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  1. I only drop by every so often so shoot me if you think i rose this thread from the dead ( its only 1 month) and i just want to answer the questions asked. Enemies and Bosses can be bots, but like Leviathan said you could also do it against players, with the boss player having better weapons,a nd more health and armor. Mad Boy, Interior loading, when you travel from the one town to the other the short loading time, i believe all these things could be used. Well in a perfect world all the servers woudl be connected and when travelign form one map to another you would autoswitch to a diff server,thats they idea atleast.
  2. In the private copy maps you would put missions type story , kill bis boss save girl ,get here out while being shot at from 100 guys ( i know im just making it dramatic) ) Or just have explorable areas where there are enemies and allies enemies shoot at you when in range and allies can talk to you and help you with whatever. So basicly mission that you have on single player for example would be changed and adapted for a group of people to make it harder etc. BTW your forum name is the same as on of the towns in GuildWars
  3. Anyone that is gonna reply about how this is not possible or some things are stupid or stuff like that, spare it please i been around since mtavc 0.1 I know all the things around this area and im not just a new player , i mean heck i am even moderator here.... Constructive critisicm is more then welcome but please if your gonna call names and stuff like that save it. First of all For anyone that plays/has played GuildWars or Diablo , this will be familiar. I know long post but people that know me are used to it. I thought i post a new topic when i saw this topic http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=16694 but i didnt want to raise that one from the dead Also http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=10173 Im interested in how much of what that guy said is/will be possibleIf you want some explanatons about GuildWars read the following, if not just scroll down for the suggestion. GW Is a MMORPG that works a bit different then other mmorpg's ,the major difference from other mmorpg's is that when you go outside of towns/cities the game will make a private game for you and your party members ,meaning that outside of towns you will not be able to see or fight players which have not gotten into your group before you left the town.This also saves you from being robbed by other players when you got a nice item to drop from a monster.Items that do drop cant be robbed by your groupmembers either as they are assign to someone the moment they drop. This also prevents someone to mess up your mission/quest by killing the monster that you had to kill.In towns most of the things are just like any other mmorps except that each town has multiple "districts" in other words servers , so if one town has 100 people in it , it is full and the 2nd district becomes available. Ok so the game limits how many objects you can see in your screen. sollution comes right form GW Private game copy for when outside of town and limit amount of people in towns *Towns can be indoor places mall,police station,safe houses,food places etcetc* In each map you can have enemies/allies that will kill/help you or give you quests and items For the limit to not be a problem the map would have to be devided into more loading spots then there are now ( there are still loading spots in SA right? cant remember this havent gotten that far in Single player yet since i started playing it again) Depending on which area of the map it is the map would be smaller or bigger. The only places to buy new things are in towns,you will not be able to equip your weapon while in town or have your car while in town to prevent people form killing eachother in "safe zones" Towns will have Weapon sellers ,car sellers,Clan registar etc etc. Some things that also have to be mentioned. -I can hear you already say but this will mean we would need lots of server. This may be true but remember people that have rp server now might want to "link" to eachother to be able to play this kind of game. -Punching might have to be disabled in townsto prevent people form punchng eachoter to death in towns, or make it that punch does 0 dmg Ill post some pictures of GW to make it more clear to anyone that doesnt know GW and also maybe change some GW screens to reflect how it could look in a MTA way.
  4. Thats the same thing people said about the gta3 version of mta. As we know they were wrong people still played gta3 , so just because something is new doesnt mean people will drop the old one, if there are things which people like from an older version which is not in the new one they will stillplay it and some people play the older version just becaus of a certain map, or a certain vehicle in that version.So just because there is mta:sa doesnt mean nobody will play mta:vc when/if it ever gets a new version. BTW dont ask for release dates or approximites the team doesnt know and even if they did they coudnt tell the public. Locked
  5. Lol true, you all tought i had died and even had a burial for me
  6. A) NO cause she's broke. Q) Will you go wish me a happy bday at : http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15772 ?
  7. HO HO HO Thank you very much
  8. :new-bday: :new-bday: :new-bday: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: Hello everyone as you can see from the topic its my Birthday today. Today i have become 22 years young. I expect to receive cash gifts from all the veterans on MTA and a congratulations from all the new ones that do not know me. Post and let me see how much all of you care for me. This is a picture of the whole MTA community at my party last year \/ Lots of people isnt it? PS to mods i will remove or lock this in a few days after it has died.
  9. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birtday dear xenex , happy birthday to meeeeeee!!! Go here if you want to congratulate me : http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15772
  10. I have already returned . I am a returnee as of 08-02-2006.
  11. SM xenex

    Free Roaming +bot mod?

    It is just a matter of taste . If your someone that likes co-op mission game a mod like that would apply to you, but if your more into a normal first/third person shooter mta is more your thing. A co-op mission mod would be interesting the only problem with it is you have to have the second person to play with you otherwise it would just be the normal game , if that part wasnt changed.
  12. Hey Spitfire hello to you too. Ok im back as you all can see and if everythign goes well i wont be leaving again, at this moment my pc only has a hdd with 1.5 gb on it so i can do very little and i cant obviously install SA Sometime this week or in the weekend ill get a new hdd with will have more space and ill be able to do more . For now i can go on the net, and use web messenger . If anyone wants to contact me im on the irc. Im sure im forgetting something or i have more to say but cant think of it now , anyways hello everyone.
  13. Im ok, im trying to install 2000 on my pc , and if i get that to work see if i can still get on the net, then ill be on here from home. Ill let you guys know.
  14. Where the hell is my name ? j/k Hey guys im unavailable right now cause i have to get a new hdd for my pc , i just decided to drop a message , let anyone that should know that ill be coming around a bit more often ( internet cafe) . and send me pm if i need to know something or whatever. i havent read the forums yet so i dont know whats new and all, but ill try and do that later on. Hi everybody.
  15. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=6566
  16. Just like to know one small thing before i sign up , when you say must stay on the right side of the road, i take it you mean on the main highway. What i mean with that , is from the docks till the splitt , right . So in other words in front of the biker bar next to police station and untill you get back on the mainhighway this part it doesnt matter right? Cause i can see it be a bit hard to stay at the right side here especially when turning into the road next to police station. Let me know and ill probably sign up. hey first post in quite some time ( for me atleast)
  17. ^^That sounds for me like your saying that gtat is better then mta. Which we all know , at this moment isnt true. No , opinion is something which in any way that is said it can be true, like if your saying you like red and i say i like blue,thyr two different things,but they are both tru ,that is a opinion , not saying something everyone knows is wrong ( even you). Everybody knows that at this moment mta is better then gtat ( even dracoblue, altought he would obviously not say that) Most people in here havent been flaming gtat, they have been talking about the problems/errors/anoyonnces about gtat :crashes,unsyncnes,not being able to work on some peoples machine. All these things dont sound like flame to me that sounds like problems that people are having with the mod. What everyone is arguing about/with is you] and your negativity You have been proven wrong time and time again, but you still deny it and try to ignore it and keep on talking down on mta. And its like i have said before in here, you have taught yourself so much that mta is crap and is shit and all that stuff , that no matter what we say,do or show you you will not budge.
  18. In some countries its spellt Irak.
  19. DgtaDude , dont get caught up in Bush's try to confuse you. All the millions of dollars the gov been giving out on military stuff this past 2/3 years have been going to irak. Only a very small part has been goign to find osama bin laden.( maybe what 10% at the most of militaries and military money?) compared to the rest in irak. Remember what kerry said it was Osame Bin laden that attacked USA NOT Irak. LoL at that, but sadly enough your right
  20. Ok this lance guy is talking bad about mta without him even noticing it maybe its become commen to him after saying/thinking like that for so much. Anyways i just took a look at the gtat changelog to see what lance keept poiting at and i still dont see what all the fuss is about , most of the changes i see there are technical things , which not all people would notice,, or even know what they are . Anyways let me try and show you what the improvements were in each release. mtavc 0.2 : No more sliding around on the floor New Chatbox added Nametag and healthbar Passenger support Character selection screen Scoreboard Anti trainer/cheat System Improved netcode ( up to 50%) Much improved score/kill system Key Binding System with optional Screenshot Key Bug fixes ( to make it apear a lot so lance can see diference ill do like this) Bug1 Bug2 Bug3 Bug4 MTAvc 0.2.2 ( was acctually only a patch) Major crash fix on some UE that were insistent. Stuntmode added MTA VC 0.3 Walking and running animations New aiming system that improves the shooting accuracy Better anti-cheat and trainer protection Improved smoothness (especially in car, due to the fixed backwheel problem) Advanced in-/outgame chatting system (some nice IRC functions added like /slap, /me, and PM ability) Updated MTA client and Admin client look Lots of bugfixes (including backwheel, mentioned above) Bug 5 bug 6 bug 7 bug 8 MTA VC 0.3r2(was only a patch) Fixed the big radar bug . MTA 0.4.1 An all-new GTA3MTA, Spectator mode, Synchronised weather, Synchronised time, New career in place of racer, Admin+ Bug 9 Bug 10 Bug 11 Bug 12 And a few more stated in the manual. MTA 0.4.1(This was a patch) Fix on a big bandwith issue. Now , i dont know about you , but i can see a lot of differences.maybe you need glasses or somethign , but anyways, dont say that mta doesnt/didnt improve again, and if you do think that , i suggest you read what i just wrote above and remind yourself of how much it imporved/imprves eachtime. Now about gtat, well gtat hasnt really released a version which seems playable and enjoyable yet, some might say that that is because its in beta , and then you compare it to mta and say its better, remember mta is also beta,as of this moment we can not compare gtat to mta simply because gtat is runnign in the back, gtat still has a lott more to do ahead, and if they keep on going work hard,expand on the team ( seriously needed here) they will become better , im sure if gtat does not die ( not saying it will) , that theyr will be a time when we can fairly compare gtat to mta.
  21. Very nice, like you said yourself smithers ,its nothing too interesting yet, but from what we see it looks like its gonna be nice.Keep up the good work. BTW smithers the picture is perfect size so dont worry. ( would like more if it was you or someone from your team that release pctures,info for the reason you said under here \/ but oh well it doesnt matter )
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