guy Mojiz just got a compiled version and He start selling it .
  8. I mean that you shouldn't sell those scripts which you have bought or isn't created by you until the owner give's you the permission to sell it to other's and I think Owner's would never provide this authority to any guy to whom They sell their scripts.
  9. OoO , Please don't lie . Your skype status is also " Hey Guys , I am selling MTA Scripts If you want So Contact me " . And you are selling leaked scripts to people which aren't made by you . You are not allowed to sell any script which you've bought or which isn't created by you .
  10. Mr. Mojiz Ali , For your kind information , This topic is 3 months old and that guy ( Deepu ) Don't even know how to scripts . I've talked with me , He's from India and He wants a scripter for himself to create scripts for his RPG server .
  11. Yea , You are right . Mojiz have this but real reason of mojiz to get this is only for selling to others .
  12. How Can I change this language into text ??? Anyone can help me please ?? I've already tried to use google translator but I don't got any kind of help from there . Thankx Where did you get that, it's the scripting section here, I hope it's all about scripting ... By the way, it looks like a advertisement in chinese to buy wine or something. LOOOOOL , Dude It's a script . This language is present in script and I didn't understand this language so I want to convert it into text and I don't know how to do that . That's I need help . Anyone here can help me ???
  13. Please can anyone tell me that how can i change this language into text language ??? How Can I change this language into text ??? Anyone can help me please ?? I've already tried to use google translator but I don't got any kind of help from there . Thankx
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