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  1. Hello I have the same problem my pastebin: Thanks;
  2. now not able to get into a server with 2 mb map
  3. only on servers that have more than 5 mega resources map.
  4. problem half solved. could play on maps with me until 4:30 download ... but no more than that
  5. hello, my mta this with the following problem. when I go on a server with more than 1 mb, the server is black screen, the network trouble and soon after of the post Disconnect: Connection to the server was lost error started to occur after upgrading from 1.3.1 onwards. sorry for the bad english. translate in google my link pastebin thanks
  6. akie o problema é na nova versão 1.3.3 e na versao anterior 1.3.2 tbm esta dando o erro e consegui apenas entrar em sv com 500 kb até agora...
  7. Toda vez que tento entrar em um mapa com 6.41 mb de mapa download ele para la pelas 6.38 e fica parado até dar network trouble seguido de connection to the server was lost... começou o erro depois que atualizei meu mta da 1.3.1 para 1.3.3 meu pc : i3 3110 4gb ram windows 8 hd graphics 4000