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    capture screen in movie

    No... it works twice as well.
  2. Last time I brought that up I got flamed for "spamming". Don't waste your time
  3. Time to rename this thread to SA-MP
  4. It's gonna happen eventually. Just later on.
  5. I don't know how this community could continue to exist if you hadn't told us that. On behalf of everyone here, I thank you.
  6. If they didn't release it, then you'd be whining about how its taking even longer to be released. Face it. No matter what the MTA team do, people like you are gonna be whining about something. Just play the damn thing after it's released. You'll still be waiting for footsync, but you'll have something to play in the meantime.
  7. Thank you for proving you can count
  8. Wheezle


    *shrug* Some people might like to DM in their own style.
  9. Wheezle


    Well, not in the first version.
  10. The GTA community isn't that mature. They'll be constantly having flamewars etc because they think one mod is better.
  11. It wouldn't help would it? No network code involved.
  12. *sigh* Typical. Now we once again have 2 competing mods. REAL great.
  13. But will it still be coop? I really hope they at least continue to try to sync peds and traffic etc. If they don't, then they might as well quit because it'll be no different to MTA and therefore pointless.
  14. I have heard this forum software does have some homosexual tendencies.
  15. you're the one calling him stupid
  16. good thing they're not trying to create an amazing game for the first release then.
  17. I do hope you don't go forgetting about VC. When it was released, work was started on that instead, and gta3 was left alone for a long time. Is VC going to get the same treatment now that SA is out?
  18. lol... but still, I would hope a cops and robbers gametype would actually involve robbers is all
  19. That's more... cops vs criminals isn't it? they aren't really robbing anything... sounds good regardless
  20. I'm sure something like this has probably been said before, but I'm not gonna read through 30 pages for it. Instead of the game being decided by winning or losing rounds, the team should have a certain number of points they need to reach to win the game. The robbers team spawn (wherever) and have a specific place to rob (bank, malibu, pizza place etc) They make their way to the target building and have to stay there for a set amount of time (to complete the robbery) then escape with the money to a hideout. No bonus for killing cops. After escape (or failure) they are given a new place to rob. Success gives them maybe 50 points. The police naturally start at a police station, and have to get to the place being robbed, and deal with the robbers. If possible it would be good to have an arrest feature. I thought of this happening in a couple of ways. One way would be to just knock the robber on the ground then arrest him which renders him immobile (though he can be released by another robber). Another way (though possibly completely unfeasible) would be, when a robber is arrested his player becomes AI and follows the cop around and gets into the car with them. With this method, the cops would have to take the robbers to the jail in the police station (near malibu club... whatever the area is called) making it a lot tougher for the cops to do it. Again, another robber can release them. A cop killing a robber with a gun would give the police maybe 10 points. Using a weapon such as a nightstick gives say 25, and successful arrest gives 50. This should probably be altered according to the max score. EDIT - ok so there's a similar (albeit less detailed) idea on the 1st page. Oh well
  21. lol... the MTA team don't wanna support them, they're hardly gonna turn around and do it unofficially are they?
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