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  1. Bueno, necesito gente que sepa mapear aceptablemente y esté interesada en participar en un proyecto que estoy por finalizar a falta del map y testeo del gamemode. Daría detalles sobre el proyecto, pero es sorpresa para cuando esté terminado. Es algo que estoy haciendo por pura motivación personal y siempre quise llevar a cabo. Sobretodo para amantes del roleplay. Si queréis colaborar me podéis mandar un mensaje privado por foro o agregarme al skype: alex.migliore1 Os comentaré más sobre el proyecto si os animáis. Solamente quiero pediros que si decís que sí y os comprometéis a colaborar con el mapeo, no lo dejéis tirado a medias. Tened un poco de compromiso y constancia. Solo gente interesada, los curiosos serán ignorados. Saludos.
  2. A simple vista tiene buena pinta, espero que se termine en el futuro. Estaré pendiente a ver qué pasa con eso.
  3. [REQ] Horse fix

    It's been fixed. Close this.
  4. [REQ] Horse fix

    Hi everyone! I'm just wondering if any of you know where to get the horse skin. But a good one. As some of you may know there's one on the net which is the only one I've found til now. This is the one I'm talking about: If any of you know how to fix it or can just help me of making a new one will be rewarded.
  5. [LF] I'm looking for a mapper [PAIED]

    I don't use discord, send me a message in skype. I still need a mapper.
  6. I'm currently developing a zombie gamemode and I need someone who builds the map up. What must include: - Apocalypse theme, which means everything has to be as if people haven't been there for a lot of time. ( Imagine you gotta map Raccoon City ) - The whole map must be atmosphered. - There has to be a protected area ( of survivors ) in different locations ( I will specified once the map is started ) - It has to be realistic. - Don't overload the map with unecessary objects. The rest is up to you. Skype: alex.migliore1 IMPORTANT: The payment depends on the map quality. The price goes from 0 to 10$.

    ¿Sabes programar? Lo digo porque creo que no hay ningún recurso en la comunidad que haga lo que pides.
  8. Since the T-Virus cure was found, some samples were sent to each state to be distributed in hospitals in order to cure as many people as possible. However, Umbrella Corporation did not agree with the decision, so they took the cure and hid it somewhere in each state. The Government was notified about the issue, so they decided to send a trained soldier to give a hand and get the cure back for each state. In this story, you will be the soldier. Do not fail and get the cure back for the San Andreas state. THE SERVER STILL BEING UNDER DEVELOPMENT ( You will find the progress at the bottom ) Once you get into the server, you will have to register into the system and log in. After that, you will be able to create a character ( you can create three per account ). Complete the quests, level your character up, and be the best soldier. It's in your hands. I'm not gonna give you information about what's ingame because you'll have to find it out by yourself. However, I give you some pics here: Improving a weapon Zombies SOME INFORMATION: - Different kind of mobs ( zombies ) will be available - Vehicle system - Items & inventory system - Level system attached to weapons/armors - 3D Scoreboard - Drop system attached to zombies - Skill system ( Speed, Invisibility, Jump ) - Quest system - Shop system - Weapon improvment system DEVELOPMENT PROGRESS SERVER: 70 / 100 MAP: 0 / 100 WEBSITE: 0 / 100 THIS POST IS GOING TO BE UPDATED ONCE THE SERVER DEVELOPMENT IS FINISHED
  9. Podrías dejar más información, imágenes o algo que incite a la gente a visitarte.
  10. Os ha quedado bien el sistema teniendo en cuenta que las ideas vienen de otro lado.
  11. Housing problem

    Incredibly well explained
  12. HTML Login panel - Soporte

    Ya indiqué que se trata de javascript, supongo que sabrá cómo funciona.
  13. HTML Login panel - Soporte

    function darmensaje (mensaje) executeBrowserJavascript(browser, "setmsj('"..mensaje.."');") end Función clientside Lua function setmsj(men) { document.getElementById("msj").innerHTML = men; } Función javascript
  14. MTA Forum is back online and with a new look!

    I really like it, however It will take me some time to get used to it due to the great amount of changes.
  15. ¿Como cambiar el Handling de el euros?

    Me pregunto lo mismo, no es necesario comprobar todos los vehículos, ya que ese evento ya te da el elemento.