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  1. Please don't "up" your post, this is not an advertisement website where you need to bump your post. To be able to rotate the steering wheel, you'll need a special model that has a steering wheel component that let's you access it using setVehicleComponentRotation
  2. That's basically the same as a relative GUI and something * 0.2 = 20%, not 2%.
  3. Csak 2 eve lett postolva
  4. The line I added was: local thePlayer = getPlayerFromName(playerName) It is needed to get the player by the name, make sure playerName is the same as the player's name, you'll need to use string.gsub to remove HEX color code from the name as well.
  5. triggerServerEvent("addPlayerToGroup", getRootElement(), guiGetText(name), guiGridListGetSelectedItem(groupGrid)) The parameter I highlighted is a string, not a player element.. try this: function addGroup(playerName, group) local thePlayer = getPlayerFromName(playerName) local playerToAdd = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) if not exports.acl:isPlayerInGroup(playerToAdd, group)then exports.acl:addAccountToGroup(playerToAdd,group) exports.msj:sendMessage("You've been added to: " "!", 0, 150, 0,thePlayer) end end
  6. Hale already asked you to provide more details / code, since we can't see what parameters are being passed to the event addPlayerToGroup, we won't be able to help you without it.
  7. Okay, so you asked a question, but you already have the answer as well, what do you expect from us..?
  8. If you want to disable friendly fire for specific players, you will need to approach it from a different direction, since if you disable with the nativa MTA function, it will be disabled for everyone else in the team. Try to use the event onClientPlayerDamage with cancelEvent, get the player's team + the zone name using getZoneName which can return Los Santos, Las Venturas, San Fierro if you pass the "cities only" argument as true.
  9. help

    That works great if the scrollbarPosition is ranging between 0 - 1, but AFAIK the GUI scrollbar is ranging between 0 - 100, so a division by 100 would need to be added minValue + scrollbarPosition / 100 * (maxValue - minValue)
  10. addictional content =/= additional content, I thought you were on about drugs and stuff.. Pretty sure there are fully functional resources like this, you don't need to re-invent the wheel. Take a look at this:
  11. No problem.
  12. The error kinda explains itself, where is accountname defined? You forgot the line local accountname = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player))
  13. And also the guidelines here:
  14. Change it to if tonumber(percentage) and percentage < 100 then And please use the <> button next time to insert your Lua code.
  15. Great, you're welcome.