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  1. Gonna post some new printscreens soon. I couldn't map for a while due to some server problems..
  2. Heya all, Are you looking for a freeroam server that has tons of custom mods and features, but don't want too many rules and restrictions? Then JohnFlower's Freeroam boredom just might be the right server for you! We have options like mapping and attaching for creative players, command line based so you actually can learn from it. We also have a lot of car mods and drifting opportunities to race yourself towards the finish! Not knowing what to do and got some spare time left? We got you covered with our in-game cinema and skins to start off an RPG. JohnFlower started the server in 2010, in collaboration with Cave Johnson. Since then the player base grew rapidly and the community became larger and larger. We basically have one rule when you are online and that's not to be a cu*t. We assume you know yourself what's okay and what not. Our staff members will act tho when things start to escalate. So, that's only a part of what our server can offer you, and if you are interested to check it out please copy the following link in your MTA: Server IP: mtasa:// Links: Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/sC2DNRV Join our Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/JohnFlowers_Freeroam_boredom# Join our forum site: https://ilypetals.net/forum/ Join our IRC channel: https://www.irccloud.com/invite?channel=%23Flower.mta&hostname=irc6.rizon.net&port=6697&ssl=1 (If you use a different nickname than you use ingame, or if you are not affiliated with JohnFlower's server at all, ping @n0rt0x on IRC) Join our Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/318236555248301/ Regards, n0rt0x
  3. Luckily not affected by the FPS issue, but some players on our server are. Dutchman101 i wish you and the MTA team all the best finding and resolving this matter.
  4. Heya, Just want to show you guys the first pictures of what's going to be my best map so far on JF server. I wanna give my thanks to OffRoader23 for scripting some doors and CodyJ for making the custom house to start of with. If you have any suggestions within the style i'm making it please say so. I have used around 300 objects so far, trying to stay below 500 (gta max) Hmm... maybe scaling down the trees a bit?
  5. Yes I know that, but it's sorted out anyway. I mainly made this topic to let other LUA scripters think about my idea too. This topic can be locked by the way
  6. John Flower made a script, but it isn't working satisfactory yet. I wonder if it also works on the doubleside function...
  7. Heya all, On our server we have this ingame map editor called offedit, which has quite some options to manipulate objects and stuff. For example "mcol", which toggles objects (only colled objects by default) to remove their collision. So lately i was wondering, is it possible to make a similar script for objects that break by default? So with that, you can remove/suppress the break animation. Would the game engine allow us to do that? I know that the default map editor has such an option, but i don't know if it would work in a scripted form. And nope, i don't have LUA knowledge, but i do like to think about possibilities.. Regards, n0rt0x
  8. You are a pro, that's for sure! Keep up the good work
  9. Hello folks, Since yesterday i encountered a very annoying bug in map editor. Every 30 seconds or so, the window "save as" appears by it self. Does anyone know if this a common bug, or a very weird one? If so how to fix this? I'm using a new map editor where you have the abillity to remove world objects, etc. Regards, n0rt0x
  10. n0rt0x

    Good DM server,

    Hi all, I don't know for sure if this topic okay here, but here it goes. I'm very new with dm server, but eager to learn how to drive properly on tracks. However like any other dm noob you fall alot and have to wait of course, with that said i'm looking for a good dm server where its not actually about winning, but just pure for practicing, and where mods give you additional tips & tricks. Currently i'm playing on DTR, and have some trouble with going sideways 180 when jumping in the air, etc. etc. If you have some tips for me, or know a good beginner server, your help is very appreciated. I'm left-handed so arrow keys and located in the Netherlands. Thanks! -n0rt0x
  11. n0rt0x

    MTA movement bug

    Joypad was allready off. I've disconnected my Trust controller and it works for now. Thank you for your quick reply.
  12. n0rt0x

    MTA movement bug

    Hi all, First topic here by me, having a annoying bug in MTA. When logged in in a freeroam server, my character suddenly starts walking/running by itself. Not touching my keys on my keyboard, the charachter is moving in one direction, unless i press the arrow keys. Some strange shit too when i start driving in a car, the car is only moving backwards/forwards, but most of all to the right. I also noticed the screen rotates 360 degrees when the car stops, and yes: by itself. A friend of mine thought a DirectX problem, but i'm sure i've the latest version here. The bug stops 50/50 change, when restarting my pc. Can anyone help me out? Regards, n0rt0x
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