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  1. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Update: Added link for Wiki Documentation of resource. All information about functions will be created soon.
  2. I'm sorry, but your design is not unique. As for me, yiur design has very randomic style, like style of windows or another widgets. Your site has better design than your resources. But it was my first view bases on first 3 resources. If you're designer, I think you can make it better, more minimalistic and uniform style for your "friendly" GUI) Keep it up
  3. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Look at the comments, I'm not forget about them, and I won't to create them.
  4. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Update - Added Loading Circles. You can set them progress. Creation only with coordinates, because size is static. - Added Side Bar for Window Widget. Now you can put colored bar on background for your window. Its not dynamically changing color for another widgets, just background. For EditBoxes added new method CustomEdit:putOnSide([bool] IsOnSide?) for setting EditBox's Edges colored. Screenshots
  5. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    The Last update for today: - Added methods to get color scheme of object - Added new widget - ToolTip. In arguments you can set timeout in seconds to show tooltip when mouse hover on widget.
  6. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Update - Replaced CustomDialog arguments - now you can create Custom Dialogs with random count of buttons, just put their titles in table. Replaced events onCustomDialogAccept and onCustomDialogCancel to single event onCustomDialogClick with one function argument - button title. Look at the example file. Screenshots:
  7. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Update: - Added 2 new themes - Purple Light and Purple Dark - Added new widget - CustomDialog. Created events onCustomDialogAccept and onCustomDialogCancel for them. - Now you doesn't need to call addEvent("eventName", bool) for events, created in this resource, because I added it in the end of win.lua. - Added events when player click on close button - onCustomWindowClose, and when player choose value in combobox - onCustomComboBoxSelectItem. - Look at the example. Now to change theme in DemoWidgets, select item in first ComboBox, called "Select Theme...". Screenshots:
  8. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    To change windows color you can use changing color schematic - window:setColorSheme(colorScheme) To change label font size, use label:setFont(font_directory, new_font_size)
  9. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Update: - Added function to get window parts. There is function to get window frame (window:getFrame()) and window header image - part, where located title and close button (window:getHeader()), and for tab panel you now can get tab button (tab:getTabHeader([string/gui-element] TabIndex)). - Added functions to create custom labels. It looks like default labels, but it connected with window color scheme - Fixed events, now you can add every event of object with its method - obj:addEvent(). If event doesn't exists, you can create it using default function addEvent(...), and then add event using object method. For more information look at the example.lua. In updated file all parent windows replaced with methods of getting frame of its window, replaced all addEventHandler's to method addEvent of object, and added example for labels.
  10. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Example - Login Panel by Estet (DK):
  11. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Update: added functions for changing minimal and maximal size, and step size for EditNumberScroller, because I forgot about them. If you have any questions about this system, how to work with it, how to use it - you can ask me here.
  12. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    No, but you can make scroll pane with image blocks, look at my old PM system, or Phone script: Bcs this style doesn't need gridlists, what look like CEGUI gridlists
  13. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Support all default events, look at example. But function to create event is a method of class
  14. [REL] Custom GUI Widget System

    Hello. This is my new custom window system with widgets. Just rewrited window system, including this custom GUI widgets: - Scroll Pane (old project, just included in this one) - Buttons (+ buttons with images) - Progress Bars (automatic checking for vertical or horizontal using its size, square is horizontal) - Scroll Bars (same as progress bars) - Custom Themed Edit Boxes, Memo Boxes, new widget - Number Boxes (support mouse scrolling) - Check Boxes - Combo Boxes - Tab Panel with tabs - Labels - Dialog Boxes - Tooltips - Loading Circles Here I've just used only OOP coding style, just copy this one lua file in your projects, and start this resource automatically, because this file getting directories from main resourcename, and using files without copying. Screenshots Video: Example - Login Panel. Author - Estet (DK). Basic Documentation: Download (GitHub) Wiki Documentation Watch example.lua for more information (basic widget file) Thank you.
  15. [Rel] Lunix Phone Green [SmartPhone]

    Yes. All my public projects were removed - finally shutdowned. I was removed them cuz some russian players publish my selling projects, and make me without money. And thats reason.