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  1. Nice script but, I don't like your design.you can make a new design.
  2. freudo

    mute player

    When player reconnect and unmuted players addEventHandler("onPlayerChangeNick",root, function() if isPlayerMuted(source) then cancelEvent() outputChatBox("#31ccccMuteli olduğun için nick değiştiremessin!",source,255,0,0,true) end end)
  3. Hey, I'm selling my DD server scripts, - Deathlist killer - Topmap wins - Level system [sql System] Skype: virtue.sword [/b]
  4. freudo

    AC Trainer error

    What is this?
  5. I need help 283. line : destroyElement(v.team) function refreshClans() if #clans>0 then for _,v in ipairs(clans) do destroyElement(v.team) end end clans = {} local xmlClan = xmlLoadFile("clans.xml") local c = 0 local child local tag,isim,r,g,b,team while xmlFindChild(xmlClan,"clan",c) do child = xmlFindChild(xmlClan,"clan",c) tag = xmlNodeGetAttribute(child,"tag") isim = xmlNodeGetAttribute(child,"isim") r = xmlNodeGetAttribute(child,"r") g = xmlNodeGetAttribute(child,"g") b = xmlNodeGetAttribute(child,"b") team = createTeam(tostring(isim),tonumber(r),tonumber(g),tonumber(b)) table.insert ( clans,{["tag"]=tostring(tag),["isim"]=tostring(isim),["r"]=tonumber(r),["g"]=tonumber(g),["b"]=tonumber(b),["team"]=team}) c=c+1 end local acc for _,v in ipairs(clans) do for _,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do acc = getPlayerAccount(player) if not isGuestAccount(acc) then if getAccountData(acc,"clan") == v.tag then setPlayerTeam(player,v.team) end end end end local count=0 for _,v in ipairs(clans) do count=0 for _,z in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if not isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(z)) then if tostring(getAccountData(getPlayerAccount(z),"clan")) == tostring(v.tag) then count=1 break end end end if count ~= 1 then destroyElement(v.team) end count=0 end end
  6. function ff() local pTeam = getPlayerTeam(source) local kTeam = getPlayerTeam(killer) if pTeam == kTeam then outputChatBox("You killed your team player",killer,255,0,0,true) end end Thanks , I trying
  7. İts true this? local pTeam = getPlayerTeam(source) local kTeam = getPlayerTeam(killer) if pTeam ~= kTeam then
  8. help please! İts true? function ff() local pTeam = getPlayerTeam(source) local kTeam = getPlayerTeam(killer) if pTeam ~= kTeam then outputChatBox("You killed your team player",killer,255,0,0,true) end end
  9. freudo

    Global Ban!

    Sorry for Spam's, I wanted to try my luck 11 days is a long time :(
  10. freudo

    Global Ban!

    11 days :( http://i.imgur.com/rxFjG43.jpg
  11. freudo

    Global Ban!

    Administrators are no cares. I've been waiting for two days.
  12. freudo

    Global Ban!

    Help me! ONLY, I want play this game.
  13. freudo

    Global Ban!

    Hey, I get Ban MTA Everything was sharing one with my script. Of course not command my friend gave me my share . Then I asked the officials told me that I share files dangerous . I did not know about it. I did not know that in the dangerous files . I apologize to all officials would be my request to open. Sorry bad english. My serial: 261DB4CD683E9DD804D1889DAF2B5502 @ccw
  14. MTA'dan Ban yedim nasıl açtırabilirim bilmediğim birşey yüzünden neden ban yiyorum üstelik sınırsız. Şu konuya bi el atsanızda açtırsanız. viewtopic.php?f=104&t=88958
  15. freudo

    Global Ban!

    What is this? Please Unbanme Pleasee!! Why Unlimited ? I will not do it again irregularities . Please unban me. http://i.imgur.com/0Dvhtvm.jpg
  16. No error, just chatbox saying "Error"
  17. Same Command this ? /rd playerName 00000
  18. Not working code: function redirectPlayer(thePlayer, commandName,targetPlayer, serverIP, serverPort) local playername = getPlayerName(thePlayer) if playername and targetPlayer and serverIP and serverPort then local targetPlayer = findPlayerByName(targetPlayer) redirectPlayer(targetPlayer,serverIP,tonumber(serverPort)) else outputChatBox("Error",source,255,0,0,true) end end addCommandHandler("rd",redirectPlayer) function findPlayerByName(name) local player = getPlayerFromName(name) if player then return player end for i, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if string.find(string.gsub(getPlayerName(player):lower(),"#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""), name:lower(), 1, true) then return player end end return false end
  19. I have only account rank system How to I change to SQL function getAllRankSB() local tableOrder = { } for i, v in ipairs ( getAccounts ( ) ) do table.insert ( tableOrder, { name = getAccountName(v), data = getAccountData ( v, "experiencet" ) } ) end table.sort ( tableOrder, function ( a, b ) return ( tonumber ( a.data ) or 0 ) > ( tonumber ( b.data ) or 0 ) end ) for i,player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if not (isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(player))) then for i=1,#tableOrder do if tableOrder[i].name == getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)) then setElementData(player,"Sıra",i) end end end end outputDebugString("Updating rank for all player") end setTimer(function() getAllRankSB() end,300000,0)
  20. Hey I want ranking players for experience. Example: Scoreboard exam: playername experience rank barikat 25000 1. skyturk 12055 2. Can you help me? Example codes: Checking experience function getPlayerExperiencet(thePlayer) local handler = connection if (isElement(thePlayer) and getElementType(thePlayer) == "player") then account = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) else account = thePlayer end if (not account or isGuestAccount(account)) then return false end local accountName = getAccountName(account) local query = dbQuery( handler, "SELECT experiencet FROM `levels` WHERE accountName='".. tostring(accountName) .."'") local result, numrows, errmsg = dbPoll( query, -1 ) if (result) then return tonumber(result[1]["experiencet"]) end end
  21. I try its working destroy clan but How to delete clans table ?
  22. addEventHandler ( "removeallclans", root, This line addCommandHandler("removeallclans", ??
  23. Yes Yes all things have. I select a color code on colorpicker but not changing bitti color
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