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  1. Still not planning to update to VS 2012 or 2013?
  2. kurta999

    Green Candy

    LOL! Very nice! In the nead future will be Nightly for this updated Eir patch? Anyway would be very good add ability to create buildings (like in IPL, + with LOD option) and better lod system for objects.
  3. Hi. Someone please explain me what is Dummy in GTA:SA, I saw this world very often in MTA or other source codes, and what the difference betwen local and remote player. Thanks.
  4. kurta999

    Green Candy

    I have got three question about this project: I saw there was noted the GTA building/object crash fixed and the object pool limit is increased to 4000. So in EIR I can use 4000 objects at same time without any crashes? Because this would be the biggest bugfix ever. (If not 4000, then 1000-2000 would be fine without crash) About buildings, I try to use buildings in MTA, but some objects doesn't use collisions, some yes. So made this working also would be big update. And CPhysicalSA::ProcessCollision is crashes for me. And another thing would be try to make SetObjectScale() scale object collision. This would be new revolution for mappers and all MTA servers.
  5. There will be update for VS2012?
  6. kurta999

    Green Candy

    Then why not any updates since 2 monts?
  7. This feature would work if I uncomment this line? I now doesn't have time to try it, but I hope. Because the default object loader is shit, crashes with lot of object. But the default IPL loader should solve this problem.
  8. kurta999

    Green Candy

    This project is still active? Look's very good!