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  1. Looped dff animation

    Which object exactly are you talking about? If you don't mind, can you send me a code snippet via PM? I'm already working on a project related to MTA where I properly implement new features, I might take a look at effects. : )
  2. Looped dff animation

    Yes, take a look at the loop parameter (5th one). bool setPedAnimation ( ped thePed [, string block=nil, string anim=nil, int time=-1, bool loop=true, bool updatePosition=true, bool interruptable=true, bool freezeLastFrame=true, int blendTime=250] ) No, it's not possible. You're right, you'll need to edit the .dat file which MTA does not allow.
  3. Please Support Scripting IFP

    You can check ifp_demo resource where animations are synced. Simply start the resource, and play the animations via the GUI, other players within the same server should see your animation.
  4. MTA SA never starts

    Do you have custom mods installed?
  5. CL30 & CD02 Error fix pls help

    You are getting kicked by the Anti-Cheat module of MTA. There's a virus on your computer which is probably executing some harmful code on your machine, you can check: If you are still unable to resolve this issue, you can do a system restore (google it if you don't know how it's done). If system restore is not possible, then your last resort is to create a backup of your data files, wipe your HDD, reinstall windows with a good antivirus (AVG will do) which will obviously work, but it's just very painful. First see if you can do system restore.
  6. CL30 & CD02 Error fix pls help

    Do you the error when joining any server or just @Dutchman101 's server?
  7. Mta never starts

    I think it's a good habit to share how you solved a problem, so people who come here seeking help for the same problem can read your post and save time.
  8. CL30 & CD02 Error fix pls help

    CL30 means that data files within your GTA:SA installation directory are modified, this can happen if you have installed mods or your computer is infected with viruses. The solution is to first scan your computer for viruses and get rid of them, you can download malware bytes from here for free. First make sure that you have a fresh copy of the game, you can then delete all GTA:SA files from its installation directory (normally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas), then reinstall GTA:SA.
  9. Error Netc.dll

    The problem seems to lie on MTA's side. You have to wait for 1-2 days for the patch.
  10. i have problems

    Yes, create a new topic here:
  11. Help !!!!!!!!!!

    Please check: You can download malwarebytes from here for free. Once you've scanned your computer for viruses and deleted them, then you can try reinstalling mta from
  12. i have problems

    can you please scan your computer for viruses? You can download malwarebytes for free.
  13. error code (0xc0000417)

    can you please post the entire message here or take a screenshot?
  14. [HELP]Engine load TXD is not working

    Have you specified script type to client for client.lua in meta.xml?
  15. i need an mta developer and trusted person

    Tutorials on youtube are usually easy to follow, you can search Lua tutorials there. It's gonna take you a couple of months to get started, if you invest some time, you'll see the result.