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  1. Nice work. We really need something like this.
  2. Upload your resource to mediafire or google drive and post the link here.
  3. Can you post the script where you create the objects? I'd like to test it.
  4. createObject function executes pretty quickly. I think you're talking about engine functions, like engineLoadDFF, *TXD, and *COL.
  5. So, you simply want the ability to shoot with a weapon when you are close to a wall or when a player is blocking you with his elbow? Currently, you can't do that. I can add this ability to: setGlitchEnabled Create a new issue on github and paste the link here.
  6. Open F8 > Write "ver" > Enter > copy-paste the build version here.
  7. Saml1er


    Download latest nightly from That might solve it.
  8. Have you tried using setPedFightingStyle ?
  9. Have you checked ifp_demo resource? animations are synced there.
  10. Copy-paste your meta.xml here. Also, make sure that rifle.ifp is located in the top directory of the resource.
  11. Saml1er

    crash plz help

    Looks like a common crash, i.e., not enough memory.
  12. Saml1er


    @owerrrAre you using Avast? Make sure that you are using the latest version of MTA from
  13. Saml1er


    It's going to be a lot of work. You have to manually convert the models to DFF, COL, and TXD files.
  14. Saml1er

    Kicked why?

    You did something. The anti-cheat detected a known trainer. Please follow these steps: