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  1. Saml1er


    Download latest nightly from That might solve it.
  2. Saml1er

    Enter_exit to do a ped fighting style

    Have you tried using setPedFightingStyle ?
  3. Saml1er

    Help on the ground animation

    Have you checked ifp_demo resource? animations are synced there.
  4. Saml1er

    Help on the ground animation

    Copy-paste your meta.xml here. Also, make sure that rifle.ifp is located in the top directory of the resource.
  5. Saml1er

    crash plz help

    Looks like a common crash, i.e., not enough memory.
  6. Saml1er


    @owerrrAre you using Avast? Make sure that you are using the latest version of MTA from
  7. Saml1er


    It's going to be a lot of work. You have to manually convert the models to DFF, COL, and TXD files.
  8. Saml1er

    Kicked why?

    You did something. The anti-cheat detected a known trainer. Please follow these steps:
  9. Saml1er

    custom animations

    Delete all of your code from server.lua and client.lua. Copy-paste everything from ifp_demo and put this in client.lua at bottom of the file: addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() local ifpIndex = 7 ReplacePedBlockAnimations ( localPlayer, ifpIndex ) triggerServerEvent ( "onCustomAnimationReplace", resourceRoot, localPlayer, ifpIndex ) end )
  10. Saml1er

    custom animations

    "ifpIndex" is the index of the ifp file you want to load from globalLoadedIfps table, the table contains IFP data, like file path, new block name, the animations of the ifp file, etc.. Instead of sending an entire table via triggerServerEvent or triggerClientEvent which will use more internet bandwidth, we simply send an index of the required table for ifp which will be much faster. Also, can you please login as admin and execute /debugscript 3 on your server? It will show you errors within code on screen if there are any. Also, I just realized that source is also not defined here: function startingAnimations() ReplacePedBlockAnimations ( source, 7 ) -- Where is source defined? It is not a predefined variable. end Correction: function startingAnimations() ReplacePedBlockAnimations ( localPlayer, 7 ) end localPlayer is a predefined variable on client side. It will always be valid. localPlayer is YOU. More about predefined variables:
  11. Saml1er

    custom animations

    Nope. You have only defined the function, you never call it. It's like you sit in a vehicle with no driver and you expect it to magically take you to your destination, that won't happen. You have to drive the vehicle, in the same way, you have to call this function. You call the function like this: startingAnimations() Ok, calling this function before the download will not work because the IFP has not loaded, so we'll use an event for it. Put this code snippet at the bottom of client.lua: addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() startingAnimations() -- call the function end )
  12. Saml1er

    custom animations

    Okay, I can see everything's right here. Now tell me where you are calling startingAnimations function? You have defined the function but you never call it anywhere within the code which means the code never executes.
  13. Saml1er

    custom animations

    No, I was talking to NmLa. I asked you a question but you didn't respond:
  14. Saml1er

    custom animations

    You can load any IFP file that was created for GTA VC and SA using: engineLoadIFP So yes, you can load the ifp file to MTA if you have it.
  15. Saml1er

    custom animations