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  1. Ahhhhh, i didn't see this thread, sorry for starting another thread and by the way im not sure who sed it but i was not doin it for attention cos i couldn't give a crap if i had 100 replies or i had none, it was just a post to inform thats all
  2. *mod edited* - going to main topic http://www.gtagaming.com/sanandreas/ps2uk -w00t
  3. Come on MTA team help us people out!
  4. lol m8 i connect to the lowest ping servers there is on ASE
  5. I have timeouts no matter what version i put in whetther its 0.3 or 0.3r2! GRRRRRRRR
  6. Anyone, please? im gonna try reinstalling VC totally in a bit Thanks
  7. nope, still no luck, ill try totally reinstallin VC and MTA
  8. That was even worse, but ill try it again!
  9. Ok i've tried to get help in MTA IRC channel but had no luck so im turning to you people in the forum. Whenever i connect to a server and start playing MTA 0.3 (I've tries numerous servers even official ones) i get disconnected after a minute or so and it says either, Connection to Server Timeout or CRC Check Timeout and im fed up with it now so i need to know if anyone else has same problem and if anyone knows a fix to this or to make it so it happens after like an hour at least so at least i can get some enjoyment out of it: GTA Version: 1.1 OP: XP Net Connection: ISDN Help appreciate
  10. this needs to be fixed quick cos im sick of gettin timed out after a couple of mins and gradually i'm losing interest in MTA which i dont want to happen. Hurry guys, fix this stuff
  11. thanks to the advise of people in the #MTA IRC room here is what was advised to do to get no more CRC Check Timeouts and no mta_dll.dll error everytime i try to start game with mta. It Worked Aswell (NOTE: I don't know if this works with version 1.1 cos i use 1.0) What i did: *****mta_dll.dll Error FIX***** 1. open the file C:\Windows\mta.ini and it should look something like this: [Main] VCGameVersion=0 Nick=w00t IP=***.**.**.** Port=***** SavePass=false Password= [game-vc] location=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe [game-gta3] location= 2.
  12. Hey MTA team, would it be possible for you to make people who are police to use the stingers in VC 0.3?? And are you doing running animations in 0.3?? Btw, 0.2 ROCKS!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!
  13. Hey all, I was playing earlier on a regular server called Deto's MTA 0.2 Server ( and asked if we could all meet up so i cud take some photos, we all agreed to be friendly and not shoot each other and we did and i took a few Snaps, I'd like to thank the following for participating their Ugly Mugs in the photos: Juggernaut (You all know him if you go on IRC) Dane dance_vance Catpin cannonfodder Ted [TG]Pan PopCat }TOP}Warrior XOR ODIE These Are The 2 Best Screens out of 5: This screen is at Leafy Links Golf Club if you aint already worked it out This is a p
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