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  1. Ah, that explains it. Yes I do use several custom-animations, gonna hit him up.
  2. Hello, lately I have been experiencing some crashes (client) whilst working on a gamemode and therefore tabbing out/in from the game or reconnecting to the server. It happens usually after a certain time when either tabbing in to the game or reconnecting. I am using around 10 processLineOfSights-calls on each PreRender (I initially assumed it crashed because of that, or perhaps because of several shaders). Excuse me in advance if this is caused by any of the few mods to my gta-sa which I suspected after seeing the note that the gta_sa.exe itself crashed but I could not explain to myself why these crashes would start now all of a sudden when I had used the same mods for some months now. My Diag-Analysis: gta_sa crashes at these 2 offsets: 0x000D0518 and 0x000D078E As for the crash-report: