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  1. Here real author U can see the script below on the list, 'psw-nevadabomb' and the author And here, this guy changed the author to him, and uploaded https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14473 Its not his first upload with changed author to himself. Thanks
  2. Thanks @znext, i was searching for something like that!
  3. Guys im not talking about the timer, the timer was the example....., im talking about sourceFunction in event, when i don't name the function, can i get it from a variable?
  4. I think u dont understand me, i want to create a local function without a name in the event handler. Not to create new one with name. Someone can help tho?
  5. Hey guys! Is there a way to get "source Function" ? Like this -- in timer now we can get his source by sourceTimer setTimer(function () outputChatBox("1") killTimer(sourceTimer) end, 1000, 5) -- and it will outputChatBox only once And the question is: Can we get the function variable without a name like this addEventHandler("onPlayerClick",some player, function (button,state) if button == "left" and state == "down" then outputChatBox("you triggered the event only once! u can't do it anymore!") removeEventHandler(eventName,source,sourceFunction) -- here is what i want to know end end,false) Because it would be faster way to use. Waiting for some help!
  6. It didn't make any problem, close please
  7. Please, tell me which functions did he use?!, how is that possible? Because we can't edit vehicles.ide.
  8. Yes, it is an array, are you sure? Because i have over 10k keys in it. I mean it looks like this TBL = { [1] = {blabla}, [2] = {blabla}, [3] = {blabla}, [4] = {blabla}, [5] = {blabla}, [...] [5426] = {blabla}, [5427] = {blabla}, [5428] = {blabla}, [5429] = {blabla}, } And i think it would take maximum the weight of file in json. Now it's about 1,84mb. So it will take about 1,84mb of ram?
  9. Okay, thanks everyone for help
  10. Hey Guys! I have small question. When i have table in json, in file, and it weights 1,84mb so when i will load it as variable mytable = fromJSON(thedatafromfile) how much ram and cpu it will take (the table is in resource already)? And when i will use something like mytable[somekey] without repeating whole table to find something cause the script knows which key is what, will it eat much cpu or something?
  11. I'm gonna use this only at resource stop, i will try it and tell you how it works. Thanks
  12. @KariiiM, are you sure ? Cause i want to make a table of about 3k vehicles and their data like color, upgrades and other. With one toJSON of whole table of these vehicles. ?
  13. Let's wait for some sure answer, *BUMP*.
  14. Hey, guys i heard of that the toJSON function has got limit to 64kb, about 65k symbols, is that true? If it is, can i somehow get around that limit?