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  1. they should make hunter stronger, because I kept shooting with the guns on it and missiles, and the freaking guy wouldn't die, I kept shooting but he never died, same with his vehicle
  2. it is irritating, yep. I once saw a police and a robber shoot me, and I was a police. They never left me alone. What is happening with todays society? lol
  3. nvm, it worked, and i got it to work without a cd crack. thx anyways, btw the game rocks
  4. I dont get this, should I not use a no-cd crack/patch? Is that the problem or what? I did it with 0.1 and it worked. And don't tell me to reinstall, as I already did once...
  5. This is a thread I just edited. I connect to a server, but it bans me for ''Suspected trainer usage''. Now, the only thing I am using is a no cd crack, I am not using some ''speed-booster''. I read the FAQ answer to this question, it didn't help a thing. Can atleast anyone recommend a good no cd patch?
  6. I looked in the .ini file, and the exe command is pointing to the right .exe file. I don't know what is wrong really, it keeps saying the same thing, and I just did a fresh reinstall. *SIGH*
  7. *SIGH* Why must this mod be such a pain in the ass sometimes! And I know it is just a beta, but that doesn't stop me from being fricken annoyed
  8. I can reinstall MTA. But reinstalling VC is not a possibility for me now, because I can't get in contact with that friend right now. Isn't there any other way?
  9. That's what it says! And I cannot reinstall the game, since a friend has borrowed the CDs. What can I do to prevent this? I don't have anything modified, expect two new skins, and I removed them, but it says the same thing. Help!
  10. WiLLiAm

    wait a minute!

    Dont listen to this guy, I always drive all cars, I dont want LESS cars
  11. No chance, man... That idea is horrible, IMO. I don't want some 11 year old playing Heavy metal into the microphone. Besides, all voices are gay. I got a better idea... How about... A chat? J/K
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