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  1. wow, u actually registered, just for this, i hope you didn't use your samp forum password, they might hack your account.
  2. wow, and i must now just know were that is???? could mta not just have put it in the forums
  3. http://forum.mtasa.com/viewforum.php?f=91 ^^ that? looks more like scripting help ...... ..... .. ..
  4. lets say MTA was better than samp, not ever going to happen. Deep down in your hearts you know samp is way better, (replies within 10min, low system requiements for hosting server, free gamemodes, filterscripts, scripting help on there forums, fair administration team, many players(and registed on forum, which they were not forced to do) up to 1000 player slots(i know MTA has more than 1000 player slot support, but whats the point if servers cant ever get 500 players.) simple register system (with dialog or command, on MTA i dont even know if i registed or not) with the new update my ping has gone down a bit, and much more....) you cant argue with the fact, "samp is better than MTA"
  5. "Global Moderator" wow, now on samp, our admin would not have treated a player like shit, even though they post something like "samp is shit" but anyway... we don't have to use MTA to create maps.... but on samp we dont have to wait a like 10+ mins just to join the a game, we have a way cooler admin systems.... i never knew how to register on MTA.
  6. well on samp, players respond way much faster.... even if a post does not make much sense, they will figue out what the fuck that person is trying to say, i just use MTA to create maps for samp, want to start a debate about with is better, samp or MTA? just post a positive thing about it and then i post something positive about samp, samp will kick your ass
  7. you guys are fucking useless, sa-mp is fucking way better........ i dont give a shit if you rep- me, i dont used this forum like 3 times.............. fucking noobs
  8. 1. Multiplayer map editing, but only player hosting server can save the map. 2. Easy texture change.