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  1. Finally we are back! But currently we are re-building our website.So to get a server contact me via skype: shubhankar717
  2. Problem with control panel,We are currently building our own control panel.It will be up by 2-3 Days.You can then access your server from there. BTW we are looking for some pro web developers.If anyone is interested PM me.
  3. Due to a recent DDoS attack at our main server.All Game servers were down.But currently we have fixed it.And due to security reasons we request all our users who have their MTA server bought from us,Should take a full and complete backup.And then contact us to restore their servers.We recommend everyone to use our mail to contact us admin@igenhost.com .Please don't open a support ticket,We will not respond to it currently.And remember to include control panel username in the mail. Thanks!
  4. Winter Sale Is Here: Now get 25% OFF in your purchase. Use promo code " WINTER25 ". Offer valid till 1 Jan 2014.
  5. Thanks both of you!I hope u are enjoying ur server. We have decided to start hosting servers from United Kingdom(London) And India(New Delhi).Everyone will be able to host new server from these two location by 15 November,At a mind blowing price.
  6. Now all MTA servers will be hosted in a new server. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Processor: Intel® Xeon® 2x E5-2690V2 3.00GHz HT RAM: 256 GB Storage: 2 × 1000GB + 2 × 240GB SSD With Unlimited Traffic 1Gbps ----------------------------------------------------------------- All MTA server will be blazing fast.
  7. Hostname will be your servers name, You can change it anytime.And rcon password is your admin password by which you can login to ur admin panel in game.If there is any more problem please let me know it.
  8. Now we are accepting all major credit/debit cards.So now you can pay for your server using Credit/Debit card. And we have fixed SMS payment problem,So now you will be able to pay with your Phone easily.
  9. Available VPS ZN56 Disk Space: 10 GB RAM: 250 MB Bandwidth: 150 GB Virtualization Type: OpenVZ IP Address: 1 Core CPU: 1 Uptime:99.5% Operating System: Linux/Windows Location: Kansas City [uSA] Available at just $1.00/Month Order:https://igenhost.com/myarea/cart.php?a=add&pid=60 ZN57 Disk Space: 20 GB RAM: 500 MB Bandwidth: 300 GB Virtualization Type: OpenVZ IP Address: 2 Core CPU: 2 Uptime:99.5% Operating System: Linux/Windows Location: Kansas City [uSA] Available at just $5.00/Month Order:https://igenhost.com/myarea/cart.php?a=add&pid=49 ZN58 Disk Space: 50 GB RAM: 1 GB Bandwidth: 1 TB GB Virtualization Type: OpenVZ IP Address: 3 Core CPU: 4 Uptime:99.5% Operating System: Linux/Windows Location: Kansas City [uSA] Available at just $10.00/Month Order:https://igenhost.com/myarea/cart.php?a=add&pid=50 About our VPS Igen Host's Virtual Private Server line is the ideal solution for clients who require the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordability and simplicity of a traditional shared hosting account and Game servers. Delivery It may take 5-10 min to deliver your VPS. Support We are always happy to help you,We are available at Live chat for 24/7.Also you can contact us by Ticket,Phone,Email and Skype. Payment method You can pay for the VPS by PayPal.Also you can pay with SMS,But you need to contact us to pay with SMS. Avaiable operating system Cent OS 6.4,Debian 7,Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 12.04 And Fedora . Free trail If you need a free trial for 10 days.Then feel free to PM me.
  10. Now get a new MTA server for 99% OFF using promo code " 5JSEL7I3KF ". This offer is valid till 12/10/2013.
  11. New Location from Europe is here! Now host a MTA server from London,UK. NOTE:Windows will be the OS of servers from London,UK.
  12. Another new location from Canada: Now host your server from Ottawa,CA.
  13. A new location from Europe is here: Now get a MTA server from Spain.
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