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  1. Bug with replacing .col

    I think you have to use your account credentials to login to
  2. MTA SA crashs.

    Did your AV detect any malwares?
  3. Experiencing MTA startup malfunction

    Good to know. Can you at least mention how you fixed it?
  4. MTA C++ Addon

    This would defeat the purpose of having Lua in the first place. Imagine if this feature was implemented, any server owner can execute any type of DLL on your client. There's no way for MTA to provide a safe sandbox for executing C++ on client. This question has been asked multiple times here, and the answer has always been the same, no. Perhaps if you try to explain exactly what you are trying to achieve, maybe we can suggest better ways to accomplish it?
  5. Help me please

    It looks like MTA automatically banned your original serial because the build contained a banned serial. Please click on my profile and send me your serial in private message. You can get your serial from console by pressing F8 and write "serial".
  6. Help me please

    Oh no, I think you're using my build. I remember getting my account banned while reversing gta_sa.exe.I will take down the link. @ccw I will take down the link. In the meantime, I'll appreciate if you unban people who come with similar issue. @Pe4enka Can you still play using MTA latest build?
  7. [src] client - Render events enchanting

    Excellent. This is a very nice and clean implementation. I hope many people start using this.
  8. kick big ping server ccdplanet

    Open command prompt > Write "tracert" > Wait for the message "Trace complete" > post the results here.
  9. kick big ping server ccdplanet

    Do you have bad internet? You can try to find out what's consuming the most bandwidth on your PC in "Resource Monitor". Click on Start > Write "Resource Monitor" > Click Network tab > Look for process that's using the most bandwidth. Whatever the cause is, try to stop it, if you are not sure what exactly it is, then maybe you can post a screenshot here, but if it's your internet then we cannot help you with that.
  10. kick big ping server ccdplanet

    I think this is the server kicking you for having a high ping, not MTA. They are probably running an automatic ping kicker to keep people with high ping out.
  11. Can I remove mods?

    I don't think you can control that. It depends on the server, what mods they wish to run on your MTA client. It would be better to contact the server admins.
  12. MTA on Steam

    Yeah, I never said you could run it without GTA:SA. My point is that it's possible to have MTA on steam even if you need GTA:SA for it, but migrating will be some good amount of work.
  13. MTA on Steam

    Just because MTA is a mod, it does not mean that we can't have MTA on Steam.
  14. element parent resourceRoot

    I would strongly suggest you to avoid using that. Instead, you can create a dummy element and set it as parent for players that you wish to retrieve later using getElementChildren. local moderatorElement = createElement( "moderator", "admin" ) if moderatorElement then for _, v in pairs ( getElementsByType ( "player" ) ) do setElementParent ( v, moderatorElement ) end end addCommandHandler("a", function() for id, element in pairs ( getElementChildren ( moderatorElement ) ) do outputChatBox ( type ( element ) ) end end )
  15. Gta/mta won't start

    A quick and dirty solution is to right click on the executable "gta_sa.exe," and run it in compatibility mode of windows 7 or XP. Also, please run MTAdiag and paste the URL here.