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  1. arthrik

    I'm a hacker

    So, why did you went here , commenting that made no sense neither? That's the purpose of this thread!
  2. arthrik

    I'm a hacker

    Don't take it personally, you are not the center of the world And it's meant to be a basic drama thread
  3. arthrik

    I'm a hacker

    Well, a moderator told i was hacking, so he is surely right, since the moderators/admins are always right here it seems
  4. arthrik

    Abusive Banning

    I'm not asking for an unban ._.
  5. arthrik

    Abusive Banning

    Seal Clubbing = Seal Hunting, which is very easy ( that's why it's so cruel ) . Told elseway, it's like you are a level 100 guy on a random guy, that comes to rape a tutorial server. This behavior is mostly seen on Ace Combat Infinity or Battlefield series.
  6. arthrik

    Abusive Banning

    Playing since 2 year on a server, i won't quote it. The admin bans me for "leeching", that i think he meant "seal clubbing". Do you think that it's a valid argument?
  7. And thats how the server got crappy. Ad for it everywhere