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  1. A resource-pointer doesn't exist on clientside - you can't send "resources" to clientside. You can send resource root elements to clientside, but these will only work if the corresponding resource is running.
  2. I can't help you with AMD, I own a NVIDIA card.
  3. You have to change a setting in your GPU settings.For nvidia this is called "Optimize for computing power" or similiar. Turn it off.
  5. You need a newer release of node.js, otherwise it won't work, because the code doesn't work with node.js from 2014.
  6. 2014.06.05, Version 0.10.29 (Stable) You need a newer release.
  7. You can tell me your node version by typing "node -v" on the command line. Anyway, your error code doesn't specify the source of the error. You either have an error in your config.json or no config.json file at all.
  8. You need a newer release of Node.js
  9. Use bcrypt in PHP supports bcrypt.
  11. You have to base64 encode the binary file data before you put the content through teaEncode. Look at the second code example:
  12. There is a new option called multi_statements for that purpose.
  13. Related:
  14. In your Video settings should be an option called Enable Device Selection Dialog, which you can un-tick to disable that dialog. This dialog shows the name of your GPU, where each of your monitor is plugged into.
  15. Get the entire file content after the position where you want to write your new string, then write your string and the file content afterwards.