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  1. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    When you will updating from phone update manager, please remove "language.lua" from skipping directories.
  2. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Update: - Added game TicTacToe. Now you can play only with "comuter", but I add functionality, when you can play vs another player soon. - Removed unnecessary label "URL:" in Music Player - In Update Manager added percentage of download. Please, test update manager, cuz fetchRemote returning connection error, but this link working in browser. - Default system language moved to another file, called "lang.txt". Screens:
  3. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    I havent ideas. There is no updates cuz I havent seen ideas, what I can realize here.
  4. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Maybe up this)
  5. [REL] Hex-colored nametags (physical - above head..)

    Is it dxDrawText with color-code argument? In back - some black texts as shadow without colorcode? Just 7 code lines)
  6. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Maybe up this
  7. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Upd: added file "skip_dirs.txt", where you can put files, what you doesn't want to update from repository. You can use here local file, like "language.lua", and full directory, like "apps/passport/id/".
  8. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    UPD: fixed meta.xml replacer - I've created Meta.XML generator, what puts unexisted files in your meta xml in the end.
  9. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Added update manager. This manager can automatically update your phone resource with based files. Recommend to take copy of your own files cofigurations in meta.xml, but in future I will fix thus problem. Pictures:
  10. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Added function for working with authors dialog menu in settings. Created for saving authors rights in settings.
  11. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Update: - Fixed bug with showing users in Message Box - New Icons of Send Message and Stickers Button - Added saving account settings - user desktop image and user system language. Updated version you can download from my GitHub from main post of this topic
  12. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Added new video. Sorry for lags, bcs I'm using Intel HD Graphic Card.
  13. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Hello. Scince one year I want to publish this smartphone here. There is awesome smart with some base functions, what appeared in previous version. But customizing in settings now removed to make system style more interesting and minimalistic. Also removed lockscreen, because it was useless. What can you do basically with this phone? - Chatting with another players on the server, and send them stickers - Listen music by URL or your local, and switch timeline of the track (progressbar clickable) - Calculate something. Now calculator has history of calculations. - With application "Passport" you can see some information about you. Created for RP modes, but I dont know nothing about RP, and created it just for fun. - In settings you can change desktop image, change System Language [NEW], and read information about developers. - When phone updating, admins can check for updates phone on the air in system settings. Its available in "About" menu, on bottom of app - green text with current version as build. Of course, this resource has API for developers. With it you can: - Create your own applications for phone - Edit some phone settings - Add your own stickers for messenger - Add your own desktop images (276x445px) - Add your own system translations. In file "language.lua" you can find example and there you can add in table your prefered languages. - Manage notifications and etc. There are some pictures of system: Download: GitHub I would like to apologize about my code. Sometimes this is not readable, because it was written about year ago, when I was at school . I wont to optimize this working code, bcs I'm too lazy New Video: Demo (2016): Functions, what you can use to modify your system:
  14. Мне кажется, что проще, чем посчитать символьную длину окна, нет ничего. Узнаешь, сколько целых символов (без пробелов) вмещается в заданную длину, а потом каждый раз отсекаешь со строки и делаешь перенос (\n). По количеству строчек считаешь высоту текста, и применяешь. Label сам по себе не поддерживает перенос строк под длину. А вот memobox поддерживает, но в нём будет сложнее посчитать высоту. Насчёт браузера не знаю, но мне кажется, что Backspace выполняет роль перехода на предыдущую страницу (по крайней мере на десктопе так). Но позволить себе такое удовольствие, как браузер в МТА я не особо могу, так как являюсь пользователем Arch, а как известно, на Arch не работает 1.5 (приходится выживать с 1.4)
  15. [REL] Custom Web Browser

    Maybe up this, it could be not bad.