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  1. Help me pls

    This particular function, which you copied from GitHub, is already given to you through the MTA functions. I gave you the link to the wiki and a little example function call how to do it, where did you get stuck? I mean, you only have to call the function hash with the first parameter being the algorithm as a string, in your case it should be "sha1", and the second parameter the to-be-hashed string. In your code you did sha1(password), replace it with hash("sha1", password). Work done and you don't have to include any third-party code to your resource.
  2. Help me pls Use hash("sha1", "input")
  3. Modules

    You can only create server-side modules.
  4. netc.dll version You don't have to copy anything from your Nightly installation. Running win-install-data.bat should download the most recent net.dll and netc.dll for your development purposes.
  5. ipairs() + getResources()

    A resource-pointer doesn't exist on clientside - you can't send "resources" to clientside. You can send resource root elements to clientside, but these will only work if the corresponding resource is running.
  6. Blurry text

    I can't help you with AMD, I own a NVIDIA card.
  7. Blurry text

    You have to change a setting in your GPU settings.For nvidia this is called "Optimize for computing power" or similiar. Turn it off.
  8. [SHOW] - MTA - Discord integration API
  9. [SHOW] - MTA - Discord integration API

    You need a newer release of node.js, otherwise it won't work, because the code doesn't work with node.js from 2014.
  10. [SHOW] - MTA - Discord integration API

    2014.06.05, Version 0.10.29 (Stable) You need a newer release.
  11. [SHOW] - MTA - Discord integration API

    You can tell me your node version by typing "node -v" on the command line. Anyway, your error code doesn't specify the source of the error. You either have an error in your config.json or no config.json file at all.
  12. [SHOW] - MTA - Discord integration API

    You need a newer release of Node.js
  13. php 'crypt' function in lua

    Use bcrypt in PHP supports bcrypt.
  14. node.js
  15. teaEncode / teaDecode - in-ou data mismatch

    You have to base64 encode the binary file data before you put the content through teaEncode. Look at the second code example: