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  1. Pickup disappear in interior

    How far do you go? Do you go far enough to stream out the pickup?
  2. Player push vehicle

    I don't think this event causes that issue, I mean why would onClientVehicleCollision interfere with other, onClientPedDamage or w/e events? Also you're checking if source ~= collider, that just doesn't make sense since before that you already checked if collider is a player, so how would a player ever be a vehicle?
  3. CEGUI and 'looknfeel' property

    I see there's a 'LookNFeel' property for the CEGUI (from the wiki link) so I googled what it is actually and I found out that the design of the GUI elements can be changed with an XML file, although I'm not sure if this is possible in MTA, since I know there's an image file in the client which has all the GUI elements in one big image. Is it something that could/would be implemented in the future or is it available already? This would be such a huge improvement, we wouldn't need to use DX functions.. Source:
  4. Serversided UI/GUI Theme

    I wouldn't use CEF for everything, it's all right for panels like login/registration, rules / help window etc.. but not for something that would actually get updated in onClientRender like hud elements etc..
  5. Player Respawn

    You're welcome.
  6. Player Respawn

    local timers = {} addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",root,function() local thePlayer = source if isElement(thePlayer) then exports["rc_core"]:takeMoney(thePlayer,5000) skin = getElementModel(thePlayer) or 0 if isTimer(timers[thePlayer]) then killTimer(timers[thePlayer]) end timers[thePlayer] = setTimer(function() respawn(thePlayer) setElementModel(thePlayer, skin) end, 3000, 1) end end) addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, function() if isTimer(timers[source]) then killTimer(timers[source]) end end)
  7. [HELP ME] Loop problem

    You're welcome. The problem was that you treated menuPlayers[ i ] as if it was a table already, but it wasn't.
  8. setPedVoice & isElementStreamedIn errors

    If it says isElementStreamedIn is nil, the script is deffo not set to client side
  9. Something wrong with this script?

    Why do you have 2 onClientResourceStart events and have both of them replace the models at the same time? Did you try to put them all in just one single onClientResourceStart and loop through the tables (if you have multiple) after each other?
  10. [Problem]getRealTime

    I just looked at getRealTime(), there's a parameter called "local timezone", try to set it to true to see if that works for you:
  11. [Problem]getRealTime

    That is why you are getting different results, the server is probably in a different timezone. If it's a VPS you're renting yourself, you can just change the timezone, if it's a game server you're renting, you'd need to manually add/remove hours every single time you use the getRealTime function.
  12. [HELP ME] Loop problem

    menuPlayers = {} for i = 1, #memberUsernames do menuPlayers[i] = {} menuPlayers[i].name = memberUsernames[i] menuPlayers[i].rank = memberRanks[i] menuPlayers[i].status = memberOnline[i] menuPlayers[i].lastlogin = memberLastLogin[i] menuPlayers[i].active = 0 end Try this
  13. [Problem]getRealTime

    Is it running on a hosted server or on your own local machine?
  14. Moving SQL Data to Client Side

    ipairs loops through indexed tables only (in order), pairs loops through everything (random order.). Indexed table is when the key is a number ie. myTable[1] = "something" or there's no key (well, the key is a number by default..), non indexed when the key is not a number myTable["smt"] = "something".
  15. How I put Hydra only for VIP

    function destroyVIPHydra (veh) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ) if accName and isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "VIP" ) ) and getElementModel(veh) == 520 then destroyElement(veh) outputChatBox("Your VIP Hydra has been destroyed..", source) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleExit", root, destroyVIPHydra) Try this, it should destroy the hydra when VIP players leave them.