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  1. G-Theftmoney, you are the prime example of an admin with ether a god complex or a power trip, and believe it or not it pisses ALOT of ppl off. "Watch who you call an asshole"? Who are you to go off telling people what to do? If you were called one, and is sure sounds like it fits from what you have said so far, then maybe he was speaking the truth and it got you all pissed. Other things about admins that piss me off, they are quick to kick/ban after hearing some accuse another without the accused getting any word of his own in. That is why I dont say anything to ppl like G-theft here as they
  2. Explanations matter not, its the fact of what happened thats the bitch.
  3. If I had the bandwidth and wasent going through this router I would, but playing in an empty server is boring. Plus I dont feel like babysitting, have better things to do, like have fun in-game instead of worrying about ppl. And no, I did not taunt or brag, just wanted a simple kill and split, I think he was in the middle of trying to kill someone else, hunting them then I came from behind and ran him down and shot him, that I think pissed him off and figured the best way to get rid of that from happening again was just simply banning me. I could try and explain what happened but it matters
  4. Aparently this is very sad but true, and I have proof. Server: Date: 6-10-04 Time: About 5:40AM (PST) Proof Screenshot URL: http://www.mattsclearpcs.com/3/kill-then-ban.jpg Admin/banner: <-] Name I went by: Thug Look at the pic and do the math, im sure you can 'add' it up. Unfortunately, most of today's servers are ran by kids with short attention spands and a hate for being killed. I ran him over with the military troop transport, this pissed him off, I got out and proceeded to 0wn him, he tried to ban me as the pic states but mistyped it, I got banned after he
  5. Well, I care about dying faster because to tell you the truth, I never really was a good shot. I now understand why I die so quickly but its a let down. Heh, maybe I should fireup my old 56k fax modem I use for winfax, use one of my dialup connections and play my heart out, then maybe I can live longer... but id rather pierce my nutsack before I would go back to a phone line...
  6. What you expect, only his first post. My thing may say newbie, but im certainly not, I just dont post a coment on every topic. I hate noobs... but everyone is one sometime.
  7. Working with a 486 with DOS installed, thats cool. /me is a lier
  8. I thought that was one, oh well, guess my post wasnt up to your little standards eh? Whatever. I do have one tho.. Myself and 3 other Mafia (http://www.vcmafia.tk/), my member name being "TM-Imegabyte", all spawned as robbers, me being the driver as is my speeciality, all 4 of us drove down the mail strip in search of prey. We foind a moderate fight at the cherry popper, all exited and leveled the place. One of us dies but spawned and met up with us later. We did this for about 2 hours, hitting ppl; mainly in groups untill most everyone left the server due to being successfully hunted down an
  9. Well, my guess is that since you have a better ping (refresh rate), your position is more accurate, hence an easier target, a drawback for a faster game on a faster machine with a better connection. You may have a better system, but it f*cks ya as a result come battle time. Thats an educated guess, which I believe to be accurate.
  10. Refuring back to my earlier topic (http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=62867#62867), indeed a high ping may hurt you in the longrun as my experiances mentioned at the other topic, but it truly seems to me that HP goes down quicker in the new 0.3 version. Playing for several hours a day, getting killed in no time flat gets kinda old, and fustrating. Damn you T-1! Oh well, I guess my connection makes em an ample frag-ee. And its no fair that those pathetic 56kers with the 600+ pings live the longest. My ping is from 30-120 most of the time, guess im crap out of luck. ~/me bitches just a l
  11. No, my ping has nothing to do with it. I have had a friend go in with me in v0.2.2 and time how long it takes to kill me with the same gun and shots and did the same in v0.3, and v0.3 has a conciderably shorter life expectancy. I dont mean to b*tch, just wanted to point it out is all, and that its fustrating as all hell. Im usually calm but now I cant play without being pissed off and wanting to quit, throwing down my USB adapted N64 controller in due to dying too quick. Also the sabre goes slower for some reason, which is the only car I like driving. Stunt mode is boring cuse theres no actio
  12. I have a 2.53GHz P4, 1024 RAM, ATI AIW 9800pro 128mb, T-1 connection, fresh VC and XP install using no no-cd crack. Version 0.2.2 didnt crash after an hour or so, this is every 10-20 mins. The lag is disgusting and ppl are already cheating, i dont know how. And, I have to aim dead center for any kind of hit.
  13. I am talking about v 0.3r2 It seems like when I enter an area where there is like a battle going on, I would get shot in the back like 5 or 6 times, and when I turn aroung, the frames lag abt by the time I can aim im dead. The cars seem to have a shorter life too, blowing up after 5-8 shots, a pain when your just driving along and some nut shoots out your tires and kills your car. HP seems to decrease alot sooner and you have to ether commit suicide and fight or run and get health every couple minutes. Im not a noob or complainer as most may take it, I just hope this annoyance is fixed in the
  14. Imegabyte

    Team Mafia

    I am glad to state that I am a proud member of the family, and have been since the begining. Upon joining, please list your special ability you can contributeand the reason(s) why you want to join. Thanks, - TMimegabyte
  15. Our Gang: The Mafia [, -TM-, TM, (Mafia)] My member name: TM-Imegabyte (One of the first members speaking on behalf of our leader with permission) Profession: Driver, transport, hitman Allies: Looking and open Nutual: BLASTA VCA VCK Stunt Gangs Yetika Enemies: Most cops, backstabbers, cheaters, and most anyone who disrespects the family. There is no ladder in our family, every member is on equal terms, even our leader "Mafia". Our website for info: http://www.vcmafia.tk/ Our forum: http://vicecitypc.coolfreepage.com/phpBB2/
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