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  1. Fancy & Multi-Functional Clan War Script by KekZ|#Zayn Features: * Modern GUI HUD Design. * Two functional HUDs for specific choice. * Minimize System. (Works only when round is live or speckill is enabled) * Auto points system. * Much more! Commands: /stn or /tsn [teamid] [newname] - changes name of a team. e.g: "/stn or /tsn 1 T1" /stc or /tsc [teamid] [colorcode] - changes color of a team. e.g: "/stc or /tsc 1 ff0000" /ap [teamid] - add a point. example: "/ap 1" /dp [teamid] - remove a point. example: "/ap 1" /rp - reset points. /sp [team] [value] - set points. example: "/sp 1 20" /speckill - toggle autokill for spectators. /specchat - toggle mainchat permission for spectators. /st or /cst [hour] [minute] - sets time only on your screen. e.g: "/st 12 0" /sw or /csw [id] - sets weather only on your screen. e.g: "/sw 0" /training - toggle training mode. Public Options: (If player in settled team for clan war) live - set clanwar round status live. free - set clanwar round status free. Keys: F3 - To toggle CW HUD displays. Training Commands: /sl - save location. /ll or /tl - load location. /rep or /fix - repair vehicle. /god or /dmg - damageproof vehicle. /res - respawn vechile. /nos - get nitro. /fly - makes vehicle fly. /swim - makes vehicle swim. /jump or lshift - to jump. Other: - Player should include (S) in nick for auto kill! - Resource is manageable by Moderators, SuperModerators & Admins! Download Link: Merry Christmas Fellows! KekZ Server Preview specially designed for Winter & Christmas!
  2. KekZ Gaming League - Destruction Derby Battle Opera Its the time to see yourself in a bright light to stand against the sun and not watching your shadow behind. We are here to present a marvellous and most fascinating event ever organized for our Destruction Derby Community from Multi Theft Auto San Andreas. With the collaboration of our previous organizers such as 'TC|sEEk and off-course KekZ|#Zayn we are giving out our destruction derby a new era of entertainment with no such wars between teams or clans. This time its all about you and yourself to show the world around the skills you got. In esports, we often talk about gamers who "want it" more than others.These are the players who show up early, who use up every last ounce of energy in pursuit of their best performance. Players for whom defeat is viscerally painful, the ones who will stop at nothing to succeed. It's now our job to inspire and channel the motivation and use it to maximize the community's performance. This league is all about the pleasure to have from the different modes of Destruction Derby that we are presenting to you. Their will be no knockouts so no worry for anyone to be part of us for a little time. Every player will stand with us till last day of league and never misses the joy. Their will be three modes of league with their own rules and regulations to play. Following are the there DD Game modes which we gonna have throughout the league days. 1. Head-to-head DD 2. Jump Clash DD 3. Stunt Battle DD Starting with the first, Head-to-head DD. This gamemode involves the Cross Destruction Derby Maps with checkpoints to get them all till the finish point. Yes folks, this is the DD Race Mode where everyone can participate to show their vehicle driving skills. Every round 3 players have to finish to get points according to their ranks from 1st to 3rd. Every round after 3 players finishes, the map will be changed and similarly each time we will be playing 10 maps. And that's not it, this system will go on whole day where after every 3 hours the event will be started. This way we will have the event running for the whole day. Point system will be recorded by wins, ranks and top times. So got good skills to run? then try to run for yourself! For more info about the mode click HERE Secondly, Jump Clash DD. This gamemode involves also the Destruction Derby Cross Maps just with a little modification of jumps. Every player will be able to jump and every 5 sec jump reloads. The system will be same like after every 3 hour event will be played with 10 maps but here we will have a modification of TDM. Yes fellows, their will be a team death match with this system also. Every player will be set to random team by generator. Stats will be recorded in the server like kills, assists, wins, ratio etc. For more info about the mode click HERE Third, Stunt Battle DD. By the name you all can guess what you will have to do. Yes fellows this mode will involve only your own skills to show off. Random matches will be generated for player vs player. Each player will show his stunt where opponent will have to perform it same as player does. During the time of Stunt Battle, we will enable the pvp system for other two modes also where we will organize matches for players to challenge others for pvp in these 3 modes. For more info about the mode click HERE The league will be for playable for continuous 3 weeks i-e 21 consecutive days. All stats will be recorded on the website main page, in league tables section. Their will be no limit for the registrations because any player can take part in the league just he have to register him on site so their stats could be in records. Each mode info shows the information about the timings and days of league. For registration click HERE More Info: League Time: 14 of July, 2018 (Change may occur) Sponsor: 3lite Racers ( Server IP:
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    Thanks. It helped me a lot.
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    ok thanks for help. But if i ever want to edit GTA SA files where i can find these .col files ?
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    Well i am making a roads script for Destruction Derby game-mode. But i need vgncarshade col file. I don't know where its located. Can anyone help me that where i can find .col files ?
  6. On behalf of AxeR, i am writing this.. The screenshots of Global settings are as following, * * After his request i went through his issue, and found weird things like when in a server with DD/DM/Shooter mode we make FPS limit 100, his lag vanishes.. but as we low down the FPS limit i-e 55 mostly in DD, he starts lagging.. Second thing I figured out that its his Screen lag, changing resolutions also show difference like he use 1280x800 in which he feel screen lag, but as we go over 1980x his lag little bit reduces which sounds totally strange to me... So i think now maybe you guys can give a better suggestion to what to do.. Thanks Regards KekZ|#Zayn